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Capitol Christian Academy
610 Largo Road
Upper Marlboro, MD 20774
(301) 808-8700
private | PK-12
County: Prince George's


8/17/2011otherI graduated from this school in the early 80's after spending 2 years there. It seems from negative reviews here that the school has fallen apart. It was a well-disciplined atmosphere back then, the teachers took an active interest in the children, the curriculum was much better than South River high school where I previously attended. I'm rating the school as it was back then.
2/11/2011otheri attened this school for six years and i graduated also in 2010 nd the school was very unorganized they did not know if they where going to close or if they where going to stay open asking parents to pay over on tution and ask teachers not to get paid until the end of the school year because they where in debt of $25,000 which makes no since. We didnt really learn anything my six years there with teachers walking out nd leaving us there to do nothing for the whole period. The name of the school may have been "Capitol Christian Academy" , but there was nothing Christian about it with students nor teachers. When it came to applying to college the gudiance counslor did anything but that telling students your grades or not smart enough to attend that school so u shouldnt even apply but thats ok because i made it without her. i've graduated and i still havent recieved my diploma yet im just happy that i have left that school and dnt have to deal with those unchristian like people.
9/16/2009parentMy Kids Attend CCA. I am really impresses with the changes they have made. By bringing Mr. Lont in, who I think is a true man of God, willreall make a major impact on the schools name. I think Mr. Lont has a real love and passion for our kids. Afterall it starts with the head. I pray that God will Bless him and staff as they strive to do the best for the children.
9/7/2009teacherThis year is much calmer and going along very nicely. There is a better Christian atmoshpere.
3/4/2009parentExcellent school in both academics and spiritual growth. This school offers a safe and nurturing environment for students.
11/8/2008teacherCCA has many problems and they continue to spiral down. I do not know if this school will last. It has a great legacy and the current administrator has taken on every possible role to try to save this school. I am sure his heart is in the right place but the changes they made are a step backwards. Almost all of the teachers and administrationlast year have left.
10/23/2008parentCCA has the potential to be a good school, but the school has undergone financial challenges from the last couple of years and it continues to struggle. Teachers are overwhelmed, teaching more than one unrelated subjects, and combined grade levels. 8 to 9 teachers and administrators have left this year (some being the best teachers), hiring inexperienced teachers, where the only qualifications is the willingness to accept the faith that the church dictates. In an attempt to stop the bleeding from last year, the administrator has taken on every possible roll which I'm sure the budget dictates but not effective. Extracurricular activities such as sports, music, and scholastic clubs are limited. The enrollment is down with just more than a 100 kids in the whole school, I believe the school needs to be revamped with a new administration team. For the cost of the school, I expected spirituality as well as higher academic standards. Academic preparation is what attracted me to this school several years ago and although my kids had good elementary years; it requires significant parent involvement with an adaptive, caring teacher. Considering the upper level, don't!
8/22/2007parentMy son has attended CCA since K5 and is now entering the 3rd grade. I feel that he is getting a quality education at this level. CCA is an working to bring more diversity into the school through it facility which is a plus. So far, the teachers that my son has had have challenged him and this can only help him.
5/17/2007parentMy son attended CCA for pre-school (K4 and K5). I found the environment caring, nurturing, and attentive. Mrs. Whittington instilled a love of learning into my child. She loves her profession and it shows. It was a pleasure having her for a teacher. The pre-school program was a learning environment, not a baby-sitting service. Overall, it exceeded my expectations. When my son graduated from pre-school, I evaluated CCA's elementary school as well as others in the area. Unfortunately, I was not as impressed with CCA's elementary program. It's small size comes with resource limitations. I withdrew my son from CCA and he is thriving now, in part to the solid foundation and love of learning he found at CCA.
3/9/2007parentOur daughter is at CCA in their high school program. A problem they have is leaving students unattended. I'm seeking to find another school.
