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Morikami Park Elementary School
6201 Morikami Park Rd
Delray Beach, FL 33484
(561) 894-7300
public | K-5
County: Palm Beach


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9/13/2012parentTo the parent who ignorantly claimed that the new PE teacher has no PE background or experience, you should have done some research first. I did, and I found out that she is a certified PE teacher and she has coached sports at both the high school and college level. She also was the waterski director at an upscale sleep-away summer camp. I have heard nothing but great things about her from my kids and other parents. She actually TEACHES the children sports and is up actively working with them. My kids also said that she works with the teachers and the students to have fun sports to play at recess. The only thing my kids learned last year was how to play flag tag. Your comments were rude and not based on fact.
9/10/2012parentMy son graduated MPES last year. He got a 5 on his Math, Reading and Science FCAT and just missed one question on each section (so it was a nearly perfect FCAT, which is probably one of the top scores in Palm Beach County). He got a perfect 4th grade math FCAT (every question correct). He just started middle school at St. Andrews and they placed him in 7th grade honors math and accelerated Spanish). So far, he has gotten an A on every single middle school test and middle school is a piece of case. His MPES education rivals that of his peers who all went to the lower school at St Andrews (and paid over $120K for that same education). My daughter is doing equally well in 5th grade. This is an amazing school with incredible teachers who made meaningful and significant contributions to their kids lives. I have no doubt that my kids will go to top colleges and their education started at MPES!
9/6/2012parentLat school year my child was a first grader at MPES.To the parent who posted Aug 9, 2012: I can tell you it isn't the students who are texting during class it's the teachers. My child was in a very large 1st grade classroom with 3 teachers. When the full time teacher did show up to work, she spent alot of time texting, emailing etc. My daughters end of the year portfolio had 9 pages of work. In kindergarden her portfolio was 6 inches thick!! Her homework was very limited. I can tell you she knows how to spell very diffucult words. She just can't write easy sight words, as none of her spelling was ever corrected on paper, just on spelling tests. The highlight of the art program was learning who Leoanardo DiVinci was. Never did art projects. PE in classroom or in bus circle.. Advised she be tested for gifted prog. by kindergarden teacher. By the end of kindergarden the school had never tested her. They tested her at the beginnng of 1st grade, she missed the gifted program by 1 point. The precentage of gifted students at MPES is 0. This is why FCAT scores continue to be high. MPES doesn't want gifted minds to leave the school. My daughter no longer attends MPES.
8/4/2012parentThe school's curriculum and motivation to teach the students is phenomenal. The commitment from parents is high and may become stressful with multiple children enrolled at the same time. unfortunately, I also was at the wrong end of the Principal's index finger in the school parking lot; I don't have anything good to say about her. There is a big economical divide between those students yielding iPhones and those who don't, but education is the reason they are all there and it is exceptional. The school is large and the children are well behaved enough to not make anyone feel inadequate. On a few occasions my children have cried due to the pressure to complete massive amounts of work - this is a good problem, but not necessary. Overall a good school. Their 2 page school list is a bit ridiculous, my kids don't even use all the items which I have to pack in a suitcase and deliver each year on Meet the Teacher day.
7/17/2012otherHey viewers! I'm a student at MPES. I am going into my last year of Morikami park elementary school. All of the kids are soo nice and are always on their best behavior. Ever since I entered the school, I have gotten AMAZING teachers. My mother is a first grade teacher at Morikami and she works harder than any average teacher at any school, along with all the other teachers at MPES. The principals us students have had are incredible and some of the best things that ever happened to the school. The academic studies given to me are beyond what anybody would think. All of the teachers are incredibly kind. For example, my past teacher gave the whole class personal gifts! Without the encouragement and effort of the teachers and staff, I wouldn't have gotten a perfect score in reading, one Q. wrong in math and a truck load of pride seeping into me when I saw my FCAT scores last year. This is not and average school, so put your kid in the lottery for this MPES!
7/5/2012parentII LOVE MORIKAMI!!! I totally recommend Morikami as YOUR kids Elementary school!!! NOTHING there is bad its just... amazing!
