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Humboldt's best town
Star Rating - 9/16/2014
I've lived in Humboldt for over 30 yrs and know all the areas well. Arcata is the jewel of Humboldt due to having a university and many liberal creative people. There is plenty of money from pot growers who live in the hills or have indoor grows and they like to come to town to eat and have fun, so there are many very good restaurants and nightclubs. Festivals abound on the town plaza which is lovely with a huge farmer's market with live music. This is the only town I know that has a large marimba band. There are so many tourist the town is always busy and since most of the people who live here came from other areas, the educational level is high. When Marijuana is legalized I think the area will have been gentrified and will survive. The weather has been wonderful the 19 years I have lived here.
Genevieve | Arcata, CA
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Hi my name is Tammie and I am a native of the area of Arcata. Moved out of the area several times, always come back. My grandparents lived in Arcata my whole life until their death. My grandfather worked for Southern Pacific Railroad as a Brakeman. He also built a trailer park near the Hsu campus to house college students. My great-grandmother lived in Humboldt County her whole life, until her death in a hundred and one. She was a native of the Hoopa / Cholula Indian tribe. So my roots are pretty deep here. Even my great-great-grandfather was an Indian Medicine Man and Chieftain for the Cholula tribe. I don't have but 1/16 native Indian In Me. But I do have enough to get Indian Health benefits, and I know the history of my family and cherish it....Personally I always want to kiss the ground when I come back to this area because I truly miss it when I'm gone. Arcata is one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. You have the benefit of the ocean the Mountain's and the Redwoods! So phenomenal...Over the last several years our weather has improved substantially. We have much more dry weather than we used to. Often we go six months without any rain at all. Or if rain does come it's very little. The only substantial rain now is in the winter time and maybe a little in the spring. But summer and fall are fabulous! To be honest I wouldn't want to live anywhere else! Sincerely Tammie P.S. oh that's right I'm supposed to be saying whether or not it's expensive... LOL I think you probably already know. Yes; it's one of the higher expense areas in the nation. But it is well worth the cost if you can have a decent living to cover your being here! I'm roommates with my grown daughter, that helps the expense if you have more than one adult living together. And sharing the expenses! Bye????
Tammie |
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