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The Carver Academy
217 Robinson Place
San Antonio, TX 78202
(210) 223-8885
private | PK-6
County: Bexar


3/1/2012parentThis week they announced the IDEA takeover of this precious school, which is disastrous news. But, like yesterday's poster, I want to review the school for my experience with it during the past year. The Carver Academy is nothing short of phenomenal. The staff is loving and caring, but they never compromise their high expectations for these children. The small class size is conducive to forming a family environment. The way the students start out every day with chapel (giving the Lord His proper place in their studies), is just beautiful. The students are all so wonderful and responsible and sweet. It's easy to see that each and every person at the school, from the students to the teachers to the administrative staff, is immensely proud of their involvement with Carver Academy. My son has grown so much in his short time at Carver--academically, emotionally, and most remarkably, spiritually. And he LOVES his school...sigh... It makes my stomach turn to think that such a magnificent school will soon be changed from the inside out, and that nearly everything we loved about it will be eradicated. I don't even know why I'm on this site, I'm just getting myself more depressed.
2/29/2012parentCarver has been a wonderful school. We prayed about our child going there for YEARS before she was accepted. It is now being taken over by a public charter school (IDEA) and Carver as we knew it will not have the same principles in this new program. We are deeply saddened by this change and don't know where to turn for a quality, rigorous Christian elementary education now.
2/8/2012parentCarver is a wonderful school! My children are 1 to 2 grade levels ahead of their peers and ton national test they score at least 90% better than students in their grade level. It can be a little pricey for those on a fixed and small budget, but schloraship are available to those who qualify. You still may have to come out of pocket, but it is worth the sacrifice because your children will be better for it not only academically but spiritually. The only draw back: I would love to see them with a state of the art gym facility. The kids need to have a gym facility. It would be nice to have Carver kids play home games for soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis, track, flag football, and maybe even swimming. Kids need this type of athletic activity to stay fit, learn teamwork, and develop a healthy competitive nature. This will help them to really create memories they will never forget and help the kids to really bond as a family and build strong friendships.
9/26/2011otherI am a student who has attended The Carver Academy for the last 4 years. Ever since Kindergarten. I feel that the school offers many challenging academic classes. They always teach us at, at least, 1 grade level above where we are at. I am currently 2 grade levels above in all subjects. They do give us alot of work, but I think it helps us alot to be better prepared for my future. I hope to attend TMI and then to M.I.T. for a degree. I feel The Carver Academy has given me the best start for my education. Better than I could get at any other school. I think that parents should send their kids to the Carver Academy to get a great education.
10/13/2010parentThe Carver Academy is loved by all the students, parents and faculty. I love The Carver Academy because they base their learning on Judeo Christian philosophy and six pillars: Initiative,integrity, service, community,leadership and faith. The student teacher ratio is 1:15. Therefore the one on one attention is given to each student. Parents are encourage to be involved as well as teaching your child to be independent. My son has attended Carver for 2 years and he is a different child when school starts. He is excited and enjoys learning. The students at Carver no matter the age are always offering assistance to other students. If someone trips and falls there is another student running to aid the student up. The students are always well behaved and are respectful of other students feelings and surroundings. The school provides a variety of extra curricular activities such as soccer, ballet, band, basketball, piano and let me not forget academic tutoring. This school in my opinion is the best in San Antonio, Tx.
8/1/2008parentI highly recommend this school to any parent who wishes to instill the best qualities in life and the best education imaginable. TCA is teaching children to live their life with respect, discipline, consideration, love and with a commitment to God. The children start their day with a burst of positive energy from singing, to worship and prayer to discussion and praise. Is the curriculum difficult? At first, yes. But is it worthwhile? Most definately. This school is not for parents who are afraid of their children being corrected for bad behavior, for parents who want the easy way out, or for parents who feel like too much to early is not a good idea. This school is for those parents who want the best education for their child and for those parents who want their children to be respectful to them as well as others.
6/7/2008parentI do not recommend this school. Parent involvement is not encouraged in any way. The environment is outrageously stressful for children in all grade levels. My child was enrolled for 3 years. Towards the end, she was crying every morning and complaining that she didn't want to go. The headmaster is not professional, open to criticism nor encourages any interaction between the teachers or families that attend. The main focus is on extravaganza and not education. So much is thrown at the child that the basic building blocks and foundation to grow is not planted. The final straw came when I began to see my cheerful, happy talkative child becoming a stressed, withdrawn and easily upset child. Mr Robinson either chooses to look the other way or has no idea what is happening in his own backyard. I was very disappointed to say the least.
4/20/2008parentThis is my 3rd year as a Carver parent and I wouldn't trade the education my kids are getting for anything. With 3 languages and many technological upgrades, the main focus of the Carver Academy is respect and discipline. I plan to keep my kids there as long as possible and encourage any parents interested in the school to go for a tour and see what its all about. You'll be as impressed as I've been.
1/21/2008parentThis is a wonderful school my son has been attending since he was in PK. He is now in the first grade and is very ahead in many areas like reading, math, german,spanish and jap. This school focuses on leadership and discipline. I encourage any parent who wants their child to be ahead, to put them in The Carver Academy, if they are accepted. The drive is worth it and the staff is wonderful!

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