6/7/2012parentThe administration (principal, vice principal and IB coordinator) personally spent every morning tutoring children to help them pass the FCAT. To call them "hands off" is entirely inaccurate. The teachers spend many hours after school working with students to help them pass the FCAT as well. It is a state mandated test and we are fortunate to have an administrative staff and teachers dedicated to ensuring our children are successful,whether we approve of the test or not. To the parents who make copies in the office and anywhere else, thank you for donating your valuable time to help the teachers. Since they do not have to make copies they have more time to dedicate for lesson plans, grading paper and parent/teacher conferencing. Thank you for providing them with this time to help our children reach their full potential. The IB Foundation has purchased items that directly impact our children: additional desktop computers for classrooms, laptops, software, printer cartridges, and math and science lab supplies just to name a few items. Thank you to the administration, staff of teachers and volunteers who make Morikami a truly special and amazing school.
5/29/2012otherI am curious as a parent of a child who will be starting Kindergarten next year if those that are giving one star to the school can actually comment on the classroom education their child is receiving and what about it is good and what needs improvement. The reason I ask is that the reviews that give one stars are not stating reasons why the school is not a good school for educational purposes (since that is what school is about). The complaints seem more superficial. I have seen a few that have to do with parents being too snobby, perceived favoritism from the principal to those who volunteer/contribute a lot of money, and one to do with what a PE Teacher wears to school which should be irrelevant (although I do and understand and appreciate the argument of their not being enough time given for the children to have PE) I am more interested in the quality of the teachers, and the curriculum taught.
4/6/2012parentMy daughter is just completing Kindergarten. We have been very happy with her teacher and the academics of this school. Even though we had the choice of sending her to a gifted program, we chose Morikami and could not have made a better decision. Her teacher gives her extra projects and work to help keep her interest and help her grow at her own pace. I think parents need to be reminded that school is only part of the learning process for our children. Many parents do not spend quality time helping teach their children and rely only on their teachers...shame on them! Then they blame the schools and teachers for their children falling behind or not learning enough....education is also part of their responsibility as a parent . RESPONSIBILITY is a term that is losing its signifigance in our society. It seems that it always is someone else's fault. Perhaps some people should look in the mirror. This website is for expressive opinions both negative and positive.....the reposnse that that someone made to "keep your opinions to yourself" is ridiculous as that is exactly what this forum is for.
2/21/2012parentAs a 3rd grade parent that is fortunate enough to be able to volunteer, I can without a doubt say that the IB curriculum is being taught continuously and is discussed even when doing unrelated things like fractions. The IB money was crucial in getting technology into the third grade classrooms as well, as well as other projects/items that you did not bother listing or do not know about. As far as the cyber bullying, parents need to be responsible as well. Why a 3rd grader would have access to social networking is beyond me, but if you chose to allow it, you can do more to protect your child from it than the school. It seems as though there is one bitter parent that is hellbent and angry at the school. My suggestion - it's a choice, so choose your home school instead.
12/24/2011parentI believe the disgruntle grandparent at the prior post, is in the wrong avenue posting his unhappiness. This has not reflection on the education provided by Morikami Park Elementary School. My daughter had an amazing career there all A student, the on to BAK gifted and next year Suncoast. Thanks to the education she was given at Morikami she is a Straight A student, successful, happy,empathetic, aware of the world around you and the school is a five star school all the way. Unfortunately Mr Livingston had a awfull incident, but this is a decision made probably by the school system, not the school itself,embarrassing that it happened, but Ryan is getting a private school education with the taxpayers money, and this incident may teach the class another lesson in how bureaucracy is wrong at times.
9/17/2011parentI strongly disagree with the prior posting from a dsigruntled parent. Remember Morikami is a choice school and if a parent/family are unhappy they can either request an appointment with administration to resolve issues, or go back to their home school. Since our country's eductaional system is operating with extreme reduced budgets, Morikami is fortunate to have caring parents, a foundation and community who can step up to the plate and at least patially fill in the gaps due to the state of the economy. This parent may not realize that without these generous donations, the school would not have a math/science lab, new technology equipment, new outdoor play equipment, and new sound stage to encourage the performing arts, new educational materials, etc. If this parent is not getting the attention or being "recognized" why not try coming into school and volunteering so the staff can get to know her/him? Diversity does exist and is embraced at Morikami and all students are afforded the same educational opportunities. No child is left behind at Morikami, and all parents are welcomed at Morikami.
