Review of Arcata, California

Star Rating - 8/21/2013
Would love to hear about Arcata,CA..2013???
Kerry | Marquette, MI
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- 5/29/2017
Cold, cloudy, wet, remote
It takes a special set of preferences to select Arcata. Is this you? - You love clouds ...
That | Eureka, CA | 1 Reply

- 9/16/2014
Humboldt's best town
I've lived in Humboldt for over 30 yrs and know all the areas well. Arcata is the jewel of...
Genevieve | Arcata, CA | 1 Reply

- 7/21/2013
Question about moving to Humboldt Bay area
This is not a comment but a question. I am in my 60s and will be retiring in a couple of y...
G. | Levittown, NY | 1 Reply

- 5/25/2012
Would love some feedback
I'm a working novelist, single female, on the young side of middle-age, selling my place i...
Lisa | Venice, CA | 3 Replies

- 1/20/2011
Humboldt/Trinity Counties
Redwoods, rivers, beaches, mountains, herb. ...
ella | Eureka, CA | 1 Reply

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