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Riverside, California Reviews

Riverside, CA is a great place to visit and explore for all kinds of travelers. There are plenty of activities to do from museums to outdoor parks. Riverside is also known for it’s historic architecture, such as the Mission Inn Hotel and Spa and March Field Air Museum. Visitors are often amazed by the beauty of the city's many outdoor attractions like the Fox Performing Arts Center and Mt. Rubidoux Park. With so much to offer, you can understand why so many people have great reviews about their experience in Riverside, CA. People who have visited often comment on how friendly the locals are, the abundance of activities available year-round, and the beautiful scenery that surrounds them while they explore this vibrant city.

 based on 42 Reviews
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I've lived in Riverside for 54 years - 9/17/2021
I've lived in Riverside for 54 years. It changed a LOT when people from LA started moving here in droves.
Still, I have never been robbed or assaulted but I am reasonably careful (lock doors, don't leave anything in sight in your car, pay attention in parking lots,  etc). Normal southern CA common sense.  I see bicyclists almost every day safely navigating the city.  There are many bike paths available for them. I also see bicyclists committing traffic violations, inattentive, driving 3 and 4 abreast instead of in a line, on busy streets, etc.
There are definitely people here who drive like they're in LA, however,  if you are alert and a normal defensive driver,  you'll be fine.  The only accident I've ever been in was when I was in my teens and that was a person suddenly turning left in front of me.
Lately, I have been seeing people running red lights more frequently, but since I always check the intersection before entering it, it has not affected me much. Read More

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Worst Medical Care Around! Lots of Break Ins! - 1/7/2021
I'm from Orange County (OC). I have had nothing but trouble since moving to Riverside.

1. The dogs are aggressive guard dogs.

If you want to walk or bike you will will have vicious dogs lunging at you and the owners will not stop them. The dog owners make a limp attempt to control their dogs on a dog walk. I have screamed in fear as dogs tried to bite me. The dog owners don't apologize or acknowledge what happened.

Forget about walking and biking to keep fit. It is not an option in the neighborhoods due to the aggressive dogs. You'll be bitten and mauled while the dog owner watches and does nothing to stop it.

Why the vicious dogs? Due to the high crime rate here. Cars are stolen and broken into. Houses are broken into. My neighbor had a home invasion. The theft crime rate is high, hence the need for vicious dogs.

2. Biking will get you killed.

I biked to the market and on my way home I was nearly Read More

A depressing place. - 12/16/2018
Whew where to begin with dear old riverside.

I enjoyed growing up here until my high school years (back in 2011). In 7 short years the downward deterioration of the city is remarkable.

The “beautiful and historic” downtown is really just a miserable traffic ridden couple blocks which I swear seems to have tripled the amount of homeless (I mean young, meth head homeless, not the down-on-their-luck type). An increase in shootings (sometimes in front of Riverside’s beloved mission inn) has caused a constant heavy police presence as they try to convince people it’s still safe there.

People don’t interact with each other here. Everyone commutes, seems to be miserable, and drives like absolute animals (driving down the shoulder, consistent weaving dangerously between cars, riding bumpers). It’s one of the most aggressive driving cities and is along the commute to the worlds ranked most congested traffic in the world. In riverside, with no freeways on Read More

NOT a city for kids - 2/16/2018
Riverside in the 5+ yrs. I've lived here has changed from a friendlier, quaint, albeit unsophisticated environment into a more crime-ridden area. It's a sanctuary city with all the trappings that go along with it. My roommate and I moved from the beautiful downtown (tree st.) area because crime was noticeably worse, near the university area and it has gotten just as bad here. Without the university, this would be a really unpleasant place to live, and is only bearable because of it. The job sector here is light industrial, no real need for educated, or technology workers here, but if you work in a warehouse or other related job then you will most likely find something, for educated people there are few opportunities Read More

One lovely city - 11/9/2015
I moved to Riverside, Ca from Orange County, Ca since 2002. I can tell you that this city has it all. It has a community college, a UC university (UCR), and many other universities. It has a great library system with 8 locations throughout the city. Downtown is a fun place to be at with the Fox Theater and many shops and chic places to eat at. I love hiking everyday at Mt.Rubidoux where I get to see a lot of friendly faces. There are two community hospitals and a Kaiser Permanente Medical Center. I love the shopping mall where I take my kids every month. There are many other shopping centers. There are also lots of parks throughout the city with many activities for kids. The cultural variety makes the city fun.
The downside of Riverside is that there are a lot of homeless people around. Its something the city had to work on, but as for everything else, this city is amazing! Read More

Riverside is charming and beautiful - 6/5/2014
Apparently, Riverside has changed for the better in recent years, based on the negative older comments...I moved to Riverside a year ago from a beautiful town in northern Virginia, just 6 miles outside of the nation's capital...so I was very spoiled...the D.C. metro is a very expensive area, as is much of California (gas, taxes), but I have been able to live in both places on a small private school teacher salary. Riverside is BEAUTIFUL. It does get hot in the summer, but it is cooler in the shade, and the nights get cooler...coming from Virginia the heat here is nothing! I live within a two-mile radius of the downtown. The neighbors in my neighborhood are the friendliest neighbors I've ever had. The first day I moved in, 3 neighbors greeted me on my front steps to welcome me. I can walk or ride my bike everywhere...a 10-15 minute bike ride (or 20 minute walk) gets me to the beautiful campus of RCC (Riverside City College) and its well-maintained new track, Clark's Nutritional Center Read More

So much fun if you just look within - 10/6/2013
I've lived my whole life in Riverside with family and many amazing folk. We enjoy getting together and 3of a few favorite parks here. I'm glad to say we are all healthy and have never witnessed any crime just yet. I work in a medical office hiring many local residents every year along with volunteering at schools in my community. Our community festivals and events are so much fun too! I'm so happy to be living in Riverside, especially being on the horse side of town too. And the river can be so beautiful after it rains.. I have no idea which part of Riverside you've been too, but I can help you explore the positive side of town(: Read More

looking to retire - 6/28/2013
We are looking to retire in Texas. Riverside is too crowded, Calif too expensive.
Wishing to retire somewhere our SS payments can pay the Read More

busy - 7/26/2012
A very nice place to live. Very nice weather during the winter and in the evenings. Very hot during the summer in the daytime. Could use more police officers because there is alot of small crimes. car burgleries Read More

We review - 7/1/2012
Check for Read More

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