9/16/2011parentSchool and academic wise this school is great. The school vibe is extremly snobby, most parents are very clicky and stuck up. The school administration and staff seem to treat the parents who donate hundreds and thousands of dollars to the school more superior then the parents who can not afford to do so. Parents who donate money pay for parking spacing in front of the school with their names so they do not have to walk as far to drop or pick their child up. I think everyone should be treated equally and they are not. Another thing is there is no school zone and parents speed in and out of the school with no regard for the walking children and parents. The new principle is horrible. She is not friendly and cares more about directing parking lot traffic then greating the children and parents in the morning (like the old principle Mrs.Elfe did), Honestly I do not even think I have seen the assistant principle. Last year Mrs Elfe and Mrs Schriber were friendly and seemed to put the parents and childrens needs first. There is not a lot of ethnic diversity either.
5/5/2011parentMy SON is gifted and had the choice between Waters Edge Gifted and Morikami and after careful research I picked this over the other. Why? Excellent Facility, Great Teachers, No Portable, Science/Math Clubs, Excellent Ater Care programs (Not Day Care), Enrichment Program . I compared materials between Gifted and enrichment and found that they were almost the same. PLUS the IB Curriculum is the Icing on top of every thing!
4/13/2011parentThis is our 4th year at Morikami Park. Ms.Elf keeps the bigger picture goals for the schools organized. Our teachers are PHENOMENAL. Mrs.Schrieber & Mrs. are amazing and thoughtful......and our favorite...the employee and volunteer office staff are warm, professional, and a joy to encounter when you are visiting the office.
2/1/2011parentMorikami Park is an excellent school. It is one of the very few schools that is truly responsive to the needs of the students. I believe that the level of homework given at this school is in line with what is necessary for our students to be competitive across the world. This is a school that takes pride in being rigorous academically while being responsive to the needs of the whole child. The tireless effort that I see from the teachers, parents and administration is unprecedented. I feel that they really want my child to succeed by the level of committment that I see. Thank you Morikami for a job well done! P.S. The top private school that I was going to pay $20k to put my child in told me that they are in line with the standards of Morikami Park.
2/1/2011parentA gem in Palm Beach County. The administration and teachers provide an excellent learning environment for primary years students.
8/4/2010parentThis is one of the best schools in the state of Florida. The Principal is very cares about all of her students, parents and staff. She actually takes time to return all phone calls and emails. The teachers are very professional and caring as well. I am glad both of my kids had the opportunity to attend this great school.
4/13/2010parentMy son is in kindergarten at Morikami and the program is exemplary. Morikami is as good as any private school if not better.
3/8/2010parentI just read a review about one parent saying the teachers give to much homework. Are you kidding me that should be the least of your problems. The schools here in Florida aren't half as up to par as schools in like say N.Y. my daughter attended 4th grade in N.Y. there was so much more learning,homework and everything going on there.They are so much ahead of Florida schools its not funny.So parents be very happy with what ever this school and teachers throw at your children.They are very lucky they know what they know cause they should really be learning more.
10/20/2009parentOur school has received a distinguished GreatSchools Rating of 10 out of 10. Morikami Park Elementary school provides a stellar learning foundation for the primary years.
7/29/2009parentThis is a wonderful school that sometimes gets carried away with its reputation. By that I mean that they put unreasonable amounts of pressure on the kids to excel. Many might think this is a good thing but you will see 4th and 5th graders burning out. My son's 4th grade teacher gave him two tests to study for the same night plus 1.5 hours of additional homework. We made it through but he was up until 11:30 getting it all done. This happened many times. They need to have homework limits so that the students can spend time reading for pleasure, playing and SLEEPING. The school itself is very well run, the teachers are mostly young and enthusiastic, and the leadership kind and very well respected. My only worry is that the pressure they give these kids to do well will cause burn out in middle school.
6/2/2009parentI am so happy my son got into this school. He will be going into 3rd grade this year and has excelled at Morikami. The school is safe, challenging, caring, and has an excellent staff. The principal is awesome. Communication from the teachers as well as the administration is great. My only problem is where to send him to middle school.
4/25/2009parentI think that school is such a wonderful, caring place. The parents are so happy to have their children here which radiates through to their children, which seems to make for loving, motivated teachers. You can see the incredible progression of the students through the years hanging in the hallways, which are full of smiles.