3/7/2007parentWhen we enrolled our children in CCA we had high expectations.were we fooled. There is no enforcement of the rules, the principle has no clue as to what is going on, the only HS teachers that bother to teach is the Spanish & math teacher. The rest leave the teaching to the computer. Distance education is for college not HS. Not all students are able to just learn from a computer, not to mention why pay tuition if they are leaving it up to the computer. No security, I've entered the building several times & walked around freely & unnoticed. Kids leave campus & get food. The list goes on. Whatever you do, don't send your kids there let along anyone else kids. Some county schools R better than this school. Fool me 1 shame on U, Fool me 2 shame on me.
8/18/2006parentI have recently reenrolled my child at CCA and I have meet many of the new teachers and spoken with them. They seem to be well informed in their field. The atmosphere with the teachers seem to be more pleasant verses last year. I believe that CCA is headed in the right direction. I am glad that I listened to God and kept my children there.
5/24/2006parentCapitol Christian Academy has definitely been a disappointment to me. My son has been in need of tutoring for math. I submitted a request not once but twice to the Assistant Principal and he never responded. Finally, I contacted the Principal and he put me in touch with the correct person. In addition, his teacher has never been forthcoming with any additional math work assignments to help him to understand. I feel that I have wasted tuition money and time this year by letting my son attend this school. Most of the children that attend Capitol Christian Academy have parents that work there.
4/25/2006parentI am happy to say that I have successfully withdrawn my children from that terrible mess of a school. The Administration, and I mean all of them, have run this school into the ground. You used to be able to get a sound foundation here but not anymore. The school failed to be re-accredited this spring, proving that the school is pooring run.
1/3/2006parentI am sad to say that my family and I are terribly disappointed in this school. The adminstration is horrible. They are hiding under the christian school umbrella while running the school as a public school putting God in the background. The activities are unorganized and lacks leadership. The administration is clearly collecting a check and doing the minimum. Very few of the teachers display chrisitan characteristic and are overall frustrated. The children lack discipline and the school rules are not enforced. For the cost of the school, I expected more spiritually as well as academically. I am happy to say that academically my children are doing well due to my involvment, but that is it. I will be pulling my kids out of the school in the very near future.
12/7/2005studentCapitol Christian has gone from being a good school to being a markedly poor school. The current administration has no idea of how to handle current afairs.
12/7/2005parentCapitol Christian Academy has gone from being a miraculous, wondeful school to a markedly poor school. I had 5 children attending there they all graduated, 4 are currently. The 'one man shows' seems enthused and excited to take double duty. He has favorites. Instead of seeing students succeed and progress in life- he likes to see struggling (keep your money), so can money is taken. Academics are very confuzzling to students, and that is the point of the curriculum. After school activities such as sports, music and so forth are not organized. I could not welcome or recommend this to anyone! CCA is not' Although many have voicec concerns of grades it seems the administration has been less than ethically fair on their side/bargain. students cannot do it alone.Academics are on a college level/you cannot relate. Many were placed on academic probation this past quarter resulting from lack of instruction.Yes in deed.
11/22/2005parentI have two children that attend Capital Christian and I am extremely upset at the way the 1st quarter grades were handled. My children did ok, but not as good as they could have if the proper procedures were followed by the teachers and administration. They have the nerve to enforce the academic probation of about 12 students when they didn't follow their own procedures. I am withdrawing my students at the end of this school term. I have been very unhappy with this school and would not recommend it to anyone.
11/21/2005parentcapital christian has been a huge dissapointment for me and my kids. As a parent, the current administration does not respect parent's opinions that go against that of administration. The Principal is condesending, rude and extremely clueless when it comes to administering discpline. The high school boys and girls are really getting a hard time. I will be withdrawing my students immediately after the 2nd quarter unless some major changes happen. I know I am not the only one because parents that i have become friendly with over time are saying they are going to do the same. Many are withdrawing after this school year ends because of the poor grades in the first quarter. No information was sent to parents. When Capital becomes independent, the administration will really be out of control. Capital makes public school look great! they at least keep parents informed about grades.
