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Burned out of home, disabled family used by FBI, C
Star Rating - 11/20/2016
Be careful is all I can say.

I moved there with the focus to buy a home
the investor Cliff Unegbu AKA Clifford Unegbu will rip off as many people as he can and use the crooks in the courts and high desert law enforcement to get away with his criminal actions. amazing how money can tarnish a badge
and sword word of honor to protect and serve.

End result when you turn people in for not upholding their sworn duty
they will go behind your back and do all they can using people in various depts with positions of authority to undermine your ability to suceed or live
life.. all for their vain corrupt focus of an attempt to make themselves right.
regardless if they use a disabled autistic child as a distraction while running
a stake out on the others in a multi tenant housing that doing criminal acts.

years later and the game follows yet has grown and done in silence
Stalking, Profiling, Brown nosing, Trash talking .. gotta love the high desert
cult.. hell even the churches would rather give money to drug addicts to
keep them housed than help a disabled family with food. how holy is that!

anyone that enters barstow is flagged and used by the city, police and criminals that are allowed to run free .. in the end it's all JOB SECURITY.

used | National City, CA
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- 12/11/2019
At least it's not as bad as South Lake Tahoe
The positive of Barstow- yes there is something positive that can be said about Barstow. ...
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- 2/19/2018
Just a place to travel thru. Cheap alternative to LA suburbs, about 70 miles or Palm...
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- 3/11/2016
Drugs and prostitution
I lost my husband to drugs (Meth) and a prostitute in Barstow Ca. My husband already had a...
Yvonne | Las Vegas, NV | 2 Replies

- 5/29/2015
Barstow police do not honor their own Charter. You are guilty. Period. Not a place to ...
Cosmic | Barstow, CA | No Replies

- 2/10/2012
dying city in distress
The city of Barstow what more can i say...well not much, everybody who live here know this...
Marvin | Barstow, CA | No Replies

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