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School Of Science And Technology - Alamo - San_Antonio, TX

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
School of Science and Technology - Alamo12200 Crownpoint Dr Ste 100
San Antonio, TX 78233
(210) 888-1218K-12BexarcharterSchool of Science and Technology

School Head OfficialYear
Mehmet Nalcaci2012


10/4/2012parentMy child is now in their second year attending this school. My child has had more A's than in five years in public school. However, when arrangements are made for 6th-8th graders to go on an out-of-town field trip to a Turkish fair, you'd think at least the students taking Turkish foreign language class would be first to have seats on the bus, rather than the students taking Spanish. I think it's very unfortunate that the number of students, teachers, and chaperones were not taken into account when reserving a bus. How are you going to call THE DAY BEFORE and tell the parent there's no room for about 20 students, not to mention that the school staff left it up to the parents of the negated students to inform them they are being left at the school while the other approximately 100 students and classmates are allowed to go? There are many more things that are not right with this school, such as the teachers losing assignments or not recording grades, erroneous charges to lunch accounts even when the student is absent, doctor's notes brought in and given to homeroom teachers never making it to the front office for accountability, etc.
4/10/2011parentMy child was in a public school in the Judson school district and was not being challenged. I pulled her out and placed her in the school of science and technology. She is making straight A's and loving school. The teachers and staff are absolutely wonderful. I am so glad I learned about this school. Now I know she can reach her full potential.
11/10/2010parentThis school believes the staff and parents are a team, working with the child towards his/her success. I have never seen a school care about the academic levels of EVERY child in the school. They give a whole new meaning to no child left behind. AND they listen to their parents. A few parents were noticing some unkind behavior between students, so they discussed it with an administrator. The administrator took action and the entire school had an Anti-Bullying week. The students learned about what is bullying, what to do if you know about someone that is bullying and even how to choose to not be a bully. I know my kids are getting an education that meets the highest academic standards from people that truely care for them. These teachers help them overcome their weaknesses and encourage their strengths. Thank you SST-Alamo!
10/26/2010teacherSST-Alamo istruly a great place to work. Its emphasis on education and discipline create a great environment for learning. All teachers and staff work very hard to accomplish state goals and objectives and to plan fun and educational activities as well. The atmosphere and higher educational goals are great and I would recommend this school to anybody.
10/26/2010teacherThe School of Science and Technology is a unique school with a nurturing environment. Teachers truly care about the success of all students, and go above and beyond with extracurricular activities. Teachers participate in many activities along with students and their families in order to foster good lines of communication and support.
10/24/2010teacherAs a teacher at SST Alamo, I have found the environment to be wonderful for all students from those that are gifted to struggling learners. The faculty acts as a family and truly cares about all students under their care. Nowhere else have I seen a campus go so above and beyond to keep parents informed and involved in their students academic lives. You would not be disappointed if you chose to enroll your student at our campus.
10/22/2010teacherThis is a great place to work and learn. The staff members and principle work very hard to insteal discipline, saftey, and excellent academics. The staff is a diverse group of teachers from all backgrounds. This lends to the multicultural diversity present at this school. SST Alamo is a great school with kind and caring staff that take professionalism to the next level. I like it so much my own child attends!!! This is a system that works and works well!
10/22/2010teacherGreat enviornment for students and teachers alike! I am a teacher at SST-Alamo and I must say that I love working here. The staff is like family to me and the administrators are great. I love that we have such open communication with the parents; I know that I can contact a parent for any question or concern. The students here are great as well. The students are very well behaved and very bright.
10/22/2010teacherThis a great school with excellent teachers and staff. The student excell to the highest of their abilities!
10/22/2010teacherThis school has great staff members who love to teach and help there students. The students are eger to learn and try new things.
10/15/2010parentThis will be our second year with SST Alamo and we highly recommend SST Alamo to everyone. Coming from a private school setting, there is a huge difference with SST Alamo in preparing our children for academic success. SST Alamo administrators, teachers and staff members are highly motivated to build a solid learning foundation for our sons' future. The online resources and personalized tutoring to help our sons' master each subject is wonderful to have. Thank you everyone at SST Alamo for continuing to strive to be the best school in San Antonio, Texas.

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