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Hidden Oaks Elementary School
9051 Suburban Dr
Orlando, FL 32829
(407) 249-6350
public | PK-5
County: Orange


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8/15/2011otherI was a student at this school since kindergarten , I'm now in middle school . Parents who are worried dont be . The love your child gets as a student is amazing !! The teachers are amazing , and treats students as their own children .There are alot of events that take place in the school that all the children enjoyed , field day , and even little parties . How ever , the assistant principal is more of a principal .Also , I want to remind you that near the gate entrance is where Caylee Anthony was found , but don't worry , it doesn't change anything Also , the YMCA program at the school isn't the brightest , I wouldn't reccomend a child to stay over there .The Staff is very nice , but the main office might get a bit grumpy . And if your child comes home saying that the Nurse is mean , she just jokes around but in a stern tone .But I think theres a new nurse ther ... not sure . .The school is a little run down and there has been a few emergencies there , both medical , and police needed . Other than that Hidden Oaks was the best , and will bring out the best in a student .
10/8/2010parentMy daughter has been going to Hidden Oaks since she was in kindergarten. She is now in third grade and I can hardly get her to say goodbye to me when I drop her off at the car line because she is so excited to go to school every day. Her third grade teacher has been absolutely wonderful and I am very happy with the amount of communication between the teacher and parents. My daughter got straight A's last year and has already done the same with her first progress report. The principal and assistant principal are both friendly and easy to approach people. Many teachers have been at Hidden Oaks for a very long time - that is a rarity in FL nowadays.
8/27/2010parentBoth of my children attended Hidden Oaks and had wonderful experiences there. I have worked in education for 12 years now so I am a picky mom...and I would rate Hidden Oaks as a 5 star school. The leadership is strong, their teachers are caring and very professional, and they work hard to have a community environment at the school. I would recommend the school and surrounding neighborhoods to anyone looking for a good place to raise their family.
3/5/2010parentHidden Oaks Elementary school is one of the best school's in Orange County,it has great staff and great students.
1/26/2010parentHow does this school earn an A with such low FCAT scores? I never see anything except spelling homework come home. My son was even on the honor roll, but can't read on grade level. This is a poor excuse for a school in my opinion!!
11/11/2009parentHidden Oaks is the best school my childs have been in.Thank you so much fir your help.
9/26/2009parentHow is this school an 'A' school? No consistent communication, teachers are unhappy with administration. The school moral is very low and its sad because it wasnt always like this.
9/25/2009parentThe admin needs to communicate with the parents more. I want to know if my child was having problems and was sent to the office. Admin seems to be downplaying all incidents. A suspension is super rare at this school.... which brings up the debate if suspensions count against school grades. I have heard from teachers that it is a factor when figuring out the school grade.
9/23/2009otherHidden Oaks has the most caring staff I know. They truly put the needs of the children first!
9/23/2009otherThe students are wonderful. The faculty and staff are AWESOME with the students. They get to know the students and the parents and we just help out eachother like a community should.
9/23/2009parentThe teachers and staff are very dedicated to the children. They put a lot of time and effort to ensure every student reaches their fullest academic and social potential.
9/23/2009parentThe rapport between parents and teachers and amongst all staff members to each other is wonderful.
9/23/2009teacherHidden Oaks Elementary School is GREAT because we work together as a team. The faculty and staff are very caring, respectful, and helpful towards each other.
9/23/2009parentI believe Hidden Oaks Elementary School has the most compassionate and caring teachers, paraprofessionals, and staff any school can ask for. They are dedicated to the children regardless of their label. The kindness that floats through Hidden Oaks in priceless. Everyone looks out for each other and each others students. You can always count on someone at Hidden Oaks. After substituting at Hidden Oaks in several occasions, I knew that this was the school I wanted to work for. After seeing the dedication the teachers and para's had for theirs and others students I prayed to become a member of this exceptional team. I've been blessed and am now part of this amazing team. Hidden Oaks is my favorite school.
