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Don't move here! - 3/16/2021
I retired to Redding 6 years ago and I can truthfully say that I made a huge mistake. If you are looking to move to an area that has; thriving arts scene, gourmet dining, cultural diversity, an enlightened forward thinking community, politicians that are a credit to their community, DO NOT move to Redding. Redding is an ultra-conservative community with virtually zero cultural diversity. The city of Redding is filled with boarded up businesses, homeless everywhere, open drug dealing, one of the highest rates of car theft in Calif. Redding has 1 bookstore....Barnes & Nobel, 1 wine shop...BevMo, no art galleries downtown & very little thriving retail. A city of 100,000 people and 1 bookstore should tell you volumes about the intelec of this community. The Congressman that represents this area voted to overturn our Presidental election, is a science denier, supports QAnon insanity & has refuse repeatedly to denounce White Supremacy. Redding is in the grip of Bethel Read More

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REDDING RANKED 16TH IN 2020 BY U- HAUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AS GROWTH CITIES. Awesome place, Up and Coming! Construction is booming! Last affordable place in California.


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Redding -- A small city on the rise - 11/13/2020
I've lived in Redding for 10+ years and the city has made great strides to showcase it's true identity. Redding has endless outdoor recreation opportunities (national and state parks, waterfalls, hundreds of miles of trails) and capitalizes on those features. There's been a focus on enjoying and savoring what is in our own backyard and creating inviting spaces with downtown revitalization and new business development, and positive sentiment that the city is evolving and improving. Redding is definitely on the rise as a sought-after place to Read More

Most Underrated City In Northern California. - 11/13/2020
My wife and I moved here from Southern Oregon in 2019. Before then, we loved coming to visit Redding, California, and the unique culture here. I have traveled to many cities and states in my lifetime and have yet to find a diverse place as Redding, California. There are tons of very great high-end coffee shops such as Theory Coffee Roasters, Evergreen Coffee Shop, Heritage Coffeehouse, and many others. When the weather is nice (which is almost every day of the year), the Sundial Bridge at Turtle Bay is a beautiful place to take a walk. We love being able to rent the Bird Scooters and zip alongside the Sacramento River. During the summer months, Whiskeytown and Shasta Lake are perfect little getaways that provide so much fun. There is no better place to stay if you are visiting than the Sheraton Redding Hotel at the Sundial Bridge. You are within walking distance of the Sundial Bridge and the Mosiac Restaurant with high-quality food and fantastic service! For shopping, be sure to check Read More

Redding's a Great Place to Live - 11/13/2020
Redding's a great place to live - the scenery's gorgeous, the weather's great, and there's a lot of recreation opportunities. It's the perfect size too - small enough that you don't have to worry about traffic or long commute times, but large enough that you can find a lot of the stores and businesses that you'd expect form a larger city. Read More

Outdoor Enthusiast Dream Location - 11/13/2020
I've lived in Redding for more than a decade. I love it here, you are one hour from a ski park, several lakes famous for watersports and fishing. Literally hundreds of square miles of camping and hiking national and state parks. Redding, CA is smack dab in the middle of an outdoor enthusiast dream. Read More

Great Small Town City with Wonderful People - 5/4/2020
Redding is a great place to live and raise a family. Wonderful people and amazing outdoor activities. Definitely a smaller town feel than some larger urban areas but with that comes a unique charm. If you love the outdoors, this is a great place to Read More

Redding is still Small Town Americana - 4/27/2020
I've lived in dozens of communities throughout the world. Redding is a safe place with endless recreation opportunities. You can snow ski and water ski in the same day! Houses prices are very competitive and the sense of community is amazing! There are several events to choose from each night and the downtown is Read More

Redding is a great place to live - 3/9/2020
I grew up here, moved away, lived in big cities, traveled the world, and decided to come back to Redding to stay. It's so beautiful here with lots of outdoor recreational opportunities, a sense of freedom and community. And I actually LOVE the hot summers for swimming, ice cream, warm evenings for stargazing and camping. The amount of sunshine here is a perpetual mood-booster. Once Redding is truly discovered for the gem that it is, there will be no stopping the flow of people rushing to live here. With a little more commercial development in the form of shopping and eating establishments, Redding would be my perfect 5 star Read More

Booming! - 2/26/2020
Sprouts is opening, today 2/26/2020, Home goods opens next month. Tons of construction going on around town and downtown. The city has been working hard to clean up homelessness and create more open spaces. Also over 6 million has just been approved to expand Caldwell park that will include a new Mountain Bike park! Look up Reinventing Redding and other news articles about the boom that is happening in Redding and see for your self. The city has been named the highest paying city for RNs adjusted for Cost of living. Glad we moved here! The last affordable area to live in California. Read More

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