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Duluth Middle School
3200 Pleasant Hill Rd
Duluth, GA 30096
(770) 476-3372
public | 6-8
County: Gwinnett


  School Head OfficialYear
Deborah Fusi2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
8/12/2012parentMy child went to DMS for three years and we were happy there. I was really surprised to read the other opinion about bullies. One of the things we liked so much about DMS is that so many of the students, even the non-PROBE students, are academically ambitious. My own child was not in PROBE. He had told me that the bullies there were looked down upon by the general population and that they became the outcasts. But that was a couple of years ago. I do know that it's the only middle school which feeds into Duluth High School, and DHS was just rated, by U.S. Magazine, to be the #1 public school in Gwinnett County and the 4th ranking public high school in the state of Georgia. So that tells you something. My child went to DMS on a permissive transfer. We drove him 20+ minutes one way to school, and back again. It was worth it because I wanted him to be in an environment where the students value learning. Now I'm proud to say that he's a student at DHS where, again, the students are college-minded kids interested in making wise choices for themselves. BTW, To other GA parents, GA has laws against bullying. If your child is being bullied, you have a legal recourse.
7/9/2012otherI'm currently a student at Duluth Middle and will be studying there for another year. Our school may not be the best ranked in academics, but it's not that bad and overall, I feel pretty safe in this school. Teachers- Well, it depends what teachers you have. Like students, different teachers will have different ranges of knowledge however, in the probe program, personally, I feel like the teachers absolutely know what they're doing and have the ability to be able to explain everything well. Also, the teachers in our school teach in their own unique ways making it so that students will actually remember what is taught to them. Behavior/Discipline- Well, obviously, in any school, there will be kids that misbehave and kids that are very well behaved. In our school, I think the biggest problem in behavior of students is the respect for others. They will sometimes make rude comments. Fortunately, most teachers are able to handle these children and teach them to behave better in the future. To sum up, I think Duluth Middle School is not a bad school, and whether you do well depends on yourself. I think kids will like going here.
5/9/2012parentThe problems at DMS start with the students and are not corrected by the teachers or administration. My child is a student who has been bullied. It was reported, and what did the administration do? Ask my child what he/she did to provoke the bullying. Bullying is such a problem at this school that I know of 3 students (mine included) that won't be returning, choosing to be home schooled or taking courses online instead! Wake up DMS! Bullying is a serious problem which this school's teachers and administration continue to ignore. Please, be proactive - do something to protect our children. They have the right to feel safe at school!
2/5/2012otherI am an 8th grade student, and I have been going to duluth for a year and a half. I have read alot of the reviews and i believe that most of them are untrue. The PROBE courses are amazing and i love all of them. It is true that alot of the teachers are requiring the students to self teach, but all that really means is that the teachers are MAKING thhe student read their textbook at home instead of school. Then the next day the teachers go over the chapter that was assigned and asks the stu/dents if they have any questions. In all honestly the sports teams here are terrible, but this is school, where you learn. If someone wanted to play a sport they could always go to a club, which is usuually cheaper than school sports anyways. We don't get to choose our classes, but no one ever seems to mind it much. The lunches used to be decent, but they have gone downhill this year. Cursing isn't only done by students here, but it can be found everywhere. We are teenagers and I can promise you that foul language can be found in every middle school.I absolutely love going to DMS and I think your kid(s) will too.
2/1/2012otherI think that your opinion of Duluth Middle really depends on which classes you re in.. If you are in PROBE, it is generally a good school. Not the best, but its not too bad. I m in PROBE classes and it s pretty challenging at times (I m in 7th grade). What I don t always like is that in PROBE, the students usually have to learn on their own instead of the teacher teaching it. For example, we have hw on a completely new topic and then we review it in class. I don t really like that. The regular classes are HORRIBLE. Trust me, if you re a regular student you do NOT want to go here. In this case, it is a very bad school. The teachers don t even care if kids curse. Also the school is EXTREMELY cheap and the lunches are horrible. In general, if you are not in PROBE classes DMS isn t a good school for you. The basketball team is bad, and so is the lacrosse team. The cross-country team is just for fun. sports are not worth it here. Once again, its only mediocre IF YOU ARE IN PROBE.