9/11/2009otherI agree wholeheartedly there is a communication problem between teachers and administration. the principal does his own thing and not usually for teachers and students. You need a new admin.
7/5/2009parentI have been working with this school as a parent volunteer for 5 years now. I see this school taking a steady down hill turn. The teachers are great and they are the one keeping this school going. I feel that the admin. (principal and vice principal) need to go back to school. Their communication is really lacking. The only reason A lot of the parents know that I am always around so they come to me for information that they should be getting from the admin. The admin needs to keep a better communication open with the parents. I also agree with some of the other reviewers regarding discipline. Some things have been brought to my attention that I feel should have been handled differently but do to lack of concern from admin they were swept under the table. Parents need to keep an eye out for all problems.
7/3/2009teacherSuspensions do not count against the school grade at all. The lack of suspensions comes from the thought that children that have discipline problems will not be punished at home and will just be on the street during the suspension time and not actually learn anything from the time off from school. I agree that there needs to be set standards for behavior and set consequences for students who chose to ignore the rules set by the teachers and administrators at school. Too many times the students who are behaving suffer the consequences because of the few students who do not care about the rules and expectations. Currently steps are being taken by teachers and administration to change the atmosphere of the school in regards to the discipline problems. The reality is that the student body of Hidden Oaks has changed over the past few years and changes are necessary!
6/7/2009parentPrincipal does not help the teacher with discipline problems. Because suspensions count against the school's letter grade, it is very difficult to get consequences for children who deserve them. He is not very involved with the children.
5/28/2009parentI agree the school does need a better reading program. I have two children who have participated in their reading program all year and they are still failing. There is definitely somthing wrong...
2/11/2009otherreading programs need more improvement. Teachers work hard and care. not happy with the principal. Assistant principal does much more than he does.
10/31/2008parentThe school requires more discipline and it needs to be strictly enforced by the Principal. Most of the teachers are very good but we do need to get our kids involved in more projects, science fairs etc.
8/15/2008parentThe teachers at Hidden Oaks are awesome and have such amazing talents. My sons have had good teachers but the principal and assistant principal both lack the extra touch that an elementary school needs. This school seems to worry about scores more than the actual needs of the children. If they focused on the needs of every individual child, the school wouldn't have went down to a 'B' rating for the 07-08 school year. My opinion is that the principal needs to be replaced with one that can provide guidance and relationships with parents, children and his own staff. His communication skills with parents and staff needs major improving. If you send your child to this school, keep in touch with the teacher and principal often to make sure your child doesn't fall through the cracks.
6/25/2008parentEver since the new principal started I feel that communication between the school and the parents has been extremely lacking. I feel that at time the principal is more interested in the rules then the needs of the students. He is paying more attention to the special needs students because they bring in more money then the regular students. Teachers try very hard to teach the students but are severly limited to material because of no attention from the administrative staff.
6/20/2008parentI really miss the old principal, she used to take action!. Lately my daughter had bullying problems and the new principal and teacher did nothing about it. It was not like that before. Other schools in Orange County have much better anti-bullying policies. With my son, different story: he has learning dissabilities and I can see how the school tries to do as little as possible to help her. Services are kept to a minimal and I have to beg for them.
4/8/2008parentI'm very happy with the Schools. My son is in Kindergarden and Mrs. Miller is an outstanding teacher. She's very good at communicating with the parents when needed. Her teaching teachniques are very good. I would definitely recomend Hidden Oaks Elementary to people around the area as one of the best schools in Palm Beach County.
9/28/2007parentI have nothing but positive things to say about Hidden Oaks. Mr. Storch is a great principal. All of the teachers that my son has had have been nothing but helpful and all have gone out of there way to always maintain communication with me regarding my son. Though I have heard alot about overcrowding here, I feel that the residents here in Orlando really do not know much about overcrowding. I come from California where they are seriously overcrowded. When the students are put on a three track system A, B, and C and alternate the months that they come in to school , that my dear friends is overcrowded schools. I love the structure that is set is for pick up is wonderful. I hope that my son is able to continue and complete his education at Hidden Oaks.