3/12/2009parentI have 2 children at Morikami, is it worth the 15 minute drive? YES, they learn Spanish, French, technology and a Science room. The International Baccularette program is incredible. The parents are very involved, outstanding PTA. The teachers are the best and caring. The school has pull outs for English and Math for advanced and children who are struggling. The uniform and behavior is strictly run-kudos to Mrs Alf-Principal, the children are diverse which brings a better understanding to the real world- its bascially a private school offered to the public if lucky. Call school for application they do a draw for students once a year. Good luck!
1/12/2009parentI want to thank the dedicated teachers who work hard to raise the bar at MPE. My son is always excited to go to school!
12/19/2008parentMy daughter has an autism spectrum disorder, but thanks to the receptive and proactive teachers at MPE she has come a long way from her first year. Kudos to the school for maintaining a high academic standard, discipline, social responsibility and encouraging parental involvement. But above all, thanks to the teachers for just being caring.
5/3/2008parentMorikami is an amazing school with a 'private school feel'. If you do get the magical acceptance letter, take it as it is nearly impossible to obtain. For the Fall of 2008, they only accepted 136 or so kindergarten students out of over 1100 applicants.
3/11/2008parentMy daughter and I love Morikami. We love the structure it presents in what it expects of students (excellent behavior, working hard, uniforms) and we love the teachers. They are so kind to the students and to the parents. We're so thrilled to be here.
10/19/2007parentI like this school so much , I am so glad that my daughter got admission in this school. I go to drop my daughter at school everyday just to have good start of the day and to have opportunity to see good staff, sometimes I do meet Principal , Ms. Byrnes is so Awesome Principal, she and her staff are big asset to the school. I proudly say to everybody that my daughter goes to Morikami.I wish if they expand this school to Middle School in future.
9/19/2007former studentI know first hand what Morikami is really like- I was in the inaugural class. I went to Morikami when it opened in 1998, and though it was very hard to get into- I got in! I've had first rate teachers, and the PTA at that school should give a seminar! I got the best education, and another great thing is that it keeps paying off! I am a junior in high school currently (I was in grade 2 when it opened) Colleges beat my door down, trying to get me into their schools because of Morikami! Not to exalt them, but I have gotten offers from some our country's most prestigious schools because I excelled in such a great school. To close, I got accepted into Princeton University, and I thank Morikami for the running start.
9/25/2006parentAs a parent of a new kindergarten student, I have been absolutely thrilled with the school. They have special classes for French, Spanish, Technology, Art, Music, P.E. They also teach the students to think and be 'inquiriers'. I am absolutely blown away by the IB curriculum and FCAT test scores.
9/19/2006parent9/19/2006 I love this school. The Principal Mrs Kennedy is very committed to her staff and the children. They are very supportive to our children in their learning process. ' It takes a Village to raise a child' and it really happens there. Very Happy Parent
6/16/2006teacherMorikami's academic program is the best in the district. The staff consistently provides quality instruction to all students. Their commitment to children is reflected in the number of extracurricular activities they sponsor and in their attendance at school functions that occur after hours. Their IB program is a model for other schools around the country. Students are directly involved in their own learning as they study topics in depth during units of inquiry. There are many opportunities for parents to get involved at the school; the PTA is strong and and has many yearly events. The school's IB Foundation is evidence of the community's dedication to the continued success of Morikami and its students. The adminstration creates an environment where students feel safe. As a parent, I was extremely impressed with the quality of their program and teachers. My son had an exceptional experience during his 5 years there.
6/8/2006parentMorikami Park was home to my daughter from Kindergarten to fifth grade. Her mother and I were blessed to be able to have her attend such an excellent school. From the quality of the curriculum, programs, to the caring and dedicated faculty our child truly had a world class elementary education.
3/12/2006parentFrom people moving to Florida, you will only find 5 schools with the International Bachelor Organization certification. Amongst these five, there's only Morikami rates with 94% FCAT and is within the Boca Raton area.
1/7/2006parentNice environment - very academic, not enough recess or special activities to break up the day
11/17/2005parentAcademically rigorous program, caring staff, welcomes parent involvement, well-run administratively, good school-to-home communications, stresses inquiry based learning, IBO certified Primary Years Programme, strict discipline, uniforms, well maintained building and good level of supplies for teachers due to PTA strength, Rivals area gifted magnet schools in test scores but is open to all students based on lottery system. Writing FCAT scores were 13th in the State in 2004-5!
8/8/2005parentGood academic atmosphere. Great teachers.
