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Castle Hills First Baptist School
2220 NW Military Hwy
San Antonio, TX 78213
(210) 377-8485
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private | PK-12
County: Bexar


  School Head OfficialYear
Lisa Jacobs2007
11/6/2012parentAs a Christian parent, I couldn't be more pleased. The faculty and staff are superb. The athletics are fantastic, and it doesn't get any better than the superintendent that we have! If you are looking for a school that will make a lasting impact on your child...this is it!
3/8/2011parentWe are very happy with CHFBS. We recently moved to SA and are consequently new to the school. Our entire family has been made to feel welcome by all. Our child was apprehensive at first. Is now doing great in school and in other school related activities. The staff is very competent, friendly and helpful. A genuine 'family' atmosphere. Although Christ and academics are stressed (as they should be), the quality of the sports programs at CHFBS are very competitive. Each student is exposed to a wide variety of sports, clubs and other activities. Mr. Michael Pinkston, CHFBS Superintendent, is full energy and a great natural leader. Our child is in trusted hands. Thanks CHFBS - Jim M.
3/8/2011teacherSchool has a virtually non-existent band program. The band teacher was absent for a most of entire school year and the school was unable to provide a substitute. School only has a minimal foreign language department.
2/28/2011parentMy husband and I have been very happy with CHFBS not only due to the high academic standards but also the spiritual leadership that flows through the school through the teachers and principals. Both principals and teachers really care and really want each child to succeed not only academially but also to strengthen their elationship with Christ. I would recommend this school with out any reservations. What more can a parent ask for but to be able to provide a superior academic education that is submersed in Christ to their children? Nothing!
2/9/2011parentThis school is a priceless gem. The teachers are loving but firm so kids are nurtured and when kids are nurtured they feel secure and confident to reach their full potential. There is a lot of growth and maturity in the student body. With their dedicated staff and superintendent, there is no limit. I wish that all schools had such high aspirations for their students. We will attend through high school.
2/8/2011parentOur son is currently in kidnergarten and LOVES going o CHFBS. He has been there since pre-school. When asked if he would like to go to public school, he replies "No way, I can't talk about Jesus there!'. My husband and I are very pleased with the education, teachers, and administrators of CHFBS! Our daughter now goes to their pre-school program and can't wait to be just like her brother! We could not imagine sending our children anywhere else. We will make the sacrifice for their faith based education!
2/8/2011parentCastle Hills First Baptist Academy is a great school. This is our first year and we have been very happy that we moved our kids here. The teaching is Christ centered; staff is friendly and maintain a family atmosphere; academics are strong and the Superintendant is AWESOME!! There are a lot of great extracurricular activities offered as well.
2/7/2011parentCastle Hills First Baptist School has been a home for my daughter since pre-school, she is now in the 6th grade, preparing to enter middle school next year . I cannot say enough wonderful things about this school, not only is my daughter receiving an amazing education, but also an outstanding spiritual up-bringing as well. It is very important to me that my daughters to to a solid, Christ-centered school and this is the place. As my youngest goes to pre-school here and will be entering Kindergarten in the next year. My oldest has excelled here and just the other day referred to her class and teachers as her "other family", to me, this is priceless.
2/7/2011parentOur family has been at the school for 8 years. We have had a daughter graduate and attend college. She was well prepared for her college courses and is doing great in college. We have two children still at CHFBS and we are very happy with the challenging curriculum, the Bible teaching, and the elective and sports options available. There is a warm and friendly family environment every time I walk in the door and the students enjoy spending time at the school. The teachers spend time getting to know the students and are faithful in teaching them their identity in Christ. This is an amazing school and we look forward to seeing our other two children graduate from Castle Hills.
2/7/2011parentCastle Hills is amazing. I would not send my children to any other Christian school. I am so happy with the education my daughters are receiving in the classroom. They are challenged academically and have had some wonderful opportunities to participate in basketball, volleyball, drama, choir, young author's and illustrator's, Science fair, speech meet, robotics, and many other enrichment options. The chapels speak to the heart issues of students and continually remind students of their identity in Christ.
2/7/2011parentI have had one of my children at CHFBS for five yers. I have found a very caring, loving, CHRIST centered faculity and staff. They are very supportive and communicate well. You know that your child will be educated and exposed to only positive influences while being nutured in Christian values.
2/7/2011parentMy oldest son first attended CHFBC preschool and has been at CHFBS from Kinder and is now in second grade. The love that the teachers have for the students, for learning, and for God makes the school a fantastic place. My son is a high achiever and has been kept challenged and stimulated in all areas of study. Sometimes he is ahead of the class and then the teachers slightly modify the assignment to be more challenging. My youngest son is moving from the preschool to Kinder in 2011 and we are so excited to have him start in this great school. The new superintendant is fantastic and has great vision of where God wants him to take the school.
2/7/2011parentWe love this school! This school is the best choice for our family. Our children are getting first class education plus an excellent spiritual foundation that correlates to the spiritual foundation at our home. This school builds character with leadership. The administrators and teachers are dedicated and first rate and the athletic department is superior!
2/7/2011parentI am so proud of the beautiful job they are doing by instilling the three R's and the love of the Word of God. I am blown away by the charisma and ideas that our brand new superintendent has for evolving CHFBS into one that abundantly exceeds my expectations. Mr. Pinkston has a vision for GREATNESS! He is so passionate and inspiring. I am thrilled about what CHFBS currently is, yet I cannot wait to see what is to come! I am a public school science teacher, have taught at some of the "best" public high schools in town, and know what programs are available. I also know the dangers that lurk around every corner for the hearts, minds and bodies of my students. However, what CHFBS has to offer in Spiritual education and protection is eternally priceless, beyond the rigor of academia. My daughter HATES to EVER miss school. She is treated with love by her teachers and has excelled in everything she does. She can read almost anything and is only at the beginning of her Spring sem. of 1st grade. She s taught about honor, character, kindness, obedience, attentiveness, initiative, etc. She has a breadth and understanding of the love of God that most adults I know do not.
