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Rosati-Kain High School
4389 Lindell Blvd
St. Louis, MO 63108
(314) 533-8513
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private | 9-12
County: St. Louis City


7/4/2012parentOur daughter graduated last year from Rosati Kain. The excellent academic program at Rosati Kain has allowed her to easily transition to her college courses. The faculty know you by name and are available to help in anyway. She loved the diversity and we see this as a strong influence in how she has always been able to relate well with people. Her sister is hoping to be a Kougar in the near future.
5/15/2011parentOur daughter graduated from Rosati-Kain about ten years ago. Her decision to attend RK was based primarily on its socio-economic and cultural diversity. There are other schools in the area with stronger academic programs and a wider range of course offerings but our daughter felt more comfortable in an environment where most of the students were not from wealthy privileged backgrounds. She got a reasonably good education and formed some close friedships which still endure today. After graduation from Rosat-Kain she attended and excelled at a top 15 liberal arts college. Our family's first choice would have been St. Louis University High School a few miles away but that school doesn't accept girls.
11/29/2010teacherI recently attended a reunion of alumnae from the 1960's and it was great. So many wonderful women who are successful, compassionate and happy and all proud to be connected to R-K. It made me proud all over again to be connected to the school and its great mission.
9/29/2010parentStrong staff, superior academics, and welcoming atmosphere provide a environment that encourages educational excellence and spiritual growth in the students.
2/9/2010parentMy daughter graduated 2 years ago from Rosati. It was a remarkable experience for her as well as her mother and I from the first day until the last. She was extremely well prepared to excel in college.
4/2/2009parentIt doesn't surprise me to see Rosati ranked as top. My daughter is a senior and I am totally confident that she will find college easy after the excellent education she received at Rosati. Sr. Joan and the rest of the staff have taken the job of helping raise our daughters to be the best they can be very seriously. We are truly blessed as parents.
3/10/2009studentAs a freshman, at a military college, and an Alumni of Rosati I can say that it prepared me for college is so many aspects. The teachers excelled in teaching in and out of the classroom. They taught me discipline, honesty, and acceptance. Even at a military college, I can say that my overall positive attitude and academic discipline is due to RK. That school taught me so much about myself and that will carry through the rest of my life. I love RK and miss it already. It's challenging but its a family- a loving, fun, and happy family!
2/24/2009parentThe girls at Rosati are accepting of economic, racial and cultural diversity. However, they all share a strong desire to attain academic and professional success. These are the kind of girls that I hoped my daughter would emulate when she was little. I am very proud of the women she is becoming and credit Rosati-Kain in helping to guide her.
2/3/2009parentMy daughter is a freshman at Rosati-Kain this year. I love Rosati already. The education is excellent and the care and concern for my daughter is beyond my expectations. The faculty and staff are dedicated to helping these young women to become academically strong as well as morally and ethically strong. Rosati is centrally located so it is easy to find carpools. There are a wide variety of extracurricular activities offered as well.
1/5/2009parentMy daughters received an excellent education.
11/12/2008studentI loved rosati maybe not while i was there all the time but being a freshman in college i miss it so much
9/2/2008studentRosati-Kain High School is everything that I expected high school to be and more. It has such a wonderful and comfortable atmosphere to make anyone feel right at home. I know that my teachers truly care about my future and want to prepare me for the road of college ahead. Rosati is like one huge family. We all care about each other. This is a feeling like no other. It is indescribable. I believe that Rosati has prepared me for college and beyond. The values that I have learned here will stay with me throughout my life.
11/29/2006former studentI'm a current freshman in college and can not express enough how much Rosati has prepared me for college. Rosati went above and beyond my expectations of what high school would be, and the things I learned there, both in and outside of the classroom will be carried with me throughout the rest of my education and my life. I can honestly say that my time spent at Rosati was the best four years of my life. The sense of community that Rosati has can't be found anywhere else. The relationships I created with both classmates and faculty are incredible and today I remain in contact with my classmates, as well as my teachers. I left Rosati feeling well prepared for my future. I definitely suggest going to Rosati and learning and being a part of such a wonderful community. I'm proud to say I'm a Rosati Kain alum. -'06 Grad
11/18/2006parentRosati Kain is an absolutely wonderful school. we currently send our daughter there and she loves it! There are many activites to get involved in and the school has such a great atmosphere. The school is challenging, yet fun, and the students and teachers have great relationships. I know for a fact that my daughter will be ready for college because of this school. She loves it so much and is very glad she picked it. I absolutely love Rosati and if you are thinking about sending your daughter there, do it because you will have no regrets!
8/2/2006former studentI cannot say enough wonderful things about Rosati-Kain! I realized just how outstanding my education was when I got to college and I was much better prepared for the work than my classmates. I have been told by several professors that my writing is superior to most college students' and I always tell them it is the direct result of the curriculum at Rosati-Kain. I hope I have a daughter someday so that I can encourage her to attend this wonderful school!
12/19/2005parentWe are more than pleased with our daughter's education at Rosati. She is a junior now and the years have been fantastic. Her two younger sisters cannot wait to attend Rosati. This is a school which allows girls to become leaders. It challanges the girls to achieve their potential. There are enough activites that students should be able to find one that suits them perfectly. If you have a daughter who has an interest in the preforming arts this school is a good fit for her. If she loves to sing, this is a great school for her. If she loves a challange she will love RK.
7/9/2005studentRosati-Kain has been a dream come true. I entered my freshman year with vision of how I expected the perfect high school to be. After completeing my freshman year, I can tell you that that Rosati has exceeded those expectations. Not only am I receiveing an excellent education, but the students and teachers are amazing. Because of this, I look forward to each exciting day at school. I am blessed to have the privlege of attending such a perfect school. I can honestly tell you that I love my school with all my heart. Rosati-Kain truly is the best school ever.
5/27/2005parentI feel that Rosati-Kain provided my daughter with the equipment to deal with the real world and she has built lasting realationships here. It a great learning institution.
9/4/2004former studentRosati-Kain is an excellent school academically! As an alumni, I have truly learned a great deal from RK and had an awesome time there as a teenager. In the all-girl environment, the young ladies are taught how to excell, achieve, and prosper as a strong individual who has a mind full of opinions and the intelligence to know how to voice them. The only downfall to RK would be its diversity rate. As a minority, I feel that the administration was not at all supportive or excited to recruit minority students. The attitude for diversity is very nonchalant and lackadaisical at RK.
8/26/2003parentThis is a great school from an academic standpoint. The school is not so large that the students don't know one another. There are also many extracurricular activities ranging from theatre to sports. The soccer team has an excellent record and they have just started a field hockey program.
8/10/2003parentThis school is amazing. My husband and I are so happy that we sent our daughter there. It was such an experience for her. The academic achievement is extraordinary! Although my daughter had some bumps along the way, she successfully passed all classes and was so happy. If you are considering sending your daughter to Rosati, I say do it! You will be so glad you did, and I can say that Rosati impressed me in so many ways, that I didn't have to think twice about sending my daughter there. You'll be glad you send your child to Rosati-Kain!

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