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Largo High School
505 Largo Rd
Upper Marlboro, MD 20774
(301) 808-8880
public | 9-12
County: Prince George's


  Students Getting Free LunchYear
7/27/2011studentI first entered Largo as a junior in August 2010 and I was shocked. I came from Virginia and you had to know that the environment and the people was different from what I am used to. For one, the school is not diverse, the students are unruly to teachers and some teachers, take it or laugh it off and that's not right, the lunch is a mess (miss my school lunch back in Alex, VA) , the kids meander through the halls as if they have nothing better to do, and the place is old and stale, especially the nasty rest rooms. Not what I am used to but overall, its not a bad school. To me, just students who want to be bad. The people are nice, well some and it all depends on the student. Of course, there are kids who act up and there are kids who actually do a great job and the kids who do great jobs, get a bad rep for just attending Largo but that's why we work hard to differentiate ourselves from the knuckleheads and in the end we will be rewarding.
3/18/2011parentLargo High School has many special programs that most people are not aware. Like any school, if the teachers and the administration KNOW that you are supportive and involved AND you have your student in one of the specialized educational offerings, it will be a rewarding experience for you and your student. From our spot visits, the school is conducive to successful learning and the days of daily brawls are no more. The school definitely needs more parent participation but that goes for all schools that we have visited and attended PTA meetings.The Academy of Finance is great and the students attend overnight trips that are extremely educational and enlightening! The students that attend Largo High School and graduate from the special programs will continue to excel in college, You get out of it what you put in! One thing for sure graduating from Largo with advanced classes and programs and maintining a good GPA with all the distractions that public school has, YOU ARE WELL PREPARED FOR COLLEGE AND LIFE IN GENERAL! GO LIONS!
3/9/2010studentI think this school is off the chains and i definetly dont feel safe their. But I have to go their. I really dont like how the students take over the classrooms and tell the teachers what to do. If you think about putting your child in this school i recomend that you dont.
10/1/2008studentI attended this school for almost two years. I transfered at the end of eleventh grade. It is a terrible place to send your child from the students to the staff and to the work ethic. In my opinion, I would say there is only about one teacher in each grade (out of all the teachers and staff) that actully care about the students and giving them an education. Because of the original reputation that LHS has had for many years, the newer generation continue those crazy antics in the school's society. Authority has no respect for the students as to help them in bad times, or take on a situtation (as in a fight) in ways that a school should. The teachers do not care, administration is poorly put together. The Nothing benefits from coming to this school.
9/29/2008studentDon't go to largo high school if you plan on going somewhere in life. If you do you'll have to work like heck. Careless teachers, outrageous students, poor facilities, and lack of supplies(text books, etc.). Getting an education to go to college should never be this stressful and how do i know? I've seen examples of good schools and this is not one of them. I am not proud to be a largo high school student.
9/28/2008studentI am currently a senior at LHS, and I have expreienced the worse of times and I am blessed to have experienced the best of times. Since our new principal stepped in last year, she has made a positive change to the school. She has implemented programs that helps the students from all grades to prepare for post-secondarly life such as Advisory classes and College Summit. Honestly she has walked into a mess and she was able to turn it around and i applaud her. She didn't give up on us like some of the parent's that have posted comments have. My mother is very much involved in the school and there needs to be more like her. We don't need parents coming up to the school when their child gets suspended or when homecoming is cancelled, we need parents to be up there on back to school night for PTA.
5/2/2008parentAs a former student, I'm in agreement that the environment is horrible. The students are much akin to a mob; subjecting each other to suffering in an unimaginable way. Few of my fellow students at all ever showed any sort of initiative, interest, or action, that is, aside from the ridiculous displays alluded to (discrimination within classes, fights, etc. being prime among them.) The students, are without a doubt, a motley lot. That is to say nothing of the teachers, though, who suffered far worse than some gawky white kid who went a few years back. The teachers are easily mistreated, disrespected, and taken for granted, merely ignored on most occasions, though. These are guys who deserve so much more, having shown a love for what they do, if not a general interest. My heart goes out to men like Mr. Olushegun, Layne, and Bedford who work in this veritable Hell.
