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Whitfield School
175 S Mason Rd
St. Louis, MO 63141
(314) 434-5141
private | 6-12
County: St. Louis City


6/21/2011otherI was a student here a few years ago. I absolutely hated everything about this school. I attended this school in middle school for two years and those two years the kids where nothing but mean, rude, and condensing. I had no friends and felt socially awkward. The teachers were sub par at best and most of the teachers i had didn't care about my grade. The sports are a joke. All I wanted to do was to play football but there was no football. I dont like soccer at all and that is the only really good sport there. I also dont like art or theater, which is the main focus of whitfield. SO after these two awful years I got out of whitfield to go to public school and I find it much better. The kids are much nicer and the teachers are just as good. And the best thing? Public school is 21,000 less! For a private school I feel you should get more out of your education. I learned nothing in those two years. So if you are looking at private schools, please look at any school except this one. You will get more socially and academically at any other school.
1/19/2011otherThere is a strong sense of community at Whitfield. Most every teacher is excellent and works to make sure every student understands the classroom material. The curriculum is flexible and adaptable to all levels of learning. All classes are rigorous; many upper-level courses that don't have the acronym "AP" in their title are in fact comparable in rigor to traditional AP courses and prepare students to take the respective examinations. The social atmosphere is inclusive and open-minded. The school leadership is very approachable and will work to fulfill your needs. Virtually all students are involved to some degree in the wide array of extracurricular activities offered at Whitfield. I'm a Whitfield student, and I would not have chosen to attend any other school in St. Louis.
4/24/2010parentBoth of my children went to Whitfield and the school prepared them for the future.
1/15/2009parentMy son has had a spectacular college carrer and we owe it to the preparation by the truly insightful staff at Whitfield. The leadership from top to bottom is top notch. Best of the best in Saint Louis and my other son went to John Burroughs. Whitfield wins overall comparrison.
1/6/2008parentOne of the top college prep schools in St. Louis. Very small class size and a real focus on the individual makes this school very different from other private prep schools. Students tend to be very independent thinkers. Strong sense of community at this school. Very strong theater, music and art programs. Soccer team was state champs AGAIN in 07. Incredible college admission track record to top schools. High percentage of families send multiple siblings to this school which is strong praise.
11/30/2007parentGood school for the average student. If your child wants a challenge, they offer very ittle AP courses. They get everyone through high school as long as the parents donate enough or the child behaves. For the average student, they can get the extra help to get into their college of choice. This is the biggest benefit though. If your student does not have that inner drive LOOK ELSEWHERE because they will pass your child without teaching them how to be a good student. They have an incredible admission rate to great schools but many graduates have dropped out completly, end up at community colleges or find refuge working back at the school. Not exactly what you see in their brochure. Great for some students and a mistake for others...

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