11/19/2005parentAs an involved parent, I happen to know that while the former faculty was here, the enrollment and quality of the school had been on a steady decline. When the administrator we have now came to the school, the former faculty did not have the desire or ability to help the school change for the better (growing, advancing, changing old, ineffective) policies. I'm glad I stayed.
10/19/2005parentOur son is a 3rd grader and this is his final year. For the past 2 years we have been unimpressed with the teacher qualifications, curriculum, and overall administration. Yet this school year is the worst. Originally the classroom was overcrowded. While a second teacher was eventually found, my understanding is that she is temporary. The assignments are unchallenging and the teachers qualifications are mediocre at best. My son is bored and unenthused. I tried unsuccessfully for 3 weeks to reach my son's teacher to discuss various concerns. The teacher did not return my calls, respond to e-mail and missed a meeting that was scheduled. I know several other parents who are dissatisfied and a few are withdrawing their children this year. The administration seems unconcerned and has tried only to pacify us. Any parent considering CCA will be wasting money as well as valuable education time for their child.
8/5/2005parentMy son just completed his kindergarten year at Capitol. I was very pleased with his experience and education. I have now enrolled my daughter in the K-4 program. This is an excellent school for the elementary level. As far as my experience, the teachers and faculty are christian centered and positive role models. Christian education is a 3-way street: Home, School and Church. I beg to question if the unsatisfied parents are living up to their responsibilities (because the school can't do it alone).
2/23/2005parentI have a child attending CCA and this will be the last year at CCA. Majority of the teachers are great. The 'administrators' are running the reputation and spirit down quick. Tuition is not justifiable for what the child receives in return i.e. large classes, illnesses, low temperatures in classrooms/reusing workbooks from prior years. No financial accountability on behalf of the administrators. Indifferent attitude regarding parent concerns. Some teachers tend to speak with the kids in a way that can damage their spirit. A Christian school should operate in love, to aid in building the children up. As adults, love is not attempting to use our authority to ostrasize kids. Boys hitting girls/physical altercations/unsavory language escalating. More is caught than taught. Good academics don't outweigh damaging a childs self esteem.
2/8/2005studentThis school has changed from what it used to be. I am a fourteen year old ninth grade student at one time loved this school and know it is a drag to even get up to go. And this new computerized based cirriculum is horrible I hate that is why I always complain and the administration is just plain pitiful do not waste your money it really is not worth it.Because they are so stuck up each others but it is sad. That what happens when leadership ends up in the wrong hands. Anonymous
7/27/2004parentI had children enrolled at CCA for eleven years. In that time, from my viewpoint, the school has gone from being a very good school to being a markedly poor school. The leadership, especially on the senior administration level, seems arbitrary, dictatorial, and less than completely fair. The school board seems unresponsive and unwilling to exercise any sort of oversight over the administrator. I certainly felt an atmosphere of intimidation on occasion when I felt that a matter needed to come to the attention of the school board. Also, many people feel that the administration has been less than ethical with the staff, having summarily 'laid off' several people who had valid contracts and who were not charged with any wrongdoing--then hiring new people to fill positions that the more senior employees were perfectly qualified to perform. My family is leaving CCA; I cannot recommend it to anyone.
7/23/2004parentThere seems to be a great disparity about the program at Capitol. Some of the teachers are committed to character building, Christ-honoring, and loving-but-demanding education. Others are ill-prepared and have little idea what is involved in Christian education. The administration has changed several times over the past few years, and the current administrator seems markedly inexperienced in K-12 education, personal relations, and educational ethics. He recently led a 'reduction in force' in which long-time educators with many years of experience (people who held valid contracts for 2004-05) were summarily fired with two weeks' notice while in some cases new and inexperienced teachers were hired to take their places. (No representations of misconduct were made by the administrator; 'financial hardship' was given as the reason.) Ethical questions, competency questions, and a feeling that the school ought to be a 'one man show' are sufficient to raise questions about this school.

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