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In A Teen's Perspective... - 11/5/2020
I know this website is probably only for adults, which I am not, but I thought perhaps adults would like to hear a kid's perspective of things, you know, if any adult here has kids and is wondering how Modesto is. I've lived here since I was around 2 or 3 and generally think this place is pretty great! The school environment is okay, depending on which schools you live near. I recommend Prescott Junior High and Gregori High School, and perhaps Mary Lou Dieterich Elementary, too. Anyway, you've got to check out Mr. T's Donuts (rated 4.8 stars)- they're so delicious! And Red Robin down in Riverbank (rated 4 stars). Regal Modesto is a fun place to go, and so is the McHenry Mansion and the McHenry Museum (where, btw, at Christmas-time has kids playing instruments for two nights). There's a skatepark near Beyer High School and Boomers and Fun Works too. If you're into the music scene, there's these two places that I know of where you can get lessons for different instruments. Modesto Read More

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Its alright! - 6/29/2017
I was born and raised in Modesto. Lived here for 20 + years. This town is alright. Summer gets way too hot reaching 115 degrees sometimes while winter will hit us with the low 30's. Dry summers and recently we had some heavy rain this year.
The people here are ok. Lots of diversity. Lots of Latinos/Hispanics which shows off California's growing population. Asians and Blacks even out as well.

Home prices are modest compared to other cities in California. 250k will get you a nice home.

Schools are not the best to be honest. Do not have nice things to say about any of them. I don't feel students are encouraged as much. Surrounding cities such as Ceres and Turlock probably have better school districts.

Junior College does produce great students. Great place to go with great professors. Has given many people chances such as first generation students or adults who trying to get their degrees.

Pretty religious. Churches are on Read More

A town with lots to offer - 12/17/2016
Modesto Ca is a place that offers quite a bit. Lots of cultural opportunities, like the Gallo Center, Mchenry Museum. Fun activities plenty of parks and a safe place to raise a family. I have lived here for over 20 years and would not trade it. Leo - Read More

A Modesto resident's impressions: - 1/24/2015
Hi...I've lived in Modesto for ~16years and live in a newer middle class neighborhood. Shopping for lifes necesities is convienent to most neighborhoods, schools all over the city are improving and your child can get a good education, even though, as in any city, some schools are better than others. The cost of living is very good in Modesto/& Central Valley and one can buy a 'mansion-like-home' for half$ of what they sell-for in many other California cities.

The residential neighborhoods are populated with diverse cultures and residents experience difficulty in finding common ground or bonding with neighbors to organize and address issues of neighborhood crime, juvenal delinquents etc.
For the most part, residents stick to themselves and there immediate families and simply live life as they feel is best for them, with little interference from local Police and with little consideration for their fellow neighbors or others outside their family or culture.
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Jobs - 3/6/2012
Like most central valley towns, things were great here doing the housing market boom. We are now suffering with too many foreclosures and lost jobs that were based upon the housing market.  Read More

Summer - 5/12/2011
Nice community, too bad the Summers are too hot for me, and the air quality needs Read More

coming here - 12/2/2010
Word of advice for all you idiots who are paying too much in the Bay Area and have the brilliant idea of moving here and then commuting to the Bay Area for your job: don't do it if you don't know anybody here. We hate Read More

Once upon a time... - 6/9/2010
I returned here for a temporary, 9 month stay after 25 years: Modesto has mushroomed almost beyond recognition, and certainly doesn't feel the same! I had wonderful friends here, a great education, and opportunities unique to this area (music education, GREAT church, ease of employment, etc.) as a youth. As a "forty-something visitor", it feels like I need to "part my way through" traffic, more crowded conditions, and what seems to be a low-grade "general demise" (which I have to say is nearly everywhere, now)!!! I love my city - still; but I wouldn't want to relocate here without an upgraded change (for the better), and a heightened sense for community here, etc... Sigh Read More

Great climate - 3/8/2010
Great Read More

Hot as Heck - 4/19/2009
Modesto has one of the worst summer climates I've ever lived in. I don't mind warm weather, but I can't deal well with 100+ degrees for long periods of time. It's only April, and we're already slated to climb to 100 degrees tomorrow! I'm going to try to look for a more mild Read More

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1731 Connie Way
Bed 3 | Bath 1

2820 Olympus Ct
Bed 4 | Bath 3

1130 Bel Air Ct
Bed 2 | Bath 1

1328 Vernon Ave
Bed 2 | Bath 1

1224 Ricardo Way
Bed 3 | Bath 2

3405 Darryl Ln
Bed 3 | Bath 2

2420 Scenic Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 2


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