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Underrated City - 8/13/2020
I've lived in Cincinnati for 30 years (most of my life, save for a brief stint living in Denver), and even as a native I can tell you that this city is grossly underrated. The city has a beautiful skyline and an abundance of historic architecture and modern architecture. The Italianate streets of OTR, the painted ladies of Columbia Tusculum, the art deco masterpieces of Union Terminal and Carew Tower, the modernist Terrace Plaza Hotel, and the Zaha Hadid-designed CAC all come to mind. We have three major league sports teams, a redeveloping urban core, and an arts scene that rivals that of much larger cities due to our generous local philanthropists. Our public library system, paid for through tax dollars, is among the largest in the country. Add to that a low cost of living, and you have a great place to live.

This is not to say that everything is perfect. We have a higher-than-average homicide rate. Our regional economy, while not as affected by "rust belt city" problems Read More

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Revitalized Downtown, Baseball, Parks and more. - 6/27/2020
What Bert has to say is a bit dated. The downtown area has made a great comeback over the past 10-15 years with Over the Rhine once being ranked America’s most dangerous neighborhood now leading that comeback. The areas is now a hotspot for 20-30 year old with great bars and breweries. You can go a bit south to the Riverfront where the banks has also become a destination and one of the best places to take in Major League Baseball. The issues he mentions about pornography are from the 70s and 80s and mainly caused by a Sheriff who has been out of office for years. Still more for the downtown area is planned with a Music Venue being built at the banks. Travel times are some of the lowest in the country. Visiting Local attractions such as Kings Island, the Beach, and some of the local lakes are places a new resident should check out. Other than not having a real beach Cincinnati has a ton of Attractions and is a great place to raise a family. Not to mention the cost of living is 15 Read More

Good place to raise a family. (In the suburbs) - 1/17/2020
I love Cincinnati. There are places I would rather live but this is home. Good people, good place to raise a family. Well, as long as you're raising them in the suburbs that is. Read More

Is Cincy bad? Nope! - 7/28/2019
Other than the weather, Cincy is a great place to live. I moved there from the south and, I admit, it took me a while to get accustomed to it. But I made lifelong no friends there, there was always something to do - for families and for singles. Concerts, the arts, great restaurants, sporting events, and more. In general, you find exactly what you look for most of the time and, based on some of the negative reviews, wow.....people are bringing some bad attitudes with them. Open your mind, accept that you aren’t in “your former favorite place to live” and stop with the bad vibes. Life is short and, if you hate it, why not return to the place you love instead of bringing your negativity, judgment, and hate to Cincy? Just sayin..... Read More

ok - 5/11/2019
I am from here. Some pros are a nice skyline, plenty of activities, cost of living, and beautiful old houses. It's opportunistic if you are in banking, insurance, and medical fields of expertise. Cons: The city seems to ignore problems such as deterioration and loss of middle class neighborhoods. I notice 'improvement' focuses on gentrifying, sports, and new luxury housing. Public transportation is terrible especially reaching to areas of employment outside the city center. It can be rather tribal and conservative as many people have been here their whole lives. There is a rather comical division between sides of town especially the west and east sides. I also think looking for new jobs can be cumbersome with opportunity arises more often if you know someone who works where you are applying. It is the not the worst place to live, but in my opinion lacks the vision of a city moving into the future. Outsiders might want to also check out a similar looking city such a Pittsburgh if Read More

KILL IT WITH FIRE!! - 2/7/2019
This city sucks. I've lived here my whole entire life and can't wait to get out of here. The weather is 50 one day and -10 the next, they have HORRIBLE drivers, There are fat germans with their shirts off, and the kids are all, for one; Ugly and mean. People like to set off fireworks 4 weeks before and after each and every holiday, and it lasts till 4 in the morning, there's always a really annoying dog that barks at the same exact time every night, and that happens to be the time when you go to sleep, the football team sucks, half of the people walking around downtown are criminals with felonies, the other half are skinny trumpie moms with their screaming children. This city is the definition of hell. Kroger's sucks, and the pizza tastes like cardboard with pizza sauce on it. The chili sucks, and skyline is straight up nasty. There's always a fire within one year of staying at an apartment building because someone probably tried to summon the devil, and the homeless people are Read More

Clannish’s cheap for a reason - 8/6/2018
I grew up here, left for the east coast for a decade, and returned. Now, I regret it every f@cking day!

While not quite in as bad of shape as many other cities in this region and it culturally has a number of offerings, what really makes it bad is it is ultra-conservative socially. Indeed, this town has a culture all its own. A lot of these people have lived here all their live, haven’t traveled outside, and have a very limited view of the world. Really, how many people do you know seek to move here. “Let’s move to Cincinnati” says NO ONE!

You've got racists here, but unlike other places here the racists win. It's very've got this Ohio vs Kentucky and Eastside vs Westside dynamic....there is absolutely no unity. Then, your neighborhood choices are either working class/redneck that are aggressive and pick fights or nouveau riche that think they are go out to one of their steakhouse bars after work they put on airs .  Read More

Cincinnati is very affordable...for a reason! - 4/6/2017
Cincinnati has one of the most affordable housing markets in the nation. This is good on some levels. (We bought a three bedroom, three bath house on half an acre with an in-ground swimming pool four years ago, in a very nice neighborhood, for less than $150,000.) The only thing wrong with this house is, it's in Cincinnati!

The air pollution and water pollution are horrible. Plus, the weather here sucks. The humidity is ridiculous. If you have any allergies, they'll become worse when you move here; if you don't have allergies, you're almost certain to develop them. And sunny days are about as rare as good hair days for Donald Trump.

The city should be divided into two cities: West Cincinnati and East Cincinnati. The two areas are COMPLETELY different. West Cincinnati is clannish; the people are generally less-educated and incredibly rude and unfriendly. East Cincinnati is generally more well-to-do, more diverse, more liberal, and MUCH more welcoming. When we Read More

Toxic water, air and male chauvinism - 3/3/2017

Cincinnati is not recommended at all. A city born from slaughterhouses and made toxic by DuPont and many other chemical companies who dumped their poison sludge into the Ohio River, the most toxic waterway in the USA. This town gave me Lymphoma when I was 11 years old, our ground water was toxic with dioxin and PFOA from DuPont Chemical and Fernald. Situated topographically in a deep valley, the toxic air gets stuck and will exacerbate allergies, asthma, cancer, lung problems, and the gloomy grey skies go all year round. I would rate sunny days as below 75 days per year. Grey most of the time thus depression is rampant. An old tired industrial city with absolutely no opportunities for women, most of the corporate world is male dominated. I was sexually harassed at three jobs. Women are stay-at-home mothers in Cincinnati and the divorce rate is very high for a small city. Kids are bored with nary a thing for them to do, summer is 100% humidity and unbearable without AC. Read More

It may be for some people, but it's not for me - 5/5/2015
I've lived in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area for about 20 years now. It's not for me. While there may be a lot of attractions, many of them are in relatively unsafe neighborhoods. The East side of Cincinnati, the West side of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky are all very, very different from one another. I grew up on the East side of Cincinnati and I found that the people are very concerned with keeping up appearances. I have found that outsiders just don't fit in on the West side of town. Everyone there was born and raised there with no intentions of leaving. I have been happiest in Northern Kentucky because it has a more reasonable cost of living, however, the jobs are a little scarce. I had to work over in Cincinnati. While the cost of living is lower than other places, the jobs just don't pay that well and the employers in the area are generally not concerned with employee well being. I spent five years working for Fifth Third, which is one of biggest players in the area Read More

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