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East Central High School
7173 Fm 1628
San Antonio, TX 78263
(210) 649-2951
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public | 9-12
County: Bexar


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9/18/2012parentMy children attend this school and I was a substitute teacher for two years. The administrative staff spends more time attending to the disobedient kids and therefore they don't have time to devote any attention to the good kids. Their funds also go to programs for the bad kids so gifted kids do not have programs to help challenge them. Also, if your child becomes a victum of one of the bad kids, don't expect any help from the staff. Even if its violence, they will not do anything about it except suggesting you should home school because they can't guarantee your childs safety. The breakfast and lunch menu is one of the worst in the nation. Again, I worked there for two years and in the mornings you can expect donuts, coco puffs, brused apples or packaged pastries. The lunch room always runs out of food before the second lunch so the kids are stuck eating pizza or watered down speghetti saunce with stale noodles everyday. And thats only if your kids are lucky enough to even get lunch. They lines are so long that by the time the kids sit down with their lunch, they only have about 2 minutes to eat. This school is huge but way over populated and not recommended.
7/12/2012studentI am currently a student at East Central and believe it is a great school. The deversity of students wonderful, for the most part the teachers are very easy to get along with and truely care about their students. As far as the GT program is concerned, it is true there is no GT in middle school, however the GT program offered in Elementry, Intermediate, and High School is wonderful. The Colloqlium classes for GT kids requires muc effort and teaches kids a great deal. I love my school and many of my teachers, the different groups of kids there is very benificial for me, I think, because in the real world, that's what is out there. Placing your child in a bubble with only similar kids may benefit them now, but later, perhaps not so much. As long as you teach your child values, goals, and how important grades are, they will do great and have amazing experiences.
10/3/2011parentIf you have a gifted child, do not expect much from this district. There is not a GT Program in the middle schools. Even the small amount of time that is spent in "GT" during the Elementary years was just not enough to stimulate a gifted child. They refused to move my child ahead even though my child was ridiculously bored with the same repetitive curriculum. The chief complaint from the teachers was the budget. Many teachers claimed they simply did not have enough to work with. It's quite embarrassing walking into some of these classrooms and seeing outdated computers or worse no computers at all. As a parent and a former staff member, I can see this district taking a serious nose dive in the future as far as academics goes.
7/11/2010studentit is a great school i think it could use a little bit more funding from the district
11/18/2009parentEast Central is not a very good school. It has a poor Leadership Base to go with its poor exterior. I am a former student and my kids go there. I had trouble, but did fine in college. I am trying to move out of the district. From the Surperintendent to the rest, they only want to help a select few. If you are not in the Selected Few, your chances there are slim to none. Avoid this school at all cost. I am trying to get me kids into Private Schoo. I can't afford it, but I must find a way. My kids can't afford me not to.
9/3/2008parentThe vice principals in this high school leave much to be desired. They are not interested in children, much less parents. It's a shame that the calibur of the vice principals does not equat that of the staff surrounding them.
7/28/2008parentOne of my children graduated from East Central High School with a great education. He was amply prepared for college and does quite well. My other child is still attending East Central and is also receiving a fine education. I have been very pleased with this school!
5/23/2008parentI am a former East Cenral student. I had a wonderful high school experience and always felt safe. I am now a mother of four and I would not want my kids to go to any other high school. I made sure to buy a home in the district. 'Go Hornets'
11/3/2007former studentI'm a former student of E.C.H.S and graduated in 07 I graduated form another school but I missed EC it was a great place people were friendly the teacher were cool and very concerned if you needed help and were failing oh special prompts to Mrs.Horsby she was awesome she spoke to you as an adult and treated you like one that is the most important way to reach out to students, cause we are no longer kids but young adults and that's how she treated you. I don't think they concentrate to much on the football team they are not that great it's more the students that concentrate on the sport an lose track on school work.
10/10/2007parentI am parent who has two daughters who graduated from this school, and a son who is a current freshmen. I can't speak to the experience of parents whose students are not involved in extracurricular activities or advanced placement, GT/Honors classes. However, I can speak to the wonderful experiences my family has encountered during the past nine years. My children participated in athletics (volleyball, baketball, cheerleading, & football) and they were required to attend tutoring as a part of their practice schedule. Coaches and administrators provided numerous opportunities for parent involvement. I have only encountered an 'open door' policy and any time I had questions, they were generally addressed within 48 hours. Both my daughters earned college credits before they graduated (one w/18 hours) & if you are interested in being a part of your child's educational experience this is the district to choose.
10/8/2007parentVastly over-rated. Far too much emphasis on football and not on education. No goals set by teachers theyre just going through the motion.
10/4/2007studentI think that east central is a really good place to send your kids and learn and you can trust me I go there!
10/2/2007parentIt is disappointing to see how far ECHS has fallen. The achievement gaps for students who are other language speakres are huge. This campus was a recognized high school not too long ago. Now it is a mess, and could be easily considered an embarrassment. There is no vision for the students or the future. They need an energetic principal who will stay for long enough to make a statement about the school and its direction. This school needs a total extreme makeover.
