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School Profile

Cumberland Mills Elementary School
2576 Hope Mills Road
Fayetteville, NC 28306
(910) 424-4536
public | PK-5
County: Cumberland


  Class SizeGradeYear
  School Head OfficialYear
Sylvia Schmidt2012
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
5/21/2010parentCumberland Mills Elamentary is my favorite school and my childs favorite school.His past two teachers have been the best.There has been no fighting.Since going to the school my son has been pushing himself to work harder at becoming what he wants to be when he grows up.This is the best school my son has ever been to
4/20/2010parentthe staff ,teachers,and principle are very nice to the kids, and they really show their love for the children their
8/23/2009teacherI am a teacher at CMES and feel that the staff and faculty are very dedicated to educating the students. We often feel that our hands are tied when it comes to parent involvement/accessability, freedom to teach in a way that we know would best benefit our students, and our extra duties that interfere with our main focus of instructing children. Many staff members feel that we are not given the opportunity to make professional decisions regarding what happens in our classrooms and school due to Ms. Locklear's leadership.
5/27/2009parentMy child is a student here for now, but I must say I am willing to move out of country to get her a better education. I don't want to say anything hurtful about the school or it's staff, but other parents are correct in their summations. These children are taught to memorize sight words instead of teaching the the values of phonics and being able to sound out words. No wonder there are so many having trouble reading. I am more angry with the school system for this problem than I am the school, but it all goes together. I, like other parents have had trouble getting in to speak with Mrs. Locklear about problems with my child and have yet been able to speak with her. How can I keep my child excited and happy about going to school when she comes home daily saying she hates it?
5/23/2009parentThis schools' faculty members have a lot to still accomplish. As a parent whose child is still attending this school for now, I am considering moving ASAP to change school districts. I don't want to waste energy on bad mouthing this school because I would be exhausted. Its up to us as parents to truly make a change for our child's education. My choice will be to move immediately and not be affiliated anymore with this pathetic school.
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9/29/2008parentMy daughter is a 2nd grader here and this is by far the most rediculous school I have ever been to. she comes home not wanting to go back, I have had to constantly remind the teachers about things, while they are constantly trying to remind me about things I already know about my child! Her first day there they acted as if they were there to help but instead griped when my child asked for help. I left a note for Mrs. Locklear to please call me back to speak about issues on the bus, she never did. I am also concerned about the fact my daughter comes home everyday dissapointed about never going to recess, then recieving a note that she was hiper in gym class or in the classroom, after not giving them time to run the energy out. If I could avoid this school I would.
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3/24/2008parentMy son is in 1st grade at Cumberland Mills. It seems like they are all excited and want to help the children but it is all a show. I was having issues with my sons teachers and after many failed attempts to talk to Mrs. Locklear I finally called the school system and she suddenly had time for me. As far as learning I do not feel that he is getting the best education but he can sing every rap song and he tells me he hears the in GYM class.
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2/28/2008parenti thik thier kindergaeten classes are great...i give xtra prompts to miss jacyln white ....great teacher!
8/14/2006parentI have kids that go to this school, I am satified with some of the teachers, well most of the teachers that are employed there. In the account of meeting the principal Mrs.Johnson, I don't see any professionalism there.
2/10/2006parentAlthough the school and staff are nice I am disheartened by the falling test scores. My stepdaughter attends the 5th grade here and is struggling with math. They have fallen behind even the state average.
9/22/2005teacherI briefly visited the school, and it was wonderful! It is a lovely environment for the children, and it seems like a nice, warm professional place for the staff to work.
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