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Still nice but was nicer in the past. - 8/26/2019
Moved here in 1988 for college and never left. Highway 101 still had a stop light at State Street and was just 2 lanes both ways with a grassy median. Every year since more people (which includes homeless problem) homeless, more cars, and more high density development. It still a nice place live if you can afford the housing cost. If you’re young and just starting off in life probably not a good place to live if you want a big job market and the ability to buy a home and raise a family. If you got some dough like maybe a million bucks a least than you can get your foot in the door here with a fixer upper cottage maybe. For those of us not rich who live here but fortunate enough to own something and not rent we’re very Read More

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Except for the price, it's awesome. - 5/20/2019
I've lived in the city since coming her for university in 1980 (and my wife has been here since her early childhood ... 1967). We love it.
There has been change, both bad and good like most places. There has been some growth, but compared to sprawl in many other locations (like my hometown Riverside or anywhere in San Diego, county), it is actually fairly minor.
It is very expensive ... and for good reason. It is beautiful. Both the natural and built environment. Our weather is always comfortable. I wear shorts and flip-flops 90% of the time (just had some Canadian's who moved to town 4 years ago pointing out happily how the pleasant weather makes you soft). Someone who is from Miami that reviewed this city complained of it always being cold at night. I rarely am, even without a jacket. I suppose if you need a jacket in the 60's that's fair ... but a light jacket as opposed to oppressive humidity I would take any day. I think finding a light hoodie or sweater in the Read More

A Nice City, But . . . - 5/11/2017
It's a beautiful town with stellar ocean views, a laid-back vibe and a climate that can't beat. Small wonder they call this the "American Riviera." So what's not to like? Plenty, if you're constantly worrying how you're going to make next month's rent. As the numbers show, the cost of living is EXTREMELY high anywhere along this coast, and a rental room could cost you close to a grand a month.

Unless you're a movie star, independently wealthy or a trust-fund baby, you're never going to own a home here. And with a limited employment base (tourism is the main industry), you're chances for professional advancement are severely limited.

As a result, this is a city with a sharp divide between the "haves" and "have-nots." If you're a "have," dig the coastal lifestyle and small-townish feel this may be paradise for you. If you're a "have-not," probably not, unless you're low on ambition and don't mind living hand-to-mouth for the rest of your days.

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Expensive - 9/11/2014
Very high cost of Read More
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climate great - 7/22/2013
great Read More

review - 5/14/2013
Wonderful climate, high cost of Read More

Great Quality of Life, Prettiest City in US, but T - 11/7/2011
SB is an amazing city to live. Great People, almost without pretension. It is super laid back, billionaires hang out with starving students, surf attitude all day long. If you wear a suit and tie, you are felt sorry for because you must be a lawyer or banker - guys that would be envied in any other town. Sure its expensive, but you trade a standard of living for a lifestyle, and that style is outdoor activities year round, too much to do all the time to do it all, GREAT CHURCHES (who would have guessed?) great people.

But it is CA, and there is no summer here, it is always bloomin freezing. Even the people that LOVE the weather (my wife included) actually enjoy the fact that you need a jacket at night. Have they never enjoyed a warm summer evening....anywhere else on Earth? In 2011 there was not one day the whole year that didn't require a light jacket or heavier. After living here 10 years, I'd say that on average there are five evenings a year that don't Read More

Used to be home - 10/17/2011
Went to La Colina, San Marcos High. Great schools. But like others have commented, in the 80's, the movie stars took over. The house I grew up in Hope Ranch annex, my parents paid $28,000 for and added the high ceilings and put in pool. A Dr. bought it for one million. Please............... a tract home.... I saw the house when it was on the mmarket, again. Not much has changed with that house on corner lot to boot. Off Puente. Really now.. Used to ride horses on Mora Mesa, motorcycles, climbed up and down the cliffs. Now, it's all homes. All family and friends have relocated to other areas. My family, FL, friends, AZ, etc...some still live in Santa Maria, Grover Beach..not Santa Barbara. Al Reese still plays piano, unreal...he is good! Saw him every weekend, in my younger days.. My boyfriend at the time was singer in the movie Carrie. Where is Glen today? Not SB. Neither is Michael T...I saw it coming....Well, Florida life on the Gulf I have settled for in a house I can Read More

What's Not To Like? - 6/27/2011
Housing costs, taxes, growing crime, illegals, state and county fiscal Read More

Economic recovery - 4/6/2011
Santa Barbara has a university (UCSB), agriculture,oil and gas (much of it not yet developed),and tourism. This diversified economy,cultural and arts, and nice weather year round make it a very desirable place to Read More

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93101 93105 93103 93110 93109

2260-2262 San Marcos Pass Rd
Bed 3 | Bath 4

11 Ealand Pl
Bed 4 | Bath 3

16 Augusta Ln
Bed 3 | Bath 3

1323 Punta Gorda St
Bed 2 | Bath 1

310 E Micheltorena St
Bed 2 | Bath 2

2050 Garden St
Bed 3 | Bath 5

2050 Garden St
Bed 3 | Bath 5


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