7/10/2007parentI have a daughter who graduated in 2000, and a son who just graduated in 2007. Over the 11 years that I was a parent at ECHS, I saw a great deal of change, and not for the better. Under the leadership of Mr. Eckhart and Ms. Russell-Heinsohn, the school was safe, orderly, and achievement was top-notch. ECHS won many awards, and not just on the playing fields. The principals knew the students by name, and they were very visible. Students knew they were respected and held to a high standard. Now, management by reactionary petty rules seems the norm. Upper level courses are taught by outstanding teachers, but average and lower students don't get the same quality. Since 1999, there have been 6 principals!! The school needs stability, consistency, and a gigantic turnaround. I am sad for the future students at ECHS, but glad my children have graduated.
6/19/2007studentI am currently a senior at East Central High School. I believe that the school needs to be worked on. When I go to the restroom there is no toilet paper, soap or paper towels. The only good bathrooms are in the Math and Science building. Also the rules are not enforced. There is too much focus being put on the football team, even though they do not perform well. I believe the focus should be on the choir, band, ROTC and various organizations, who are doing well.
11/27/2006studentI am currently a student at East Central and have been utterly dissatisfied with my 4 years at this school. The campus is old. Around campus there is a lack of real leadership and at times common sense, especially by the administration.
1/21/2006former studentThis a great school. The teachers care and spend one-on-one time with students when needed and really go out of their way to help. They give the students the opportunity to be involved in many sports including JROTC. Parents are able to check their child's grades online and are also able to easily communicate with teachers via e-mail. Overall, a very good school!
8/24/2005parentOutstanding school with teachers that really go the extra mile. Parent involvement could be better but overall a good school.
8/24/2005parentGreat parental support, teachers go the extra mile for all students. Overall great school.
1/17/2005parentI have been very pleased with the quality of academics at East Central. My son is involved in the Early College High School program in collaboration with UTSA. His teachers are dedicated and thorough and work hard to see that the kids understand the material. The extracurricular activities are numerous and give all students the chance to get involved in a variety of different activities. parent involvement is somewhat disappointing overall but in the early college high school program, involvement is better.
12/18/2004studentI'm a student at E.C.H.S. and would like to comment on the quality of our school. The school is extremly scenic and is a great school to attend if you are looking to have fun and make friends. It is not so good if you are interested in achieving. As you can find on this site, roughly half of the class of 007 failed at least one portion of the T.A.K.S. and the dropout rate is roughly twice that of comparaple schools. The football team also performed horribly. This is caused by a general disintrest in learning or general achievment in the majority of the students and staff. Also, the colloquium (G.T.) and phys-cal programs are almost certainly going to be terminated in the near future as the Small-learning communities are implemented. Once again, E.C.H.S is a great school for finding a spouse or future co-worker at McDonalds.
2/23/2004studentI am a student at East Central High School and I would like to comment on the quality of the school. If a student gets involved in upper level classes the teaching is superb. I do believe that East Central has one of the best honors programs in the state if not the nation. It also has a great upper level math and science program. As a whole all the teachers I have ever had were great and one could tell that they really cared about teaching. I would not recommend this school for an unmotivated student because there seems to be much distraction and apathy toward learning in the majority of the student population. There is also not much emphasis put on the arts at this school but more so on sports. I presume that this probably happens at many schools. All in all East Central High School is a great school and seems to have a more close knit environment than some of the inner city schools due to its rural setting.
10/1/2003otherI'm not a parent, but a former student. I loved going to school at East Central, I made alot of friends, and participated in tons of extracurricular actvities, such as the choir and student government. If your looking for a down to earth school, with good teachers and in a good community, yo've found it. Best of luck to you and our children... GO HORNETS!!!
8/10/2003otherHI I am a current student at East Central High School, and im sorry to say that thing arent all that great at this school except the setting and view. Right now we are currently having financial problems as is the rest of the Nation and other area High Schools, to be totaly honest with you some times we don't even have toilet paper, stall doors or sometimes a clean campus. The district has spent so much money on buying more property to build other schools they have forgotten the effect it is having on our high school career. All in All East Central High School isn't really that great of a school. And that's from a students point of view.
8/10/2003former studentMy four years at this High school where some of my times. When I married my husband and we had our first child we were not living in the East Central district but I wanted our daughter to go to school in this district and we are now buying our first home here so she can attented the schools.
5/7/2003 I have a 17 year old daughter attending classes at ECHS. This school has helped her mature into a wonderful person and I feel has prepared her for adulthood. She's involved in the JROTC program, has made many friends and through this program she has built an enormous amount of self esteem, compassion for others, and a high amount of confidence in herself. She may have even met my future son-in-law there. It's a nice school with nice kids out in a country setting which takes away the stress of attending public schools in the city and dealing with gang members and kids whose families have taught them to judge others. I give ECHS two thumbs up. Your child could only be as lucky as mine to attend such a fine learning establishment.

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