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With over 100,000 people, is Antioch really Crime - 5/30/2015
Just like most large 100k population cities, there are some places in Antioch that crime is almost non existent while over by the freeway, it's very high. You must look at the neighborhood. The large 5 bedroom homes tend to have the section 8 crowd. You must look at the school districts test result. That is usually a good indication of the type of neighbors you will be having. We own three homes. The ones in Antioch we have very good tenants. Eagleridge is one of the best neighborhoods with Police Officers living in the area. As far as the police crime numbers, you will find that along 10th and 18th streets is about 40% of the problems. Along the Golf Course, you find more section 8. Oakley and Brentwood, which thought was to be great a few years ago, is now having their own police enforcement problems such as homicides as they grow and their police dept cannot keep up with the calls. Most cities are having similar problems. When you buy anywhere, talk with the neighbors. Look at the Read More

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Antioch - 7/26/2013
Crime Read More

Is Antioch a good place to live? - 6/11/2012
So you've been searching for an affordable yet spacious home in the Bay Area for years and have started to give up hope. Then one day you expanded your search into East Contra Costa--specifically, Antioch--and realized you can buy your dream home with room to entertain and expand without busting your budget. Elated, you hop online to learn a little more about the area but your bubble is burst when you come across negative review after review (mostly dated 2009 and earlier) about Crime! Foreclosures! Traffic! Section 8 Housing!

Stop! Do not buy that 2-br townhouse in the "up and coming" part of Concord just because of a few spiteful and dated Internet reviews. You deserve so much more, in newly minted stucco no less! Has crime in Antioch risen over the past few years? Yes, that's what happens when the population dramatically increases at the same time budget cuts force the police department to decrease. However, Antioch's crime rate still compares favorably to that Read More

Drugs - 5/29/2011
There are alot of drugs in antioch and the police department does nothing about it except harass the people that call them Read More

Section 8 - 1/8/2011
Amen to James of Antioch last letter of information. He is right on regarding the section 8 impact on our city. It seems you are not required to have any income at all to live in a section 8. This is a slap in the face to the citizens of Antioch particularly those that pay Mello Roose taxes and were willing to pay the extra taxes to live in a decent, low crime neighborhood. What is wrong with the City Council and the C.C.C. leadership that looked the other way when Antioch was being made the dumping ground for countless section 8 renters? There was no consideration for the impact on property values or increase in crime that was sure to follow.
The CC Times recently editorilized the City of Richmond notting their decrease in crime and increase in livability. The following day there was an article about the increase in crime and the many problems, and decrease in values in Antioch. Coincidence? This was not the city we envissioned to be in, when we retired 13 years ago.Read More

Interim housing for the upper middle class. - 6/5/2010
I have lived in various cities from North East to South and now West. I am compelled to relocate to California in less than a month by virtue of marriage.
One thing I have come to confront is renting an apartment. Somehow I find it funny that the society does not make provisions for the upper middle class to save money on rent when temporal accommodation is needed. I find that good moderately priced apartments are outside the reach of this category of people except ofcourse the seniors. We find a 2 bed apartment for about $785/month. I get excited and apply only to be deflated by the news that we aren’t qualified. Why? because we earn above the expected income bracket! So the search continues….
Another abhorrent occurrence is the fact that most apartments have rooms that are quite small, and then the really crazy part is that most houses have just one bath. I would expect the standard to be 1.5bath. This creates some level of privacy when a visitor needs to use your Read More

Calif dreamin' or Calif nightmare? - 8/16/2008
I'm a bay area native. Many tourists visit here every year, drawn to landmarks like the Golden Gate bridge, cable cars, The Palace of Fine Arts and more. What visitors probably don't realize is how difficult and expensive it is to reside in the bay area.
SF is one of the costliest cities in the world. Many of us reside in suburbs of SF, where homes are less expensive, schools are generally better, etc. But compared to most of the US, all of the bay area is expensive. Sticker shock is common for new arrivals.
The term suburb has been applied to cities that are, in fact, quite distant from SF or Oakland. Antioch is a good example. Traffic in/out of Antioch is horrible. We rely on cars, since Bay Area Rapid Transit (or BART, our version of a subway) does not extend to Antioch. Residents have paid taxes for BART since the 1970s.
Schools are generally low-performing when compared to nearby districts. Crime has become increasingly common, even in "good" neighborhoods. Read More

City of Antioch - 2/28/2008
The climate great. The City has new homes and great shopping and excellent Read More

antioch schools - 2/4/2008
i have two children enroled in antioch schools they have been in the distric sence they were in kindergarden they are now in 6th and in 3rd grades
although the schools are over croded and under staffed the teachers take time to make sure each child gets the extra atenchen they need at park middle and belshaw elementry the staff is Read More

not a great place to raise a family - 1/28/2008
I am a native bay area resident. I grew up in Pleasanton, CA and have lived somewhere in the vicinity most of my adult life. My husband and I bought a home in Antioch, CA 3 years ago because it was the one place in the bay area we could get more house for our money. We soon found out why the housing was so low here. While Antioch is very diverse, it seems that downtown Oakland simply packed up and moved to Antioch! The crime rate here amongst teens is very high. The high school my daughter attends has more than 4,000 students and they are one step away from putting in metal detectors. I still believe that Pleasanton is one of the best places in the east bay; Antioch..... not so Read More

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