11/15/2011otherI'm an 8th grader here at this school and being here for for almost 3 months now I can honestly say that the students here are mean and they cuss and are very innapropiate my old school was better and really wish I could go back to my old school.
10/13/2011studentI think some people rate this school just for its reputation. sure we won Academic Bowl and all that stuff, thats good, but it has nothing to do with the rest of the school. like the students that are in Reg Ed...and the teachers who dont actually teach; ex. my math teacher. she just tell us what to do and we fill out blanks in this note-taking guide. but she never actually TEACHES. its usually the case where we have to self-learn or get some help from our friends. and the students behavior is atrocious. they cuss and get into fights and ignore the teachers instructions. they disrupt the classroom and attract attention to themselves. i'd say, all in all, this school isnt the best it could be.
8/17/2011studentI am a student of Duluth Middle School, an 8th grader this year. From my experience, I feel like the academics are challenging and the teachers do their jobs well and interactively with the students. Many students do well at this school and enjoy it. Our principal and A.P.'s strongly encourage working to the best of our abilities, and support the students in their efforts.
12/6/2010otherThis has got to be the worst school ever! Most of the reviews say this is a great school since it got so many awards, but here's what really happens. When all those officials come around the school acts like and angel. When those officials leave they let kids cuss. Sometimes you walk in the hall and someone cusses and it's obvious who did it and there are teachers around. Those teachers don't do anything. They just look at the person and then look away. They also hate making trouble for themselves. In my class there's a boy who cusses, walks around during class, and just disrupts the class, but the teacher doesn't do anything, infact sometimes he looks at the boy and laughs! When my mom sent the teacher a note all the teacher said was I talked to the administrater and your daughter can switch to another class. What kind of a teacher says that?! If you have any other alternative to this school, take the other school instead! Don't ruin you child's life!
4/22/2010parentMy son started his 8th grade in this school late. We relocated from another state. He was an A+ student, however, that all changed here. The teachers specially one is always picking on him. They need to worry about teaching the student and taking the time for them instead of just complaining.
2/28/2010parentDMS lately has me shaking and scratching my head. I have 2 children that go here 7th & 8th. My 7th grader is one who has to work hard to make A's & B's. And even though he has A, B, and a C they wanted a conference to tell him and I that he should be an straight A student. Never will happen never has since he's been in school. My other 8th grader is like a mini genius he is the straight A student but since he can just ace the quizzes and test he only does those. He's gotten D's & F's I requested a conference but it seems they forgot about it. Now, he is signed up for an Honors class at Duluth High. I feel like they focus on the national testing system way too much and not they quality of the actual class.
2/27/2010studentI believe that DMS is a great school, but some of the teachers don't care about the students and take out some anger on them, we also don't get to choose some of the lasses we take. For instance, connections, for this time period we get to choose to be in a fine arts class but that's it. I, and other students currently attending DMS, think that this does not give us much freedom.
1/25/2010parentDMS probe program is top notch. The school's academic bowl teams continue to win state championships. The quality of the teachers is amazing and the communication with the parents is pretty good.
7/27/2009studentits a good school but its too strict and some teachers tend to be unfair take it from a student in 7th grade who went this past year!
6/24/2009parentDuluth is a wonderful school. My son has nothing but positive things to say about the school and it's enviroment.
11/7/2008parentAs a parent of a child in this school, my expectations were a little higher before entering into middle school, I don't like the fact that 6th graders have very limited participation in clubs and sports, the silent transition is kind of excessive, the ambient is more of a jail than a school, my child complaints constantly about the food in the cafeteria, and the ones that get the better education are the kids in Probe, which I consider put everybody else that is not in the program in disadvantage. They have a dress code, that in my opinion is not as strictly enforced as the silent transition.