2/12/2007parentThis school is a perfect elementary school.When you are picking up your child up after school,all the kids are waiting patiently.And it's well organized.The new principal that they have dosen't even pay attention to the kids of Hidden Oakes.Some of the teachers at Hidden oaks make me fell good about letting my child come to this school.And some of the teachers make me feel bad.I had to call the school six times just to try to solve a issue my son is having.The school can be quite okay because the teachers teach them quite good.
8/28/2005parentOverall Hidden Oaks is an excellent school. All the teachers my children have had have been wonderful - especially Mrs. Johannsen. I am disappointed there is no band program but the chorus teacher is great. The Principal's Award and Student of the Month Awards give the kids something to look forward to and encourage and reward good behavior. The safety patrol program is great as it teaches the children responsibility. The worst problem I see is lack of funding. Parents are buying too many items for the classroom (paper towels, lysol, antibacterial hand lotions, etc.) and they are adding portables as there will be overcrowded classrooms until Vista Lakes Elementary is completed. I believe that if a student wants to learn they will receive an excellent education here and they will have fun doing it.
7/13/2005parentWhile I felt that the personal at the school were very nice, I felt that the school was completely over crowded and a teacher told me that it was my fault that my daughter wasn't learning anything, as I had brought her to the school after the FCAT. I will do everything I can to make sure my children do not attend this school next year.
7/6/2005parentMy daughter has attended this school since 1st grade. The principal was great. She addressed problems quickly and made it her business to know all the students names and their parents. You could tell that the teachers respected her and the value of team work was evident in the overall culture of the school. Unfortuanately, the principal retired. The new principal does not address issues quickly, I had to call him four times to get a response to an issue my daughter was experiencing in the classroom. The school culture has changed. No longer do the teachers seem content. The climate of teamwork has faded away replaced with one of distrust and confrontation. If you are new to the school - you'll be fine. You won't know what you are missing. In contrast to other schools - the school is Okay.
4/24/2005parentthis school has wonderful parent and teacher involvement. I am very happy with the overall academics success of this school. their fcat scores are good. I have three children that attend and they love it. my only concern is the overcrowding issuses. my children only have 20 mins. for lunch.
4/10/2005parentMy son started kindergarten this year and has had a very good positive response to Hidden oaks. He loves his school and his teacher. He has learned a lot in his first year and we as a family are very pleased.
9/9/2004parentMy children were former students of Hidden Oaks Elementary. My older child teacher was average. The school did the minimal requirements for his special needs and he made no academic growth during his year there. My younger child had a teacher I felt treated him poorly from the start. The administration did not respond to my concerns and refused a change in his teacher. My younger child regressed in academics and developed behavior problems. The school was very slow in communicating behavioral concerns with me. Both of my children are now extremely successsful at another school. They are both learning disabled and now they are two or more years ahead in reading and math skills. Although my younger child still has difficulty trusting teachers, his behavior issues have almost disapeared.
5/25/2004parentMy experience at Hidden Oaks Elementary was an excellent one. Both my children attended this elementary school since the year 2000. I always felt very confortable with the schools educators and employees. They are a very proud school which focus not only in education but in training our kids to be very respectful and well mannered.
4/27/2004parentHidden Oaks has a very active PTO and great teachers. The gifted program for the area is there as well. We're really happy with the education our kids are receiving there.
12/8/2003parentMy daughter who is now in the 8th grade attended this school until the summer of her 3rd grade before we relocated. The teachers at this school was awesome and I feel like some of them have helped make her what she is today.
10/25/2003parentTo all you parents of 'exceptional students' This is a great school for your child! Very involved teachers,therapists,and administation. A very welcoming atmosphere for our 'Special kids'
10/1/2003parentBoth my children have attended this school since Pre-K and you could not ask for better teachers and staff. I feel the employees care for the children as if they were their own and that gives me great peace of mind as I drop my children off everyday. Thank you Hidden Oaks Staff. You're the best!
7/15/2003parent Could not ask for a better school. Small class size, excellent teachers and administrators.

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