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Bradley Middle School
14819 Heimer Rd
San Antonio, TX 78232
(210) 356-2600
public | 6-8
County: Bexar


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8/15/2012parentBradley has been a great school for my two children. The GT classes are first rate. My 6th grader was disappointed that a lot of kids in her Pre AP math class were not there to learn, but I think that will improve as some of the less interested kids opt out of the Pre AP program. The music programs--Band, Orchestra and girls Choir-- are exceptional, and the Athletics program is also quite good and engenders a lot of school spirit. Recent budgetary issues have impacted Bradley in is team program and the GT program, but this type of issue is being faced by most of the public schools.
3/6/2012otherI am an 8th grade student attending bradley middle school, there are bullies at bradley but what school are there not bullies at? The teachers are some of the best teachers i have had in my life, the admintrators there are great, and i think if you were to complain to them they will do something about it.
1/5/2012parentMy child is a straight "A" GT student and was even awarded a "Silver Star" award from Bradley. The teachers are excellent, but the social issues and bulling at this school are horrific. The anxiety my daughter had to go through on a daily basis was not worth it. The administration is no help. They act like the problems don't exist and even went as far as blaming my daughter for the issues. The "mean girls" run rampant and unchecked. The entire administration needs to read "Odd Girl Out".
2/25/2011parentI am offended by the Feb. 3rd post. "He" would never hit anyone, and that is such a off color remark that I question the motive. Bradley Middle School is a Recognized Campus (on the fence of being Exemplary) and was just named a Texas School to Watch and received National Schools to Watch recognition. The Texas History program with its on site cabin, general store, and museum is a one of a kind. It is a delight to have my child attend Bradley Middle School !
2/6/2011parentMy son started Bradley this year and really likes it. I have found the teachers to be very professional and helpful. It recently was named a Texas" School to Watch" and I think it is one of the better schools in San Antonio and probably in the State. As for the last 2 negative reviews- I'm really sorry that your poorly behaved and failing children did not have a good experience. From my point of view-that's a plus for Bradley !
2/3/2011parentThis school is horrible. The teachers are rude and they don't even bother informing the parents when a student gets into trouble. I saw the vice principal get into a confrontation with a student and it seemed like he was going to hit him. Your child will be sent to (ISS) In School Suspension and they won't even inform you as a parent. I have spoke with other parents and they feel the same way. Avoid sending your child to this school if possible!
12/23/2010parentmy child went here and the teachers did not help with tutoring much. when I asked for conferences to discuss the failing grades, I was told they don't like to do that. I was glad when I had to move to a different city so my child could get a better education.
4/30/2010parentAbsolutely Great! Lots of Great options and amazing edjucation chances, Nice teachers and apropriate rules
9/15/2009studentBradley Middle School, Give's Education & Fun, hand in hand !
5/26/2009parentI feel that my son had a great three years at Bradley. The teachers were wonderful and if I had any problems they were so nice to help in any way thet could. I really think it is cool that the Vice Principal knows everyones name by heart. If you can remember 1,277 names that goes to show how much he cares. I only have fond memories and feel they really helped my son get ready for high school.
3/17/2009studentI was a new student here in 6th grade, and a little nervous about starting, but this school is the best!!!!! I guarantee you will not find a school like this anywhere!! The kids are super nice,teachers are amazing and lots of fun clubs and sports! It feels like one big family since you get so close to everyone. I love this school with all my heart, and was sorry to leave for high school lol. Go Bears!!! :)
2/23/2009studentOMG! best middle school ever! i was an 8th grader at this school last year and i just loved it! everything is so well organized and you get help where ever and whenever you need it! Everybody in the office is so super nice! I should know i was an office aide last year! I went here all three years but i moved for high school! sorry WC! anyways if you are looking for an awesome school check out bradley! my second choice would be lopez or bush!
3/24/2008studentlove this school, i was an student last year, about extracurriculars u get more choices when ur in 8 grade than when ur in 6 grade, the best school in san antonio, i learned more there than in my whole life!! too bad that i had to move, teachers are really cool and you understand everything, a lotof diferent activities and the people there are just the best!!! it became like my second home
10/26/2005parentAn outstanding school across the entire middle school spectrum. Leadership, teaching, parent involvement - we love this school!
5/12/2005parentExcellent extracurricular opportunities and caring teachers. My daughter loved it!
2/22/2005studentI am a student at Bradley. I am now in 8th grade. I am in GT programs which aren't challenging. My parents most of the time have no clue what's going on at school and it's only when progress reports come home that they know I'm even doing my homework. That is the general mood of the school. Also, the extracurricular classes are second-rate. In 6th grade, I was so full of hope that finally I could take a philosophy class! But no - instead I had to settle for orchestra and Latin. Bradley offers only base extracurriculars. Also, Mr. Peel, our principal, falls dreadfully short of the mark.
5/11/2004parentNot happy with this school. Teachers are not teaching subject matter. They are more concerned with teaching responsibility. Not a large variety of electives. You are very limited to what you can take. Either band or theater arts or choir, but not all. What about other electives like photography, home economics, languages other than spanish, philosophy, --none are available. Parents are told of child's progress every 3 weeks, but if they try to encourage their children to make up--teachers say--You can't. Many teachers don't use the websites that are available to post curriculums/grades/ communication with parents. Many portables/ Limited parent access. PTA is only involved at a monetary level. Lunches have 'snack lines' that far exceed the 'hot lunch' lines. Attendance personell is limited making it difficult to sign children in and out. Run down facility. Peeling paint in porch area. One newsletter comes home-usually after events have occurred. Needs Improvement!
1/18/2004parentBradley Middle School is an exceptional school for many reasons. There is outstanding leadership from the administration, creative and dedicated teachers, a high academic standard, excellent music and athletic programs, and active parent participation. Drop-in tutoring is available each morning. Our middle child recently received a coveted Bradley Bear Silver Star Award that he is very proud of!
1/15/2004parentBradley is a great school! You have many choices for extracurricular activities, band, orchestra, choir, football, basketball, volleyball, golf, tennis and many other clubs. 6th graders are not allowed to play any sports. Very active PTA. Overall the teachers seem to really care about their students. The principal is very aware at all times what is going on at the campus. It's overcrowded, but construction has started.

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