7/25/2008parentDMS has it great qualities, if you are a straight A or average student with or without a few behaviors issues. If your child has a ADHD with some behavior issues, that are a little more challeging than others, some teachers care and some don't have the time to try to care. They focus on getting you out and lableling you as a behavior child, than trying to make sure you are passing your academics. So if your child has any kind of issues please stay involved with the teachers to make sure you are getting fair services. Because all they care about is there schools reputation.
6/1/2008studentDuluth Middle School is a great school. The teachers help me alot with my grades and everything. I have alot of good friends here.
10/17/2007parentI think Duluth Middle is a great school. My son really likes it. The teachers are very nice and always willing to share what they think my son should do to help increase his grades! The chorus program is awesome. I'm very pleased so far. I am very impressed with the fact that the school implemented the silent transition also! I wish I would have had this growing up. It really helps alleviate issues in the hallway...such as bullying, fighting, etc.
9/25/2007parentMy child has had wonderful experiences at DMS. The PROBE (gifted) program has challenged her and I feel it is setting her up to become a successful High School & College student. I love the weekly grade updates sent directly to my e-mail and never have any problem getting teacher responses when I send them questions. The only think my daughter doesn't like is the silent class transition. I have to agree that it is a bit odd to come into a school and see hundreds of kids changing class in complete silence. I think this rule should be lifted. The kids are missing out on some important socialization time and aren't learning how to change classes on their own.
9/10/2007studentIve had an awesome experience in dms. The teachers were awesome, and very involved. They took their time with children. Fun activities and awesome band!!!
6/27/2007administratorduluth middle is the best school i went to i met lots of people the saftey is very strict the teacher are very nice
1/17/2007parentI think that this school is one of the best in the state of GA moving from NY I have lived in several places including Cobb and Dekalb counties and my child has by far received the best education in Duluth. The teachers always contact me whenever my child's grades start to fall and the homework hotline is the best. It is always updated. People only find the time to complain and not take the time to give credit when something good is going on.
12/29/2006parentMy child has problems staying on task and concentrating. He forgets to turn in assignments, loses worksheets, and forgets his agenda book. The teachers won't accept work except at specific times during the day so if he tries to turn in something early in the morning for a class later the teachers refuse it. If he loses a worksheet and needs a replacement, the teachers have put him off saying they'll try to find another worksheet but they never give him a replacement. We are working with him about 3 hours a night to try to keep his work current but he just gets farther behind and the teachers just want us to do more. They have no time to give us any more help and the school has no programs to help develop organizational and study skills. Several times we've called the vice-principal to force the teachers to help. Not Happy.
5/31/2006parentMy first expereince with Ga Public Schools is terribe, total lack of communication,some teachers can be rude 6th grade science book is what a friend of mine who is a teacher teaches to her eight grade students. They don't care if the children are really retaining anything that they are supposed to Know. It was not good. Everythime you call the school the line is busy.
11/5/2005parentDuluth middle school has a good teaching perspective,however they need to assess the childs ability to grasp the content of all classes given. They mean well by all the work provided but i find they dont see the anxiety it is creating in these children. I felt the work was more at a hs level then intermediate for the 6th graders.
7/13/2005parentMy daughter has medical, psychological and learning disabilities. DMS did not meet her needs in any way. They denied her testing but kept her in regular classes even though she was not able to meet the minimum expectations. Their only concern was that she was missing school to go to her many doctor appointments. The administration, counselors and teachers are only concerned about the childs' attendance records. The children are not looked at as individuals with needs that have to be met. After months of abuse by the school towards me and my daughter, we moved out of the district. I had always heard such wonderful things about Gwinnett County but I was disappointed and frustrated by the teachers and staff who were involved in my daughter's experience. My daughter came out of that school feeling so low she was suicidal. They just don't care about the kids!
11/10/2004parentSome of the teachers at this school could be better at communication with the parents and each other.
6/9/2004former studentDuluth is a wonderful middle school. It is filled with fabulous students and wonderful teachers!

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