11/4/2010otherI attended Castle Hills Fist Baptist School from Kinder garden all the way to my Senior year back in 2007. I had the choice in going to other schools but I really liked Castle Hills and I loved the education and care that the staff gave me and my fellow peers. I have Dyslexia and Castle Hills helped me over come my condition. I m now finishing up my Senior year in college and doing a part time Marketing internship on the side. If it were not for my roots I would not be so fortunate, Castle Hills gave me a lot and the least I could do is write this brief review.
11/5/2009studentI attended Castle Hills First Baptist School from the time I was around 18 months old until my freshman year of high school. Although I would agree that the spiritual aspects of the school are enriching, the overall control of the student body is more than a little chaotic. With staff constantly changing from year to year and very inexperienced teachers, this school seems unstable to say the least. Many classes are taught by teachers that either do not seem to have a passion for teaching or simply do not have an extensive background in education. I would recommend CHS for it's elementary school program because it does to lay the solid Christian foundation desired from a private Christian school.
6/15/2009parentDuring our first year here, my daughter was in 1st grade and we have seen her grow into a confident, happy and excited to learn little girl. This was after a disappointing experience the previous year at a Catholic School where she attended Kindergarten. New to San Antonio coming from Dallas, I picked CHFBS because I knew that if my daughter first built a solid Christian foundation of principles then the right wisdom of knowledge would follow. I immediately felt she would get that in my interview with the Administrative staff who welcomed us with open arms knowing we were always going to have a watchful eyes on the school. The administrative staff is great because they are truly an example of what the school's vision is for the children.
3/24/2009parentGreat School. Right on target with teaching a biblical worldview. Teachers love the kids. Great preparation for college!
2/10/2009otherThis school lacks life skills. I have a son in middle school and he comes home every night with more homework than my daughter who is in HIGH SCHOOL!
1/1/2009parentThe best school for a christian family.
12/20/2008parentHorrible school. If you graduate and can get into a decent college, you won't be able to follow the curriculum because the CHFBC curriculum hasn't prepared you for the real world of math or science, nor even history or social studies. You probably won't get into college anyways, because the curriuculum is so lacking. Doesn't anyone out there care that our students aren't even getting a BASIC education in anything at this school? No wonder we can't compete in the modern world, if math and social studies isn't being taught.
5/2/2008parent1. High turnover of teachers. 2. Teachers unable to control their classrooms. 3. Inexperienced teachers. 4. Poor communication between administration/teachers and parents. 5. Unfriendly teachers.
10/23/2007otherI am an alumni of CHFBC and Concordia University graduate. I can say that the faculty are the most caring educators! I would strongly encourage parents who are deciding on a good moral foundation for their children is to enroll them into Caste Hills First Baptist. CHFBC instilled in me a sense of moral value and a desire for success!
5/7/2007former studentAs a recent student of Castle Hills and just finishing my first year of Baylor University. Castle Hills taught me great social skills and a great spiritual foundation. I have great morals thanks to CHS but academics could improve and there is few athletics.
5/4/2007parentThis was my daughter's first year at CHFBS. The small student to teacher ratio has given her the opportunity to have the positive attention that she needs. The school has a very loving and nurturing environment. I feel that my child is getting a strong biblical and educational foundation. Parent/Teacher communication has been excellent this year. Even in Kindergarten the students are exposed to so much! They have Spanish, computer classes, as well as music twice a week. She will be returning in the fall.
2/18/2007studentOur academic programs are still lacking, NHS has fallen through and has yet to recover. We are still lacking in a football team, baseball team, and our soccer team may soon disappear. High school parents rarely attend school functions or school prayer meetings. Fortunately, this is not the case with our elementary parents. Though these comments may seem grim, we must remember that things could quickly change for the best if our management improves.
11/6/2006former studentMy personal view is that of a student, who sees many areas, which are in desperate need of improvement.
9/19/2006parentThis is by far the best school I know of to send children of Christian families. The faculty is supurb.They are an extremely loving and dedicated group of Christians that treat each child as an individual responsibility. Those that have children of their own send them here. I can hardly get over how much love and respect the children have for each other. I am proud that we are a part of this school.
1/27/2006parentK-4 is wonderful program. It's a perfect mix of strong academics and preschool-appropriate fun.
1/24/2006parentWonderful preschool. Strong academics and thriving Christian atmosphere. Teachers and staff are dedicated to excellence and truly love the children.
12/12/2005former student However, for what you pay, that school offers the most band for your buck. The opportunities for parent involvement, without micromanaging, are plentiful and varied to suit many different interests. A great, nurturing environment for students but not somewhere I would keep a child who has high academic ambitions. There have been no national merit scholars, nor have any graduates ever gone on to attend an ivy league school.
11/4/2005parentBoth of our children have been at CHFBS since kindergarten and the low student to teacher ratio has been a fantastic blessing to our family. Both girls are self-confident, happy, and faith-filled. We have been very pleased!
2/23/2004parentMy son has been at this school for 8 years since he was 3 years old. The education is excellent. I believe in teaching phonics and this school uses a curriculum that does that plus the basics. This prepares the child for public school and college.
2/1/2004parentCHFBS is a wonderful school with an 'Awesome' attitude. They teach to the child and consider each child as an individual.

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