Review of Barstow, California

Fascinating, unreal. I actually love it.
Star Rating - 3/12/2010
This place is an ideal setting for any movie. I think parts of Kill Bill were shot here.

It's.. I can't even begin to describe it. All it has is a small Walmart, which put it's tiny mall out of business.

Decrepit to the point of being overly quaint. "Barstow Betties" are the skuzzy women you might see wandering around, the soldiers and marines unlucky enough to be stationed nearby cram into the one tiny bar and pick up any Betty they see.

They do have a cute little college, cute little versions of many things. Dilapidated, creepy, they will shut down a whole restaurant if they spill a little grease. It's the type of place someone can get killed and no one will even investigate.
tara | Phoenix, AZ
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- 12/11/2019
At least it's not as bad as South Lake Tahoe
The positive of Barstow- yes there is something positive that can be said about Barstow. ...
Mike | Vancouver, WA | 1 Reply

- 2/19/2018
Just a place to travel thru. Cheap alternative to LA suburbs, about 70 miles or Palm...
Mike | Brookings, OR | No Replies

- 11/20/2016
Burned out of home, disabled family used by FBI, C
Be careful is all I can say. I moved there with the focus to buy a home the investor ...
used | National City, CA | No Replies

- 3/11/2016
Drugs and prostitution
I lost my husband to drugs (Meth) and a prostitute in Barstow Ca. My husband already had a...
Yvonne | Las Vegas, NV | 2 Replies

- 5/29/2015
Barstow police do not honor their own Charter. You are guilty. Period. Not a place to ...
Cosmic | Barstow, CA | No Replies

- 2/10/2012
dying city in distress
The city of Barstow what more can i say...well not much, everybody who live here know this...
Marvin | Barstow, CA | No Replies

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