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St. Ursula Villa School
3660 Vineyard Pl
Cincinnati, OH 45226
(513) 871-7218
private | PK-8
County: Hamilton


  School Head OfficialYear
Mrs. Sally Hicks2008
6/1/2012parentSt. Ursula Villa offers students an outstanding education. Teachers are experienced, extremely dedicated and care deeply about each child's individual needs. The new principal, Polly Duplace, has been an amazing addition to the Villa. She is an innovator who has already added a number of excellent programs to the school - including a gifted program, a service learning program and an expanded foreign language program. There are also numerous co-curricular and summer programs for students. St. Ursula Villa offers a nurturing school community that is ideal for helping every child reach their fullest academic and social potential. We feel so lucky to be a part of the Villa community.
12/7/2011otherI was a student at this school for three years, before I moved. I wish i could go back! I loved the school. The teachers and small classes/grade levels really helped me learn on a one to one basis. I wish I could have stayed there longer. They also have an excellent Montessori program.
7/9/2011parentMy son transferred to St. Ursula Villa in 7th grade from an excellent local public school (which is ranked one of the top ten school districts in the state). We didn't make the switch for academics, we really did it as a good transition for him to go to St. Xaver High School. And we are so pleased that we did! Not only are the academics strong, but the teachers and staff truly know and care about the students. When they talk about educating the whole child, they mean it. My son's intellectual, emotional and spiriual needs were all respected and nurtured.
6/29/2011parentWe first came to the Villa when our eldest child entered the Junior High program. He had such a positive experience with the teachers and his fellow students that we decided in the following year to bring our other two younger children into the elementary school program. Our family has been pleased with all aspects of the Villa, including the curriculum, teachers, families, and the inclusive environment there. In fact, our son who graduated from the Villa this year commented that "it was the best decision we could have made" in sending him there.
6/21/2011parentSt. Ursula Villa offers the best in an individualized, whole child education, in a market saturated with excellent options. There is a balance between proven traditional teaching methods and updated, current practices that provide a challenging academic opportunity for children at all levels. The key component for our family with five children is that the staff to student ratio allows each of our children to discover their own individual strengths. They are each thriving in a positive, respectful environment. Although summer is here...they are already looking forward to returning to school! Best investment we have made.
6/6/2011parentSUV offers an increbibly sophisticated program based upon on the whole child, catering to the needs of individual children rather than a group mentality. The academic and social atmosphere are super strong and create a true sense of community, and compared to other private schools in the city, SUV is a fabulous value.
6/2/2011otherI recently graduated from college in the spring of 2009. I went into a really difficult job market, in a field that was suffering, and while I didn't have a job immediately after graduation, I had one within 3 months. I truly attribute this to the solid and significant education that I received at SUV. The teachers set expectations high, the parents reinforced and supported those high expectations, and most importantly, we were in an environment that supported the students to meet those expectations.
5/16/2011parentOne of the reasons we chose SUV is that it is not affiliated with a parish. We are not Catholic and so wanted an inclusive experience for our child. She is learning about the Catholic faith, but is not made to feel like she is odd because she's Protestant. I've found that a large percentage of children at this school at not Catholic. I feel like the price is right for the quality of teaching and experience that my daughter has had. St. Ursula Villa PreK has been a wonderful experience for my child. She is excelling academically and socially. One of the best things she is being taught is respect for others and how to work through issues with other children first, before going to a teacher. They are really fostering her independence, even at a young age. I'm concerned to read about bullying at the grade school in other comments, but my daughter's experience in PreK has been nothing but wonderful and I am going to have her in Kindergarten there next year. We are also getting a new principal. I've found that the parents are not click-y...at least not more than any other private school! Fundraising is important, but I haven't felt like it was shoved down my throat.
5/15/2011parentThis school is a hidden gem! Strong academics and core values are the backbone to the Catholic private school. One of the secrets is the ability to tailor the education to the needs of the individual child. They have high expectations but help each child exceed. The program for accelerated learners has allowed my children to flourish and positioned them extremely well for high school. The greatest gift you can give your child is a good education. St. Ursula Villa creates a superb foundation and a love a learning that will help them as they progress on to high school, college and life. The community of families and teachers will ground them in a strong value system that make them stand out as quality, young men and women.
4/22/2011parentOur family has three kids at St. Ursula Villa and we are very pleased with their development, both in and out of the classroom. The Villa does an amazing job preparing ALL students for life after grade school. The school has the necessary resources (and commitment) to provide a unique experience for students of all ability levels. It is worth the investment!
4/1/2011parentThis school is superb. We couldn't be happier with St. Ursula Villa. The faculty and staff are amazing and truly care about my daughter. She has soared academically, spiritually, and socially. We continue to be impressed everyday we pick up our daughter and hear about her day. I whole heartedly disagree with the two previous posts about bullying. There is such a strong sense of family and community everywhere you turn. I would recommend sending your child(ren) to this school if you want the best for them. It is costly, but totally worth the investment!
11/13/2010parentMy kids went there and I would have to agree with the prior comment. The new principal has really done a disservice to the school. The uniform policy is a mess. The 4th through 6th grade math teachers had a combined 7 years of teaching experience. The principal has steered the school to a more learning disability approach. It is not worth the 8 to 10k price tag. One grade was such an issue that 12 kids left the 4th grade in one year alone due to bullying and learning disability issues. You would be better off going to St. Mary's, IHM or GA.
6/15/2010parentMy children went there and we had a horrendous experience there. I would never recommend the school to anyone. They seem to place alot of emphasis on fundraising, including printing out brochures on what level of giving you are on. It's also very clichy. I think parents who are on the board have way too much influence and the same rules do not apply to their children. There is alot of bullying that is never really dealt with and one reason is the closeness of the board with the principal. My childs' Terra Nova test score actually went down, by a few points since we had changed to there. Apparently so did alot of other childrens because we received an email saying they were going to review the math ciriculum because scores had fallen. This school is a waste of money, it' s 3xs the cost of a regular cath. school.
6/30/2008parentThe fact that my daughter loves going to school so much and looks forward to it everyday regardless the amount of homework she has, that says a lot about the school. It's such a great environment for a child to learn academically and to grow as a well rounded individual. I highly recommend this school to any parents who are looking for a great catholic school.
6/22/2007parentMy two daughters went to St. Ursula Villa and it was a wonderful experience for each child. They were challenged academically, nurtured emotionally, and encouraged spiritually. The level of parent involvement makes St. Ursula Villa a very special community where everyone is valued and accepted. The academics are a solid foundation for continued success in high school, with emphasis on individual attention through all grades. St. Ursula Villa partnered with me to help my children achieve their fullest potential in every way.
2/5/2007parentExcellent academic programs in both Montessori and Elementary school. Programs are on par or above other private schools in the area. Parental involvement is far above average. Extracurricular sports are readily available. Fine Arts offerings continue to improve.
2/19/2005parentacademics on par with the best. fine arts limited, parent supplimentation needed to round out. level of parent involvement is excellent!

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