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Pine Forest Middle School - Fayetteville, NC

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Pine Forest Middle School6901 Ramsey Street
Fayetteville, NC 28311
(910) 488-27116-7CumberlandpublicCumberland County Schools

Class SizeGradeYear

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic50.02009
Black, non-Hispanic42.00482009
Asian/Pacific Islander1.670642009
Native American or Native Alaskan1.073992009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Billy Starks2012


Students Getting Free LunchYear

10/29/2012parentToo many issues to list.....just ask the current parents what they feel. You'll find that the admin is below average. My child is in 7th grade here but I'm looking to move. This school just continues to go downhill.
8/12/2012parentThis is not a good school,some of the teachers try but adminstration does nothing to curb behavior problems, bullying, or the lack of providing good discipline. The students run the school basically and adminsration will say one this to the parents to appease them but that is all the farther it goes.
5/27/2012parentMy child just past the 8th grade EOGs and I want to say that the 8th grade PFMS teachers really worked with my child in passing the EOGs. But I also want to add that I let the teachers know that it was important that my child might need extra help. I stayed in contact with the teachers. That is important b ecause in the 6th grad and the 7th grade my child had at least 1 teacher who did not want to keep me informed of how my child was doing. Usually my child did not pass the EOG with these teachers. My tip for parents who have students entering PFMS is to stay in contact with your child's teachers. One situation that still needs to be changed at PFMS is that in 3 years I have not seen a Latino, Asian or African-American student as peer helper at the front office. This is something future students or faculty can change.
8/16/2011parentI have had three children attend Pine Forest Middle School, and overall have been happy. My oldest daughter had some problems with "mean girls" in 7th grade, and when I approached the administrators they were very sympathetic and worked to fix the problem - even calling the other children's parents. The current principal was the assistant principal at the time. He and the then principal made sure to call with followup reports. I have had teachers call me at home in the evening to talk about my children's progress and discuss projects. Just as in any school, there are some teachers who may not be as devoted as we sould like, but in our experience the majority of the staff is responsive and caring.
9/10/2010parentI recently was sad that I had to move my 6th grade from our school district to a new one but had to due to the lack of the organization and communication at this school. Currently NO AR testing system, no syllabus or curriculum that parents are made aware of, newly hired staff that weren't aware of aware of uniform code or tardy policy, children only having 5-7 minutes to eat cafeteria lunch after waiting 15 minutes in lunch line! Some teachers seem to have a lack any emotional connection with children, only five clubs/organizations due to lack of staff support. :( :( I feel for the children that have no choice but to stay....
6/7/2010otherWhen I first started coming here I was proud to say that I go to Pine Forest Middle School. But in my two years that I have been attending this school, I must say it is really terrible. I get bullied and when I tell a faculty member, they just say something like " Ignore it." or " I don't have time for this nonsence/ snitching."! This school is a joke. If you are thinking about enrolling... DO NOT STEP FOOT INTO PINE FOREST MIDDLE SCHOOL CAMPUS! It may seem heavenly, but it is the worst school I have ever gone to. The test scores are actually very low. This is the worst possible school to go to. That is probably why this schoo is not A SCHOOL OF CHOICE. This school is so bad my mom is going to switch me to a private school.
3/28/2010teacherPine Forest Middle School is a great place for children and teachers. After spending many years teaching in other schools, this school is organized and is a fun learning environment with great administrative support
3/27/2010studentI did not like this school at all. The arrogance level was through the roof, and the school could barely live up to their expectations. While the students were so busy boasting about their school, Spring Lake Middle was taking the lead, which is why I transferred there. I did not like the students, or the teachers, and the transportation system was very unorganized. The school was more set on taking students from Spring Lake than making sure that the students that are assigned to Pine Forest had a ride to and from school. I am very disappointed with the school, think it deserves less credit and that Spring Lake deserves more, and am very glad that I transferred to a level-headed school who knows how to deal with failure, but doesn't strive or obtain it.
2/25/2009parentI agree with the sentiments of others on the quality of the teachers at Pine Forest Middle; they are outstanding and clearly take pride in what they do. However, the administration leaves a lot to be desired. I have encountered the most unprofessional behavior of any school that my children have attended. Decisions are uninformed and ambiguous with very little communication. A great leadership team would serve this school well as the students and staff are great.
9/18/2007parentMy daughter has enjoyed this school for almost three years now. Administration takes all concerns very seriously, and teachers communicate very well. This school has improved much over the last several years and should be commended for their academic accomplishments.
9/1/2007parentPine Forest Middle School is a great place. Teachers work hard to make sure learning takes place daily. My child has attended for one full year and the school is off to another great start. We couldn't ask for a better place to learn and grow. The environment is safe and the adults are highly visible and easy to contact when you have concerns. I recommend moving into this district.
8/27/2007parentThis is a great school with great parents. We appreciate all the staff does to educate our children.
8/27/2007parentThis is a great school with great leadership. The school has made tremendous strides in the past 3 years. It has a diverse population and the IEP team does everything it can to meet the needs of students with handicapping conditions.
6/27/2007parentPine Forest Middle Schools is a great place to send your children. The teachers are amazing with the students and the Administration is absolutley amazing. Go PFMS!
1/8/2007parentExcellent, enthusiastic teachers who are creative in their teaching methods and communicate effectively with parents. My child enjoys school, and is getting a great education.
6/8/2006teacherPine Forest Middle is by far the best middle school for students living in the PF district.
2/9/2006parentThis school is a joke! The administration (especially the Principle, Mr. K) is terrible. He lacks professionalism and is 'Mr. Double Standards!' The teachers will not communicate with the parents nor will the administration...unless it is negative. Their quick resolution to everything is to get rid of the children instead of trying to help. What happened to the schools that actually care? Apparently, you will not find that here. Can we say 'only there for a paycheck?'
3/20/2005former studentThe administration was terrible. I was constantly worried about my safety as a student. I felt like anyone could walk into the school and do whatever they pleased. The uniform did nothing to help the situation. As if wearing the same clothes as one another did anything for the hazing and general dispositions of the student and staff. I was hazed and bullied almost my entire time at that school, and i did inform the principal and numerous other staff members. Nobody did a thing.
3/16/2005parentMy daughter went to this school for three years and it was a nightmare. Most of the teachers are great and highly qualified but the administration is just terrible. Meetings were scheduled only to have no one show up but me. The announcement board outside the school cant even get changed in a timely fashion.
6/16/2004studentPine Forest is a wonderful place to send your children to because the teachers are extremely nice, but disipline if needed, the safety of the school is very good, and the students are treated very well. Also the education that is taught there is great.
12/27/2003parentThis school has a problem following a students IEP. If you go to Mr. K about it he takes the teachers side. It is a waste of time. He has double standards for discipline. During morning announcements they criticise the students. The Learning Styles is a big joke. They teach just like a regular school. Think twice before you send your child to this school.

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