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Cold, cloudy, wet, remote - 5/29/2017
It takes a special set of preferences to select Arcata. Is this you?

- You love clouds and fog. You are happy if you see the sun maybe 10-20 times a year.

- Chilly weather is great. After a loooong wet rainy season, you are happy to see the weather shift to windy and foggy all "summer." You are glad it rarely gets warmer than 65 degrees F, and usually is only 55 F in summer.

- You hate summertime. You'll love it here -- we don't get a summer. Fairbanks Alaska is warmer in summer than Arcata.

- Remoteness is great. You don't need access to quality healthcare, or a hub airport, or decent highways. You love driving for hours on winding two-lane roads to see you friends and family. Its great when landslides block roads in and out.

- You love really expensive gasoline. Probably the most expensive in CA.

- You really love paying super high prices to a monopoly air carrier with some of the very worst scores for Read More

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Humboldt's best town - 9/16/2014
I've lived in Humboldt for over 30 yrs and know all the areas well. Arcata is the jewel of Humboldt due to having a university and many liberal creative people. There is plenty of money from pot growers who live in the hills or have indoor grows and they like to come to town to eat and have fun, so there are many very good restaurants and nightclubs. Festivals abound on the town plaza which is lovely with a huge farmer's market with live music. This is the only town I know that has a large marimba band. There are so many tourist the town is always busy and since most of the people who live here came from other areas, the educational level is high. When Marijuana is legalized I think the area will have been gentrified and will survive. The weather has been wonderful the 19 years I have lived here.  Read More

comments - 8/21/2013
Would love to hear about Read More

Question about moving to Humboldt Bay area - 7/21/2013
This is not a comment but a question. I am in my 60s and will be retiring in a couple of years. I currently live in suburban New York and am looking to relocate to the West Coast when I retire. Northern California seems very attractive as I don't like snow or hot, muggy weather. One of the places I am looking at is the Humboldt Bay area (Arcata, Eureka, etc.) I am wondering, is it possible to rent one bedroom apartments there or do the zoning laws prevent it? I am guessing that renting a house would be too expensive. Any suggestions for other areas of California or Oregon that have mild climates and rental Read More

Would love some feedback - 5/25/2012
I'm a working novelist, single female, on the young side of middle-age, selling my place in Venice CA and trying to decide where to relocate. I'm a diehard Californian, so I want to stay in the state. I've always lived close to the ocean and would like to continue to do so. Would anyone care to offer some feedback on Arcata and Humboldt in general for writer types? I'm looking for a walkable community, decent restaurants and coffee houses and public spaces. I don't need constant entertainment but definitely want some intellectual/cultural stimulation.

Obviously I'll be making a visit before any kind of decision, but am curious to hear insider perspectives. Read More

Humboldt/Trinity Counties - 1/20/2011
Redwoods, rivers, beaches, mountains, herb.  Read More

behind the redwood curtain - 10/24/2009
when they say behind the redwood curtain they mean it, it took a lot longer for the whole recession thing to hit here and I don't think it hit nearly as bad as other places. It is small community with tons of outdoor activities ranging from beaches, rivers, mountains, forests. Night life or city life stuff falls short and the winter rains and summer fog are probably the most detering factor for the Read More

comparing big city life vs small towns - 1/24/2009
I am considering a move to Humboldt County next summer.
I currently live in SF, CA. The cost of living and parking wars is profoundly depressing for me now. I feel as a renter in this beautiful city, you're always struggling to make ends meet. And the cost of a 2 bedroom apt is astoundingly high. Even on my wage I cant move out of my 1 br apt now.
As I'm a single parent w/ a daughter @ HSU, we're both considering saving some money and I move up there, get a hospital job and slow my pace down. Then I wouldnt have to pay for housing on campus for her, she would love to move in w/ Read More

Please Don't Visit - 12/2/2008
Arcata is already way too crowded with well meaning, well educated, clueless carpet baggers. Please if you can't enjoy Arcata for what it is and have this over powering need for community involvement and cultural renewal-go to L.A.. there's lots of improvement needed there. Thank Read More

Out of control drug problem - 10/4/2008
Arcata could be a great town but the drug use, marijuana and meth, is destroying it. The drugs have created a problem of crime, depression, homelessness,suicide, gangs, rising home prices due to so many homes being used as "grow houses", low-quality education,and an all-around poor place to try and raise children and teens. This is definately not a family-friendly town. I don't see it turning around any time soon because of an unwillingness on the part of government to take the steps necessary to turn it around. Good families are moving out of Arcata to try and find a more family-friendly, wholesome place to raise their Read More

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95521 95549

3576 Buttermilk Ln
Bed 3 | Bath 3

1346 Diamond Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 4

4524 Valley Blvd W
Bed 3 | Bath 2

2090 Lewis Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 2

2082 Olsen Ct
Bed 4 | Bath 2

1574 Baywood Ln
Bed 3 | Bath 2

2528 Maple Ln
Bed 4 | Bath 2


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