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San Antonio, Texas is a vibrant and culturally rich city, known for its historic landmarks and delicious food. It is also home to popular attractions such as the River Walk and the Alamo. In this particular place, many people have chosen to make it their home and have shared their experiences through user reviews on These reviews provide insight into the overall living experience in San Antonio and highlight both the positives and negatives.

One reviewer, Susan, shares her love for the city, stating that "San Antonio has a perfect balance of big city amenities and small-town charm. The people are friendly and there is always something to do." Another user, John, praises the cost of living, saying "I moved here from California and was surprised by how affordable it is. The housing prices are great and there's no state income tax." These reviews shed light on the welcoming community and affordable lifestyle in San Antonio.

However, not all reviews are positive. Mary, a former resident, expresses her disappointment with the job market in San Antonio, stating that "I struggled to find employment in my field and ended up having to move to a bigger city. The job opportunities here are limited." Similarly, another reviewer, Max, shares that "traffic can be a nightmare, especially during rush hour. The roads are always congested and it takes forever to get anywhere." These reviews highlight the potential challenges of living in San Antonio, such as limited job opportunities and heavy traffic.

Overall, the user reviews on paint a picture of a diverse and lively city with a strong sense of community and affordable living. While there may be some drawbacks, such as traffic and a competitive job market, it seems that many people have found San Antonio to be a great place to call home.

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Inexpensive but not worth living here. - 6/14/2023
I've lived here 13 years now and hoping to move!! Not the most exiting place to live if you enjoy being outdoors for activities like biking, hiking or even walking or visiting landmark's at all! You only have the Alamo, and personally not even worth anyone's travel out to this city. The city has a major problem with litter, you'll see trash everywhere on the roads. I've never seen street sweeper trucks cleaning any of the streets! The weather is either scorching hot in the months of June through mid August and beyond that month sometimes! In the winter month's extra chilly because of the lingering humidity! Humidity is what plagues this city! The only PRO that I've experienced form this state is cost of living, and this only pertains to groceries and gas. Utilities are at an average price, unless your using your A/C unit which will bring that utility price up. Entertainment prices are the same as any other major city. Property taxes are high because you pay into the school Read More

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Unexciting for single 20 somethings - 8/2/2022
I lived in San Antonio for about 7 months or so, and for a reason!
Like anywhere I think SA has its pros and cons, but ultimately being in my early 20s and single I believe there are better places to live in these circumstances (hint hint Austin, Seattle, etc.) However, I do think that the city could be a good place for a family to settle as there are a variety of family orientated things to do. I just found it to be boring and frequently had to FIND something to do, whereas something to do would find me wherever I was in Austin or Houston. Does that make sense?

-low cost of rent (lease, apartments etc.)

-variety of TEX MEX food (emphasize Tex-Mex, the closest to authentic Mexican food you'll find are whole on the walls, other than that you've got to be at the border towns to get a real feel of what Mexican food taste like. The whole taco/burrito mixup had me confused when I moved to central TX from El Paso area)

-generally Read More

Living in San Antonio - 1/29/2022
Overall, San Antonio is a nice place to live. The weather is generally pleasant but from mid June to about mid September, it does get scorching hot. I remember one August, for two straight weeks, the high was over 100 every day. Although the humidity is not as bad as the east coast, the heat is brutal. The rest of the year is fine for the most part. The people are typically very friendly. The population is about 60-65 Mexican and there is no shortage of good aithentic Mexican food . I enjoyed the exposure to Latino culture. Now for the downside. It's very car dependent for such a large city unless you live right in downtown. Most places outside of downtown are not convenient to a bus route. Parking downtown is difficult but unless you are within five miles, the bus will take forever. The service is limited and the busses tend to run late. Another downside, it can get very boring. San Antonio seems like an exciting but it really isn't when you live there. I admit sometimes a moonlit Read More

The most underrated big city in Texas - 12/13/2021
I lived here for 2 years out of college. In my opinion San Antonio is the most underrated big city in Texas, possibly the country. For a big city the traffic is not bad, especially compared to Dallas, Houston, and definitely Austin. The cost of a house is very reasonable with you being able to get a pretty good home for 250k. There is a great downtown, cultural, food, and outdoor scene. Close to many state parks, close to rivers for tubing in the summer, not to far from Austin for access to all the Austin amenities. I feel as a young professional people often forget about this city even though it has much to offer.