1/13/2008parentI have two children that attend Largo and their experiences are night and day. My one child takes AP classes and has had no issue with class disruption. While my other child's classrooms (which are not AP classes) are plagued with disrespectful students and teachers that either do not know how to handle those situations or choose to ignore the situation. A typical day in those classes consist of student using profanity towards teachers, students leaving class without permission, & numerous other disruptive behaviors. At given time there are students roaming the hallway either on their cell phones ore listening to mp3 players. noted that Largo has a new badging system to track students. The badging system only confirms that the student at least walked into the building. I could go on with an extensive laundry list, but I am limited in the forum. Avoid this school if possible.
11/26/2007student A a Biotech honors student, I am getting one of the best educations I've ever had. Teachers are on par, principal leadership is improving daily. New technological equipment is provided for all students. No favoritism is shown towards sports teams or anyone else. They now have a advanced security system in which you swipe the LHS ID card in a attendence slot. This tracks students cutting class, and tells if your child has been to school or not. Up to date media center, computers, and gym equipment. Largo is a mutual environment of learning and respect, and Irecommend others to go to Largo's extensive programs and wonderful evening high school for those adults who have not gotten their diploma. (you can still earn one at Largo's Eve. High as well.) You'll look foward to it!
3/3/2007studentLargo High School is not the worse school on the face of the earth. All these parents talking this drivel are getting on my nerves. There are troublesome students there just as any other high school. Its just for some reason we receive more attention. As someone has already said, Largo provides some of the most promising academic programs. There are pre-college courses, and career-prep courses. Now, you cannot blame the school, teachers or administration for the behaviors of the students. Their behavior is a reflection of their upbringing and everyday environment. Not everyone who comes out of Largo is a mess. Many parents are not involved in the events taking place.
12/14/2006studentI am an honor student at Largo, and the horrible comments made about it, I find them to be quite offensive. Largo is filled with amazing students, brilliant students, most of which I am friends with. The fact of the matter is that all of Largo's good is constantly overshadowed by negativity. One thing that everyone should understand is that, it is the students, and by extension, the parents, not the school. Largo has many good programs(e.g. Biotech... Law... Finance... AP), many of which the students don't take seriously. They simply don't take these courses, nor do they utilize their resources such as a Career center, something that most schools do not have. The students are not motivated enough. Why? The lack of motivation is causing Largo to lose a good staff, funding, and more AP courses. Do you get it now? It's not the school, it is the students!
12/13/2006parentI think that whatever people are saying about Largo High School is true. Our kids go there to act up because they know they can and will get away with it. Also you have to look at how long that school has been there and how it looks. Also you have to look at the teachers. The school system always says 'no child left behind' and I dont see anyone waiting for a single student in that school.
11/30/2006parentMy son is a first year student at Largo High School. I think that there is more room improvement between the student, parents and teachers. I have call on several times to request for a PTA conference and had no answer from Guidance. His one one teacher is very responsive to school notes which is great. I am learning as a parent to go to the school notes and look to ensure that I can help with the need that my child is following the homework assignments. I think with any school it will take all of us to improve. It don't matter where you go. I would like to see more collaboration among us all to make it get better over time, because that is what it going to take to get there is time, patience and ownership of all of our responsibility in the class, as students & parents.
10/12/2006parentThis has been my worst experience in the public school system since my daughter has been in school. She is a sophomore this year and every year it seems to get worse. They decided to go to uniforms this year, which was fine with me since my daughter has worn uniforms since being in school, her freshman year at Largo being her first year not wearing them. This year has been a total debacle to say the least. If you have another choice go there.
10/2/2006former studentThis students at this school(not all, but alot of them)are out of control. I am a former student at this school. The teachers are great. It's the students in the class that make it hard to learn anything. All of my classes were very disruptive. Leaving was the best thing that happened to me.
5/20/2006studentI've attended Largo all 3 and coming up on 4 years of my high school career and I think that everything negative that people are saying is unbelievable. Most people saying these things are people that know absoultely nothing about Largo. People make it seem like our school is a zoo and it's not. No school is perfect, not even the brand new ones that parents just have to have their kids in are. Largo offers programs that most schools in PG County don't have. And if some of you took the time to actually read up on Largo instead of just bashing the school and it's teaching staff and students you'd know that. We have science&tech. programs, a Law, Finance, and an Entrepeneurship that are offered to students their sophimore year. And there are plenty of worse schools in PG, others have made the evening news!
5/4/2006teacherI am a teacher at Largo High School, and cannot begin to understand some of the comments the parents have made. We as teaching professionals provide extensive lesson planning as well as implement behavior managment procedures only to be shut down by the people who are suppose to be supporting us the most; Parents!
