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Love it! - 2/20/2020
I have lived here for 8 years and I love it. I especially love going to Read More

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Redding CA = terrible! - 1/28/2020
I have lived in Redding 4 years and I can truthfully say it is one of the worst places I have ever lived in my 70 years. The downtown area has no bookstores, no art galleries, no culture of any kind, full of drug addicts & crime, abandoned business dominate the area. The restaurants are marginal , zero night life. Redding has become a theocracy due to Bethel Church. Bethel members have taken over the city gov't. Ultra conservative area with neanderthal politicians representing that are beholden to Bethel. Redding is no place to visit, retire or stop by. Skip this place and you'll be happy! Crime is out of control and gets worse with Read More

Family just moved here and love it!!! - 12/5/2019
Me and the family just moved here about 6 months ago and just love it! Love the surroundings, love the schools and the community. The city is moving forward and is up and coming. You can tell from the support the community gets during the local events and all the building they are doing throughout the whole city especially downtown. Remember there will always be people complaining no matter what city you look up. Same complaints different city. There always just people who complain but not willing to do anything to help or add anything positive to their community. Its a small city with big city amenities, from costco about to be 2 of them, a mall, your typical big box office stores like wal mart , target, best buy etc.... most of the big fast foods including now 2 IN and Outs and a big 14 screen luxury theatre. There is even a water park here. What you wont find people sitting in traffic and long commutes. In my own opinion because of the high cost of living in the Bay Area and now in Read More

Dead-end town for dead-end people. - 11/28/2019
I've lived in Redding for the 26 years that I have been alive, and never have I not been disgusted by this town. It is full of degenerate right-wing neo-Nazis and drug addicts, and rich corporate losers who want to pretend to be cowboys. Almost everyone in this town is a complete backwater moron who talks too much just to hear the sound of their own voice. Don't live in Redding. If you live here, run far Read More

Overrun with Bethel Cult members and druggies - 10/23/2019
I lived in Redding 20 years. Redding used to have a pretty decent housing market compared to the rest of the state. But in the last 20 years the town has been taken over by Bethel cult, they are buying up all the houses and apartments and only renting to their students putting a huge strain on the market and compounding an already growing homeless problem. There is also a really bad drug epidemic due to the complete lack of mental health resources. It's become very expensive to live here and you're either constantly harrassed by homeless people or cult members. What's more is the income tax is more than double the national average yet our roads are in constant disrepair, no resources to help the less fortunate, and the cops are crooked criminals themselves. The town is filled with the skeletons of failed businesses, meth heads, homelessness, cult members and has a high crime Read More

Redding has GONE TO HELL! It's not as good place to raise kids or to live. The homeless are EVERYWHERE and th ed cops are Crooked. Please don't waste your time here. Read More

Run far from Redding, I did and am so happy!!! - 4/23/2019
I recently left Redding after 20 years of trying to stay alive there and moved to the Midwest. The first month here i had to acclimate to life without transients sleeping on the lawns, thieves on bikes and wonder if my car was going to get stolen. When you live in Redding you become blind to all these things as it is the norm. Glad to be gone from Read More

Redding, California- good place to learn. - 2/18/2019
I went to high school, in Redding. The summer heat, was the major problem. Homelessness was a problem, but not a big one, There weren't so many fires, or a lot of smoke. It was a safe town, and there were just 2 lakes, for fishing.
But I lived there, 3 times. The last time, fire, and smoke increased. The summer heat was still a problem. And homelessness increased, but not too bad, compared to other cities. But violence had become more of a problem, certain times of year. Traffic got worse. Shasta County became more greedy. Redding isn't a bad place to live, but I wouldn't make it the very best. Good place to learn, to drive, though! Or just to learn. If it wasn't for the smoke and summer heat, I might still be living, in Redding. Read More

Don't stay in Redding - 12/22/2018
5 years ago Redding was a safe, friendly virtually crime free place to live. Not any more. Now, early release criminals, vagrants and drug addicts openly steal from stores, knowing that nothing will be done if they are observed doing so. Talk to Walmart, the Cypress CVS drug store, Lowes or Pennys employees. They won't try to stop the thieves because it results in violence. Talk to the security guards at Walmart and Safeway. They will tell you they are just for show and not allowed to pursue any thieves in the store. They will tell you that the store could be sued by the thieves if they grab one of them. The stores don't want that kind of bad publicity. The police won't respond to shoplifting reports because they are "too low on their list of priorities." The criminals know all this, and are robbing the stores blind. Walmart is now locking up more and more of their merchandise behind glass cabinets, due to millions of dollars of annual theft. Even men's athletic socks are Read More

Redding was once the Prettiest Little City - 10/8/2018
First I was raised in Redding, grew up when to school and graduated. It was the best city. It is beautiful, there are lots of different lakes for fishing, skiing, and boating. There are sky resorts nearby like Mt. Shasta. There are a lot of eclectic restaurants to eat at which makes eating out fun and the mountains are beautiful. I loved Redding as a kid and young adult. Once I went off to UC Davis, graduated and moved to Missouri I have come back to visit my parents, sisters, and brother. I was shocked that in just a few short years the town has become run down, there are homeless everywhere and crime is soaring. In the 80s you could leave your car unlocked and no one would bother it. Now my car was broken into and all my belongings stolen in from of my parents home and they live in an upper middle class area. The homeless sleep everywhere and it is gross when the pee and poops everywhere. My family are very upset and angry. The city counsel does little to promote growth Read More

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