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School Profile

William Holmes McGuffey Elementary School
310 South Schenley Ave
Youngstown, OH 44509
(330) 744-7999
public | PK-6
County: Mahoning


  School Head OfficialYear
Ms. Rachael A. Smith2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
8/26/2012teacherI would like everyone to know that many changes have been made at McGuffey this year. Thre is a new (and very personable) secretary, as well as a new principal. There has also been a change in teaching staff. I hope you'll give mcGuffey another look this year...you may be pleasantly surprised by the changes in both administration and teaching staff!
1/25/2012parentI dont really know where to begin. I have read all these comments the past couple of days and am glad that I am not alone. And Im not the only parent who gets talked down to and belittled (as I see many of you have been also) I tried dealing with principal but she doesnt return calls. I too have a son that attends who has a form of Autism (PDD-NOS) and we are ring around the rosie about what grade our son should be in (reads on a 10th grade level but BAD at math) He is spot on with everything else but its been since Oct. and we dont have an answer on a correct grade. No call backs on the kids being beat up, clothing thrown out of bus windows, coat stolen on the bus,bruises on my children. It may be the horrible office staff not giving messages (who knows) I also agree about that rude man in the office as well (he called my kids monsters the 3rd day od school but didnt even know who they were) He talks down to you I too can imagine how he makes kids feel. They need to review and replace the staff in the office.Really!? How are you so busy you cant take 10 minutes out to be a fly on the wall and listen to the tone and demeanor being used? Good luck to the new Principal!!
12/16/2008parentI have never in my life been talked down to and disrespected the way I have been by more than one teacher in this school. I have encountered a few teachers who were helpful and able to exhibit some sort of proper communication skills, but unfortunately I have encountered more rudeness and ignorance than anything else. This school is poorly organized (anyone who was present for the first day this year would know that) and has a staff that leaves much to be desired. So much so that I am considering taking a second job so I can afford to send my son to a private school.
9/30/2008parentI like the school and my son seems to learn very well. The displine policy is very well liked by me. No Bullying is Great! I do have one problem I don't think 6th graders should be in the same school as pre-schoolers and other young children. Did not like the fact that they did not let parents know till it was too late. Not comfortable with the age spand, TOO WIDE!
6/26/2008parentMy son is going into second grade in September. He is an honor student. I'm very proud and glad that the teacher took her time with not just my child but all the children in her class. These are the people I want my child to learn from!
8/31/2005parentMy two children will be going to the new buliding and i hope and pray that my children do not encounter what the last parent with through with her son here on the review.Their education and their safety SHOULD be the schools #1 concern. I just pray there will not be any problems with their safety and education and none of the teachers being mean and rude because THEY are having a bad day, because i am one parent who will not back down. Thank you for allowing me to voice my opinion. Lisa Brooks
6/11/2005parentMY son went here for kindergarten and he had the worst time. He got beat up and his lunch money was stolen. The teachers and the principles did nothing to help. I got him out of youngstown schools and the first thing he said with the new school is the teacher didn't yell. The new building isn't going to help anything if they don't change the staff.

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