1/29/2006parentThe quality of the majority of the academic programs is basically very low. Extra-curricular activities are average or above. Little or no parental involvement.
1/11/2006parentLargo is the wros school I have ever been involved with. I have a son that is there only because we were forced to put him there. I fought very hard (to no avail) to keep him out of there. I sat in the classrooms and could not grasp what the lesson was due to the disruption. How anyone has managed to keep their jobs is beyond me. Largo doesn't deserve a rating.
12/10/2005studentLArgo High School has the potential of becoming an excelent school. There are many students here who have an amazing talent but waste it doing the wrong things. The in the 05-06 school year, this school seems to be going down hill with every passing moment. Many negative things happen at this school, but that is only there to hide the true talent in some of these children. The Principal, Mr. Myrick, is a good leader, and I do not blame him for the mess currently going on in the school. Primarialy, if anyone has to blame someone, I would go after the children and their parents. Ussualy, if the child comes from a decent home and surrounding where rules are a must have, then maybe, just maybe these kids would not act the way they are now.
11/9/2005studentLargo isn't neccessarily the best High School in Prince George County but it most definitely is not the worst. Of course you have students who dont want to learn or students who are constantly disruptive and that could be handled better I agree, but that is at any High School. I am currently a student at Largo and I could name a whole list of improvements I would like to see happen at Largo but at the same time. you get out what you put in. Its not fair to blame every bad grade on the teacher because contrary to popular belief there are still teachers at Largo that really do care and want to see the students achieve.
8/29/2005parentYou only need to review the test scores to evaluate the job that is being done at Largo. There is only one word. Poor. I wonder what report card grade the Administrator and his staff are given. If there is anyone out there that can make a difference reads this, please help our children. It's not about the rest rooms or the sizes of the class rooms. It about the quality of teaching and the expectations of the staff and students. You have to reach up to achieve up. The counselors are not involved in working with and encouraging 'All' students to do their best & set high goals. No one talks to the main student body about what is needed for continued education. I don't believe anyone at Largo believe in our children.
8/29/2005parentI am highly worried because of what I see in the students that go to Largo High School. I have a son that graduated from Largo High. While in Northwestern High, he was good. But after some months at Largo High, his standard went down. What are the causes of these problems? 1. Some of the parents do not care about their Children s education. Look at what some of the students wear to school. It is very unsuitable for learning. It is like they are going for a fashion parade. I suggest that the students should wear uniforms. 2. Some of the students do not have goals in life. That is why they do not want to be serious. I think the government is making it too easy for the parents and the students. Buses take them to school.3. The assignment should be more tasking. 4. The school authorities should be given free hands to deal with any student that does not want to learn. If they do not want to learn, they should not prevent others from learning. 5. Grade announcement should be a big deal. Parents should be invited and all the best students should be recognized and awarded openly. Philip
4/12/2005studentLargo high school is very bad there after school clubs are boring. Largo high school not a safety place for any student to go to school there . I know because I go there myself.
4/9/2005studentI am a student at largo high school and it is not as bad as people say it is. I say you get out what you put in. If you are not trying to learn then you wont. Many people say the teachers dont care but if they didnt care then they wouldnt be the ones getting us in trouble when we get home because your parents said 'your teacher has called'. Largo is not a bad school but a school with students that that think they aer bad.
12/21/2004parentI'm in agreement with all of the comments that have been made about the school. Until the administration and the other faculty members (not all are guilty)remember why they got into the educational field and until parents groom their offsprings creative minds as they do outside appearances, this school will not be known for great things and be only known for despair.
12/10/2004former studentI think that largo high school is not a good place to get an education. People worry more about their shoes, fashion and everything else instead of the education. I went to largo last year and the only reason I would go back is to have fun. You do not get nothin that is good. The extra activities after school is horrible. The teachers dont care either.
12/3/2004parent As part of the learning process you the parent(s) must stay in contact with the teachers. Otherwise, the child 'will be' pushed aside and have no voice. Its just a paycheck for them.
11/2/2004parentThis school is unsuited for childrfen at all.The education is lacking, at best. And its teachers have no regaurd for the well being of their stuydents.
10/15/2004parentLargo high school is a horrible school for any child to attend, the learning enviorment is horrendus!

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