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Tacoma Baptist Schools
2052 S 64th St
Tacoma, WA 98409
(253) 475-7226
private | PK-12
County: Pierce


  School Head OfficialYear
Robert White2008
10/6/2012parentTBS does have a core group of staff and parents who keep the school going inspite of present difficulties. This is true for most institutions of this nature. Parents must weigh the full picture which includes the drop in enrollment, loss of active long-time families, academic struggles(kids leaving and enrolled in local public schools must work to catch up to peers), second tier status from military branches when looking to enlist, yearly decrease of financial support (auction) on top of lower student body numbers and the move from foundational to more charismatic in regards to faith. Concerned parents desire change, many simply pulling kids as there is no access to school board, no perceived understanding as to problems. The product is sub-par and the atmosphere partial and while some kids might do ok at the same time others do not. The perceived value due to pricing is challenged by the one quarter drop of students the last 3 yrs. when people are looking for economic value. It is important to have a well-rounded view of what one is getting into, it is hard to pull a student from their friends even when a parent thinks it is best to leave the school.
9/24/2012parentOur family has been a part of TBS for thirteen years with three kids attending over the years. We have appreciated the Christian education and the spiritual growth, and the sports programs provided. The example of Christ in the lives of teachers and staff has been so powerful. I was also very glad that the school has an instructional support program which addresses learning struggles. My children have felt included and valued here. I am so thankful for this school in our area.
9/13/2012parentI have two children at TBS and I love how the staff and teachers love the kids. They care about the whole child. Spiritually, academically, emotionally. There is a joy that permeates the school. They also have a strong sports program. The parental support is evidenced through the Booster Club and the parent prayer groups. If you are looking for a great Christian School, this is it!
9/11/2012parentI recommend Tacoma Baptist Schools, If you are looking for a school that truly teaches a bible based education, you need to visit TBS. My kids attended another Christian School prior to TBS, and I have found the biblical teaching is priority at TBS. Great teachers, coaches, and staff. Very reasonable tuition cost, priceless biblical education. Parent
9/10/2012parentI have recently enrolled my son in the Elementary School. He loves going to school on a daily basis. Even more so then in his past school. The teacher and office have been great in how they communicate with us as parents. We have taken advantage of the before and after school care program and it has been very beneficial as we balance our busy schedules.
6/26/2012parentA small school with pleasing results. My family and I were impressed with the number of this year's graduating class who earned full ride or hugely significant academic scholarships. One student has a full-ride athletic scholarship at a Division One school. Dedicated teachers, enthusiastic parent volunteers, and support of several area pastors and churches from several Christian Denominations. We are also impressed with how many families still support and serve at the school even though their children have moved on. Our children are growing at TBS and we are thankful for its existence.
6/6/2012parentAgree with most recent posts. The school is changing, not positive. The drop in numbers is telling...especially troubling is exit of long-time families. Kids sportsmanship at athletic events rated -25 for this school year. Really? So many kids in sports and such a review is too bad.
4/19/2012otherThis school now having a tough go. The admin is disorganized and slow with communication. Academics are weaker in some areas(half of the kids in science ap course dropped out). Enrollment down. Not recommended at this time.
10/20/2010parentThe school has strong academics.
10/14/2010teacherBecause of the consistently biblical instruction students receive from caring teachers.
10/13/2010teacherThe kids are great. They sincerely are seeking God's will in their lives and it shows.
10/12/2010parentThey have a well rounded program - God, academics, sports, the arts, caring faculty, great coaches.
10/11/2010parentit teaches the Word of God
10/10/2010parentThis school has it all---great teachers, students, sports & academics with a Christ-centered focus. We love it!
10/10/2010parentThe school values it what we love. God is always first.
10/10/2010parentGreat cohesive spirit, fun learning atmosphere and a genuine care for teaching not only academics, but God's word. I highly recommend it. The teachers and staff are fantastic.
10/10/2010parentIt has provided a great foundation for my daughter to learn and grow spiritually.
10/9/2010otherIt is a great friendly environment that challenged me spiritually and mentally.