My one warning is that there are definitely parts of the city that are not very safe (south and east) so I would avoid living Read More

New to SA! Love it! - 5/10/2021
I moved to SA from Hawaii, I love the blend of liberals and conservatives, This attracts diversity and makes a better inclusive workforce. Cost of living is reasonable and as someone who enjoys the outdoors I am plenty to do here. Traffic can be pretty bad pre-Covid, Much better than the H1 Olin Oahu.

I’ve come across some conservative bigots mostly due to a lack of knowledge and their education , just ignore them! Read More

San Antonio - An Objective Big Picture View - 3/8/2020
Background: I grew up in Colorado, lived on the West coast (San Diego area 15 years), and the East Coast (Va Beach area 15 years), also Washington D.C. and overseas. As a whole SA has become overwhelmed - the urban sprawl & traffic is out of control and the infrastructure never kept up.
1) the most economical location you can live in the US...quart of milk, gallon of gas, housing...everything is cheaper except two items = auto insurance & property taxes
2) a very military friendly city
3) "tax friendly" for retirees
4) very little regulations and oversight...such as building restrictions, HOAs,
5) do not have to every worry about snow or ice
1) the biggest downside is amount of people and the projected growth = just overwhelmed, currently the 7th most populous city in the US with population expected to double in the next 20 years...uugggg. The urban spread is some of the worse of anywhere I have lived or traveled.
2) Read More

It's a Like/Dislike Thing. - 2/26/2020
I'm originally from the upper midwest where we have all four seasons. This city has a lot of pros and cons.
1. It's very big and it takes a long time to get anywhere because there are so many people. Don't go out on the weekends which apparently everyone does.
2. There is always road construction. And it takes them a long time to finish a project.
3. YOu have two seasons. wet and hot and dry.
4. Don't expect to fun into a retail place and be out in 5 minutes. Retail locations are constantly busy. Especially on the weekends. While most retail places across America might be suffering I highly doubt it is here.
5. Most developers welcome chain retailers than mom and pop or small retailers.
6. PEOPLE ARE TERRIBLE DRIVERS. I've had three windshield replaced from flying debris. 3 accidents from other drivers making poor decisions. Nobody obeys the No Phone Law.
1. Affordable housing. YOu can buy a modest home for a Read More

Pros and Cons, not as bad as the reviews suggest - 10/31/2019
Lots of pure bundles of ranting joy here...
For anyone looking for an actual review and considering moving, here are some Pros and cons:

-affordable housing, though this is changing due to demand. Clear sign of how many people choose to move here and stay

-one of the few American cities with a distinctive culture and character you cant get anywhere else. This is where Tex meets the Mex and becomes its own thing. The city also boasts the only UNESCO world heritage site in Texas: the San Antonio Missions.

-great food, and not just Mexican and BBQ

-plenty to do: several theme parks including one dedicated to kids with special needs, Sixflags, Sea World, and Schlitterbahn, a variety of places to hike and bike, and lots of history to get to know if youre a history buff

-if you want to take a day trip or a quick weekend getaway, you have the advantage of being within a 2 hour drive to other places with Read More

It's ok. And that's about it - 7/18/2019
Lived here fro 11 years. It's ok. The crime rate is ridiculously low for such a large metro area (You need to research NCIC stats and not rely on pissed off people posting their own thoughts). Tough to get a very good job if you're from out of state. Nepotism rules the day for the big jobs BUT you "can" land a decent job and with a low cost of living and low-priced hosing, you can make it pretty well around here with a ho-hum job. The biggest problem I have encountered (and this is MY opinion. not necessarily a fact) is all of the Mexican nationals who muck up the system during certain times of the year. No, this isn't a racists comment but it IS a socioeconomic comment. Those people roll into the city and into the area and honestly think that they can treat US citizens like the hired help and that's with YOU standing the in same line as THEM. So just be ready for a completely unwarranted "superior" attitude from those people. Other than that, we have about 3 1/2 seasons; Read More

The city needs to fix this problem - 6/24/2019
It's a nice place, but seriously I can't even eat my food without homeless coming up to me 2ithout asking for money, and I can't even walk around without seeing people shooting up heroin, or smoking weed. This is why I am giving it two stars my experience was ruined by this experience Read More

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