6/12/2005parentWe have two children at MPE and it's a fantastic school. It seems more like a private school than a public one. The kids have access to so many resources, not the least of which are parents who are very 'into it' and support everything the kids do, both academically and in other school activities. The teachers get everything they need in terms of materials (high tech copiers, clean, new textbooks, etc.) and help from the parents (there are lots of volunteers). They all learn French and Spanish; the signs around the school are in multiple languages; the IB program is inquiry based and centered around units, so all the students in each grade learn the same thing at the same time. It's a very interesting, effective system that our kids really love.
5/17/2005parentI have had two children go thru the IB program, it's wonderful. I wish Morikami went through 12th grade. The specials are great and there is tremdous parental support and volunteers. I'm going to miss Morikami this year as my son graduates. You feel like your at a private school! Keep up the excellent work Morikami!
5/4/2005parentThis school is one of the highest rated in the county. It's international baacalureate program and its dedicated teaching staff make it a must for area children to get the best public education around.
4/19/2005parentWe love this school. The teachers are excellent. The principal is very detailed and runs a tight ship. The students are respectful.
4/6/2005parentgreat school. Really hard to get into but well worth the wait. Wish it went to middle school.
3/1/2005parentMorikami Park Elementary is an exceptional school! No child will 'fall through the cracks'. They pay attention to each and every child. Parents are highly involved and teachers are always available to speak with a parent about his or her child. The units of inquiry give children a well-rounded, holistic education and make learning more fun and interesting. At Morikami, the staff is not just concerned about strictly academics, but also care about the qualities of each individual (creativity, empathy, respect etc.) It is an incredible school!
2/17/2005parentI think Morikami Park has to best academic possible for elementary students in the area. They have Spanish and French!!!....The parent involvement is the best. In allI wish there was more scholls like Morikami park Elementary.
5/8/2004parentGreat school, well run, nice staff.
5/6/2004parentAll three of my children have gone there since the school opened. I love the school, all teachers were great. You have to buy a uniform but is is easy and the kids don't seem to mind. The school is beautiful, well kept, and all indoors. The classrooms are large and bright. The principal seems to support the parents all said its a great school and I feel lucky to have gotten in.
3/18/2004parentMy daughter is in mrs Miller class.She is doing very well,I wish the school board would build a middle school with the same method of teaching.
3/17/2004parentParents: You could not ask for a better school to start your child's education. Morikami is giving my child an educational head start in a future that most certainly will be demanded it. Morikami's teaching program is simply 'mind blowing' to me compared to what I remember of my first years of school. My child is learning French, Spanish, technology, music, arts, math, and reading skills that have simply amazed my wife and I. Yes, Parent participation is key, but what school shouldn't be. The teachers are dedicated and love what they do. Mrs. Orlove is 'The Best' kindergarden teacher, and I am proud to have my child in her class. Mrs. Orlove's dedication and love-of-job surpasses anything I have seen at any teach level. Morikami is exceptional. Take a tour, ask questions, apply, and if the lottery powers come your way...you won't regret a single day. Thank you Morikami.
3/8/2004parentMy kids have been/are attending since Morikami opened. It's a wonderful school with excellent teachers who work extremely hard for everyone. Some children & parents may find the school intimidating, but it's a model school and what it provides is so much more than any other school can offer in Palm Beach County Public schools. I am very pleased to have had 2 children already finish at Morikami and my 3rd child is doing very well too. I wish there were more schools like Morikami available to all children.
2/23/2004parentThis school has a beautiful campus and spends more money per child since it is a special school. They teach above grade level and do not tell you that. They teach mainstream and if you don't fit that type you will be lost in the shuffle. The principle is not well liked and I believe inaffective. Several teachers have left while a few should have they lost some really good ones. The classrooms are not broken down into groups by ability. You either follow one way of teaching and if you can't keep up or if you are bored, you are lost. There is a lot of homework. I pulled both my children from this school. I was disappointed.
10/20/2003parentI am very pleased with Morikami Park Elementary. My daughter is in the 1st grade and loves her teacher Mrs. Tribble. We were very excited to get in last year for Kindergarten. The teachers are very enthusiastic about teaching and parent volunteers in the classroom are always welcome. My daughter loves taking spanish and french and tries to teach me what she has learned. Unfortunately, we are relocating to Orlando, FL. I hope to find a school as great as Morikami Park.

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