10/9/2010parentT.B.S. is a Christian based school that gives my kids a Christian worldview,it has excellence in academics,sports, fine arts, and has teachers that are preparing my kids to become future leaders of America! I love that my kids have great Christian friends and influential Christian teachers. We LOVE our school!
10/9/2010parentAn excellent school, great education, well rounded.
10/9/2010parentBiblical worldview, teaching to the heart of the child, great academics
10/8/2010parentTBS is a wonderful school. The teachers all care about their students and do an amazing job teaching biblical based curriculum. My son loves going to school everyday and he has great respect for his teachers and the other staff at TBS. The teachers and other staff are in constant communication with parents.
10/8/2010parentMy daughter recieves one on one care that she would not get at a public school, when she has a problem in school her teacher will stop and help her with prayer. The education is far above the normal schools, the love is far above, and the people!
10/8/2010parentMy son loves TBS; so do we - parents. TBS is a great community of children, teachers, and parents. The school is strong academically. It also upholds Biblical values assisting the children and teens to develop good moral character and strong ethics, which are gold nowadays. TBS joins the families in their kids' upbringing hoping to lay a solid foundation for their future lives.
10/8/2010parentGreat teachers, education and sports and music with God before all!th
10/8/2010parentI love TBS because it is a great place to have my children attend. It is a God-centered,Biblical based education, and I am very pleased to have my children there.
10/8/2010parentI appreciate the Bible based curriculum taught by caring teachers that make each student feel important and loved. TBS is like a big family and you always look forward to seeing each other. TBS is a school with smaller class sizes, so you know your children are getting the attention they need, but well rounded with great academics, sports, music, drama and other extra curricular activities. I have homeschooled my children, had them in public school and in private school. I know that the private school experience at TBS is by far the best! They will be more than ready when they reach college.
10/8/2010parentWe love how inviting everyone is and the great level of communication. We always know what is going on in my daughter's class and how she is doing. Everyone responses quickly to any question or request. The academic program is great, supportive yet challenging. A great place a for a strong bible based education. My daughter can't wait to go to school everyday.
10/8/2010parentTacoma Baptist has been our school home since 2004. We've lived in many places and in most regions of the U.S in the past 20 years due to my husband's job. Tacoma Baptist is at the top of the list of the many schools we have been involved with. It prepared my son for the rigorous academics at the Airforce Academy. It has prepared my daughter for testing out of some of the prerequisites for a nursing program. This school cares about the individual needs of the family and for each student placed in its care. I can think of no better place for my youngest to attend. We love you TBS.
10/8/2010parentWe love TBS! The staff is friendly, engaging and truly care about the students. There is a strong emphasis on serving others and being people of integrity and compassion. Our students are thriving and making great friends! We feel this is a wonderful and safe environment for our children.
10/8/2010parentBoth TBS and New hope Christian schools have outstanding education programs. They are a faith based educational venue and do an outstanding job witht eh kids from all asspects. It is a matter of education vs. indoctrination, you decide...
10/8/2010parentI appreciate the high standards and Christian community it represents.
10/5/2010parentMy parents sacrificed worldly possession (new house, cars, vacations...you name it!) to have my siblings and me at TBS. It was worth it a hundred times over!!! I grew in the Lord, grew in knowledge, and grew in skill. I went from a shy girl who would never speak in public to a person who loves to speak in public and share God with others. In fact, I became a teacher! I also made amazing friendships that are still vibrant today, some 30+ years later. My 3 kids attend TBS now. Lord willing they will graduate from there. To us, there IS NO BETTER SCHOOL!
9/30/2010parentTacoma Baptist has been a wonderful place for our 4 children. Our oldest graduated and is doing well in an honors program at a top Chrisitan university. She was well prepared academically and spiritually to move on to college. All of our kids have enjoyed playing sports, being involved in student leadership and many other activities. The teachers and coaches all are very caring and do their jobs with excellence. Every class is taught from a biblical worldview and the kids are encouraged in their faith daily. We wouldn't have our kids anywhere else!
