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School Profile

Metro High School
4015 McPherson Ave
St. Louis, MO 63108
(314) 534-3894
public | 9-12
County: St. Louis City


  School Head OfficialYear
Mr. Wilfred Moore2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
5/16/2011parentGood staff, challenging. Students with chance to achieve highest! Top 100 !! Hope it will stay that way.
5/10/2011otherG R E A T S C H O O L . . . for kids who need more then school !!!
9/29/2009parentI am a mom of three gifted and talented children. About 12 years ago I found myself single again and unable to afford private education. About nine years ago, I had saved enough to move into St. Louis City so that my children could attended the Academic and Classiscal schools: Kennard, McKinley and Metro. It was the absolute best investment I have made to date. It has proven to be Recession-proof and has already paid for itself in terms of scholarship dollars. Of course, my children have the most to do with that for taking advantage of these great educational opportunities. The faculty and staff at Metro have worked hard at creating an atmosphere of learning and providing college-credit 1-8-1-8 courses, AP and IB courses. They have also partnered with local universities, colleges and different organizations to expose the students to a broad spectrum of experiences. Thanks Metro!
9/6/2009parentgood school with great students but a horrible principal. He is just the worst.
2/5/2009studentI am currently a senior at Metro High School, and I am simultaneously saddened and overjoyed by the realization that I will soon be leaving: I will miss Metro for its acceptance, tolerance, the top notch education yet the vibrant social atmosphere, but I am so glad about going to college: I hear it's much easier than going to Metro!
1/15/2009studentMetro is awesome! I attended all 4 years of high school and it was challenging, but it prepared me for what was ahead of me...college. Because of Metro and all that it stands for, I am well prepared to tackle and accomplish my goals.
9/26/2006former studentLike most students at Metro,I complained about being there nearly all 4 years that I attended. But it was after I graduated that I realized what a valuable education and high school experience I received there. Looking back, yes there was an extensive amount of work to be done and the stress level was high, the students always found (or shall I say my friends and I always found) creative ways to de-stress. The small student body made it just like family. It is very rare that you hear of a public school that 100% graduation rate and 100% to college rate, but Metro is that school. I'm proud that I graduate from there (Class of 2003!) and if I had to do it all over again, I would. They say high school is supposed to be 4 of the greatest years of your life...and I can actually agree to that.
1/6/2006studentMetro is the best. Hands down. Free, great education, nothing's better.
7/21/2005former studentMy mother graduated from Metro, my younger sister is currently a sophomore at Metro, and I attended, graduating in 2002. I am now a senior at Fordham University in Bronx, New York. Although I complained a lot while a student, with regards to the demanding course load, I couldn't have asked for a more nurturing, supportive, challenging environment with which to attend high school. As a class and school, we worked to implement change at Metro and across the public school district, tackling pervasive issues like racism, sexism, and most notably homophobia--an issue that caused us to face great hostility. Metro is a safe and trusting place; there are strict no-tolerance policies on name calling and fighting (I never saw a fight in 4 years). I don't have children of my own but if I did (and lived in St. Louis), they would attend Metro.
3/31/2005former studentI went to Metro for grades 9-12 and am now in my last year at Truman State University in Missouri. This school has a very friendly open atmostphere, good sports teams, and excellent staff. I learned more than I could ever have wanted while attending Metro and for the average graduate, college is much easier than for students from other schools. I believe the college rate is nearly 100% every year, preparing for,getting accepted and going to college is very much a part of the curriculum. And in the entire four years I never once felt unsafe or bullied.
6/10/2004parentI am excited about the overall test scores of the school compared to the other schools. These scores are reflective of the administration, staff and students commitment to excellence.

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