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Auburn, Alabama Reviews

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Get to know Auburn with the latest comments and reviews from people who live in or have visited Auburn

Bored to death - 4/10/2022
Unless you’re a college student or under 30, dont move here cause there is nothing to do. I grew up here and the university used to bring in great concerts but these days you have to drive to Atlanta or Nashville for anything to do. It’s all college kids and retirees. I’m 63 and bored out of my mind. Has great schools though. Traffic is awful because there’s no consensus on how to drive when half your population is college students. The summer weather is so horrible I can’t leave the house for two months without an asthma attack from heat/humidity. Plus tornadoes.  Read More

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A boring town trying to be bigger - 5/1/2020
Went to Auburn University for 4 years and stayed living here for an additional year. First thing: if you aren’t in classes, dont care for college football, or don’t party/drink at the bars, it’s incredibly boring here. Anything interesting to do that isn’t related to the college or the bars neighboring it is in Opelika.

There is nothing at all for communities aside from the odd public event, which are usually hosted in Opelika, not Auburn. The town has horrible drainage, downtown is under constant construction, no parking, drivers are awful, and the whole town is abysmally under equipped for the tourist season that football brings (despite the team getting worse and worse every year, only saved by winning rivalry games and losing everything else).

The housing is INSANELY OVERPRICED. Home and rent is inflating like hell, with landlords charging prices like they’re a big city despite there being nothing like it. What should be discount housing (i.e. studio) are Read More

I love Auburn - 12/6/2010
Auburn is a very nice place to live and raise a family. Compared to New York where i'm from, living in Auburn is much cheaper. This is a college town so there isn't any kind of entertainment like in big cities. the winters are very mild and the summers are rather hot (above 95F for 2 months minimum). There is very little crime( mostly break- ins during the holidays when students have gone home). There is only a university bus system so you will have to own a car to be comfortable. All together, a fabulous place to live if you like quiet and peace but boring if you like to live it Read More

ehh, it's ok. - 10/28/2009
I have lived almost 6 years in Auburn, most of which I went to the university. It is a nice little town to live in, although there are the projects mixed through out the city. There isn't a whole lot to do here, no major shopping areas for miles (unless you consider Target and Bed Bath and Beyond big shopping!), everything is really spread out so you have to drive awhile, the public library leaves much to be desired.... But people really are nice, the COL is relatively low, the local hospital is great, and the churches are great, too. It just depends on what you're looking for. As someone raised in the suburbs of Birmingham, I just can't wait to get out of Auburn! Too small for Read More

Auburn, Alabama below the surface - 10/15/2009
Auburn, Alabama is a university town with high resident involvement. Many alums retire here and the school system is one of the best in Alabama. Auburn offers much through the university and the Oschner Institute for Life Long Learning. We have easy access to Atlanta, 1 1/2 hours by interstate, Birmingham, 2 hours by interstate, Gulf beaches 4 hours by easy highways and interstate, Columbus, Georgia with lake and river access for water sports, theatre in four cities within 1-2 hour drive as well as two theatres locally.

Theatre, NCAA programs, learning, beach and water access, airports, access to UAB medical facilities low violent crime, cultural diversity are all part of this community. We have residents from almost every major developed country.

We have nice Winter; Spring and Summer and Fall usually blend into one another and are not as distinct as some Read More

Lynch Nissan - 5/4/2009
Auburn is a great place to live I just have a warning for the citizens of . Auburn and the sorrounding communities. Do not use Lynch Nissan to buy a car or get service done there.bbThey have terrible service after a sale and I will never
buy another vehicle there, send a car their for service, or recomend them to anyone. They are just out for your money and nothing else. They have no concept of quality customer Read More

Be leery of economic and population statistics on - 6/26/2008
Economic statistics on Auburn are as blurry as population data for the same reason: Differentiating college students from locals can be tricky. A large proportion of college students have little or no income at all and thus the average household income in Auburn is extremely under-valued. A visit to Auburn can help clarify how it is that a town with an average household income seemingly below the poverty level is chock full of affluent neighborhoods.

As for population data, college students may or may not declare Auburn as their home, therfore the data tends to under-represent the number of people actually living in Auburn. Auburn's population swells as the Fall semester begins and drops off each summer. Who knows how many people are really living there at any given time, but it's somewhere north of the 51,000 official number of Read More

Quality of life a significant factor in Auburn's e - 6/26/2008
There's a long list of reasons why Auburn is one of the fastest growing communities in the United States. The population has doubled in the past 20-25 years and most of that growth is attributed to professional working in nearby Montgomery, Columbus and Atlanta who are choosing to live in Auburn because of the quality of life it affords. In addition to being ethnically diverse (largely due to the melting pot of cultures drawn to any large university), Auburn is ranked nationally as one of the top 100 public school systems and top 30 public high schools (per the Wall Street Journal and Parenting magazine). Also, violent crime is virtually non-existent and the cost of living is relatively low. Access to the university affords cultural opportunities atypical of a small city, such as the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Art and Telfair Peet Read More

Auburn's exceptional public education system - 6/26/2008
Auburn City Schools has been ranked among the top 100 school districts in the United States by Parenting magazine and as the best educational value in the Southeast by the Wall Street Journal. Auburn's Early Education Center has specialized programs for autism education, has been recognized as a national Blue Ribbon school, and is an Intel and Scholastic School of Distinction. Auburn High School has strong International Baccalaureate and music programs, and was ranked in 2006 by Newsweek as the top non-magnet public high school in Alabama, and one of the top 30 in the United States.Read More

housing - 2/29/2008
The houses here are mostly very nice. They are kind of expensive for someone who does not make alot of money. Its hard to find good deals here, but when you find them, they are Read More

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