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Star Rating - 4/30/2021
It's fine. Lived here for over 10 years. Here's my breakdown.
Crime rate: mostly on the westside, unless you live in better developed areas.
Summer weather: summers can get over 100°
Homelessness/dirty: you see both on the freeway and through town.
Drugs: depending where you live, you can smell marijuana pretty frequently.

Winter weather: unlike summer, winters are mild here and not horribly bad.
Entertainment: Decent amount of stuff to do, could be better though. The mall, Boomers, Funworks, Regal and Brenden Theaters, McHenry mansion.
Food: Craving frozen yogurt? Check out Yogurt Mill. Donuts? Check out Mr. TS Donuts. Craving (fake) coffee? There's a guarantee that's there's a Starbucks around each corner. Boba? There's places for that too.

All in all, if you live here you would be satisfied enough but not amazed.
James | Modesto, CA
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