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Although it's very beautiful, it's not utopia. - 8/16/2020
Like any city, Anchorage has it's pros and cons:


The scenery is incredibly beautiful.

Endless amount of walking trails to enjoy.

The summers are mild and 80 degree days in the Anchorage Bowl are scarce.

The winter scenery is breathtaking.

You're not too far away from seclusion.

You can leave some of the Lower 48 "behind" (not all, only some).

You're over 1,000 miles away from the northernmost point of the lower 48 (which can be a pro or con).


The high cost of living, although housing prices are still cheaper than New York, L.A., San Francisco and Seattle.

The crime rate is significantly above the national average (It can get crazy here sometimes, especially areas east of Downtown), which is concerning.

Let's face facts, there are more than just tourists who come to Alaska. The "shady element" come here to evade the Read More

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An inconvenient, overpriced icebox. - 7/18/2019
I've lived here for several years and dislike it more and more each year. Family and lack of funds has kept me here. Aside from the weather and darkness, there is little to no culture here, except for native Alaskan culture. The museum has had the same exhibits since I got here. There is no competition here, since large companies see no reason to do business here. So, customer service is non-existent. The people here are a bad combo of dull and weird, and they are prejudiced against "big city folks", especially East Coasters like myself. In addition, the cost of living is very Read More

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HELP...Never been...seems like my place, BUT... ?? - 7/10/2017
I live in Mammoth Lakes, CA...a gorgeous 4 season mountain resort community. I do love it but it is a bit small and I hate the heat in the summer. I love the cold and am an avid skier. I am also gay. So I am looking for a place with a colder climate, mountains, skiing, concern is the dark in the winter and the distance from the lower 48...any suggestions? What's good, what's bad? Thanks! Read More

Anchorage Housing - 8/25/2015
Housing costs are Read More

Anchorage climate - 7/4/2015
Summers in Anchorage are generally very pleasant with temperatures in the mid-60s to low 70s and sunshine from 4:30 am - 11:30 pm. If you like getting outside and being active, you'll enjoy these conditions. Winters are as bad as they say: cold and dark. Winter temperatures are typically in the mid20s to low 30s. Snowfall is about 60 inches a Read More

Anchorage - 2/1/2015
Has been a great place to raise kids and make a Read More

Favorite Place So Far - 1/14/2015
Lived in multiple cities in California, North Carolina, Texas, Alaska, and Nevada. Anchorage is easily the winner; yes, even over my San Diego hometown. If I could find work back up in Anchorage (Industrial Marketing and Business Deveopment), I would be there in a minute.

Blessed with natural beauty so intense it will put a permanent lump in your throat. Unpretentious social atmosphere. Wild critters that walk the neighborhoods (moose, lynx, bears, moose, weasels, moose). Housing is expensive. Restaurants are phenomenal, but expensive. Fantastic beer. Winter is magnificent. Read More

Kevin Elfrink - 3/4/2014
Kevin Elfrink has been a realtor in Alaska for over 18+ years. But what does that mean for you? It means if you are looking to buy real estate in Alaska, you can call him and avoid 98% of the normal frustrations most home buyers experience. How nice would that be? To finally have someone on YOUR side for a change! Give Kevin a call for a free real estate consultation to make sure you avoid the most common pit falls people make when buying or selling Alaskan property. Call now for more information



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Don't get too excited. - 8/8/2013
People like to say that there is always lots of things to do, which is far from it. I mean, yeah, if you are an avid skiier, or a snowboarder, then sure, you can be engaged in those activities about 7 month a year. But other than that..there is very little things you can do here. First off, it's hard to play outside when it's under 30 below.So If you want your children to spend all day sitting at home playing videogames, it's a great state for you. Second, every single decent artist or singer in US have forgotten that there is a state called Alaska. So in case you need your Lady Gaga fix, you better hop on a plane. Lack of museums, theaters, decent places to hang out really. There is quete a few nice restaurants though. I mean, what else you gona do, when it's so miserable outside? Eat!! One of the downsides if that if you want to go somewhere else, you'll have to endure hours and hours of flying and layovers. However, and it's a good thing, they do have a direct flight to my beloved Read More

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