9/28/2010parentTacoma Baptist School has been a huge blessing in our lives as a family and I find that the administration, staff and faculty are extremely approachable. I am deeply grateful that the core values, standards and life lessons that we hope to model and teach in our own home are being carried over and are consistent with what our children receive here at TBS! What a privilege it is to be a part of this "family"!
9/28/2010parentTBS has been a super experience for my children! I have one graduate, and 3 children still attending TBS. The decisions that my graduate is making in his life prove that his education was grounded in the Bible! He loves the Lord, and is living each day and making choices that prove that every day! Thank you TBS!
9/27/2010teacherThis school has had a profound effect on my life! I attended TBS in high school even though I wanted to be in the public school, my parents forced me and I was changed here. My focus returned to my faith in Christ and I excelled in academics and sports. I was well prepared for life and college from the Biblical foundation that the staff at TBS helped establish and build in me and I have continued in that direction. I went to teach in the public schools, but found myself continually discouraged since I could not share with students the one thing that could help them - Jesus. The opportunity opened up to teach at TBS and I took it. I love it here and I see students lives impacted on a daily basis as they are are challenged in all areas of life from faith to academics to sports!
9/27/2010teacherTacoma Baptist High School has been in existence for 50+ years. My children graduated from the school and received an excellent education from caring professionals who presented everything they taught from a Christian worldview. Both have now successfully completed a college education. I have been a teacher and parent at the school for many years. What a privilege to work with great staff and committed parents. The kids are great, too!
6/17/2009studentI love tacoma baptist school. It has a great sports team and even went to state.You learn a lot of great things and all the teachers are nice. But the number one thing is they teach you about God and lead you in His footsteps. I love God and I want to serve Him in every way. People out there you should send your child to tacoma baptist schools for a good eduacation and a strong faith in God
6/9/2009studentI attended the Tacoma Baptist Campus for six years (Middle/High). I have to say it was truly a blessing to be able to go there and have the teachers I did. The teachers make all the difference at that school. To put it simply, they want to teach you how to learn (not just pass a test) and genuinely want you to succeed. Every school has its own set of issues, TBS definitely had theirs (mostly in their administration), but overall it is a wonderful school. I am in college now and have found myself very well prepared for the courses I took my freshman year (4.0 baby!). I highly recommend TBS!
1/3/2009studentTacoma Baptis is the worst school to send your child to ever. If you want to punish your child, or if you don't want a good education for your child send them to TBS. No school can be worse than this school not even Federal Way High School. Atleast they have security to make sure everything is fine. At TBS you need security to make sure that everything they tell you is true. I was looking forward to going to TBS, but I was let down big time. I graduated with a 4.0 and straight A's, but that was no use in the real world. It's useless to pay tution and go here. TBS is very hypocritical. The loving Christian atmosphere so far from the truth. It does not prepare you for the real worlk at all. If you don't want your child to succeed go ahead send them to TBS.
1/28/2008parentSouth Sound Christian Schools is an excellent school district wehre they personally care for my children. They put their emphasis on academics and spiritual growth and I feel like my kids are truly in a safer place. I give it 5 stars.
7/23/2007parentThis school is awesome. Excellant staff. Great results.
3/8/2007former studentTacoma Baptist School is the most hypocritical Christian institution I have ever been a part of. I attended from elementary through high school and hated every minute. It didn't prepare me for life in the real world and the loving Christian atmosphere was a joke.
12/24/2006former studentTacoma Baptist is the absolute worst school you can ever send your child to. I attended this school from 1998-2003 and can positively say that it is the worst private school in Pierce County! Do not send your children there!
11/4/2005studentTBS is a great school full of very loving and passionate people who want the very best for the students who attend the school.
9/22/2004studentI go to Tacoma Baptist and its great! The teachers really want to help you and teach you more about God through the bible. I am in the highschool, this is my second year and just recently they finished remodling the lunchroom and are working on the library. The althetics are great, and the school work is challenging at times but they really try to not give you more than you can handle. The dress code is no big deal its rather laid back in my opinion.It is a smaller school, about 50 per class. I recommend that you check out the website.

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