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Be leery of economic and population statistics on
Star Rating - 6/26/2008
Economic statistics on Auburn are as blurry as population data for the same reason: Differentiating college students from locals can be tricky. A large proportion of college students have little or no income at all and thus the average household income in Auburn is extremely under-valued. A visit to Auburn can help clarify how it is that a town with an average household income seemingly below the poverty level is chock full of affluent neighborhoods.

As for population data, college students may or may not declare Auburn as their home, therfore the data tends to under-represent the number of people actually living in Auburn. Auburn's population swells as the Fall semester begins and drops off each summer. Who knows how many people are really living there at any given time, but it's somewhere north of the 51,000 official number of residents.
Kim Price | Huntsville, AL
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There is a growing divide in auburn between the rich old money families that own all the property in the town, the students from affluent families who all drive brand new cars and can afford the insane hikes in rent due to gentrifucation, and the locals who are increasingly forced to work in the service industry because no other jobs exist...most people my age are living paycheck to paycheck, and many have moved to cheaper neighboring towns. The city of auburn only cares about money from the university, they cater only to the students and the wealthy....development is ruining auburn and the city planners dont city council meetings, no one is allowed to protest or even speak while new projects are ok'd without anyone's consent...they are greedy, arrogant, horribly selfish people that will eventually destroy this once nice town.
Hith | Auburn, AL | Report Abuse
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ehh, it's ok.
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Lynch Nissan
Auburn is a great place to live I just have a warning for the citizens of . Auburn and th...
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