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I've lived in Riverside for 54 years
Star Rating - 9/17/2021
I've lived in Riverside for 54 years. It changed a LOT when people from LA started moving here in droves.
Still, I have never been robbed or assaulted but I am reasonably careful (lock doors, don't leave anything in sight in your car, pay attention in parking lots,  etc). Normal southern CA common sense.  I see bicyclists almost every day safely navigating the city.  There are many bike paths available for them. I also see bicyclists committing traffic violations, inattentive, driving 3 and 4 abreast instead of in a line, on busy streets, etc.
There are definitely people here who drive like they're in LA, however,  if you are alert and a normal defensive driver,  you'll be fine.  The only accident I've ever been in was when I was in my teens and that was a person suddenly turning left in front of me.
Lately, I have been seeing people running red lights more frequently, but since I always check the intersection before entering it, it has not affected me much.
Crime is as expected this close to LA yet I have never been assaulted, or robbed nor has anyone in my very large family. There are good neighborhoods and bad pockets, as in any highly populated city.
There are many parks and walking trails. There are plenty of events. There are numerous college choices. There is a medical school among many other fields of study. There are plenty of senior centers.
I can go to the mountains and the beach in one day. I can go see a play, or go to one of movie theaters. I can eat almost any nationality of food on any given day.
To try to compare this city to Orange, or San Diego counties is silly. Those cities are comprised of higher incomes so of course, offer nicer amenities.  Al

SANDRA | Beaumont, CA
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I moved from a little town in Los Angeles called El sereno to Riverside California in 2018. Riverside has a higher crime rate and on top of it it's boring. I don't think it's the Angelina's that are making Riverside rowdy. My husband is from Riverside and I've been coming to this town for years and it's always been a high crime trafficky boring has nothing to do with people from la living there. We make it better.
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