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Polished Terd - 5/9/2019
Super expensive DUMP. No place to park without risking a ticket 4x a week IF you have permits. The local PO is run by aggro mentally deficient scum who can't deliver mail properly, so you will need to get a private mail center. Cops are USELESS and will not bother to write a report for crime, they are only there to write tickets. Addicts, panhandlers, & homeless hustle you, troll alleys, camp on the street, in Palisades Park and the beaches, which are full of ghetto trash since Metrorail. The city is run like a nazi state. Very few decent restaurants, every business that caters to tourists is so incredibly overpriced, few locals can go out for an evening anymore. Housing costs are astronomical. If you have a rent controlled unit, you'll do without maintenance or pay out of pocket. City govt polishes the turd, but when tourists arrive to see all the filming locations, they see all the filth and criminals that the film crews crop out, or the editors leave on the cutting room Read More

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Silicon Beach Digital - 1/6/2016
We help you grow your organic search traffic profitably, at any budget, and on your terms.A world where the every business owner has the resources to successfully market their business in the digital Read More

LA Midwife Collective offers personal and professi - 1/5/2016
We were lucky enough to meet Molly and Monica during their time at the Sanctuary. We had a heart breaking experience with our first pregnancy and their care went above and beyond! The emotional support we received was so unexpected, but needed. There is no way we would have had such support in a traditional medical setting.

We had a beautiful experience with them during our second pregnancy. And we were thrilled to have the LA Midwife Collective around with them to care for us again in our third pregnancy and birth of our second daughter.

I can't express properly how valuable my care with the LA midwives was. Prenatal visits were not just something I looked forward to because I got to hear my baby and be reassured that she was healthy, but it was a time I felt pampered and honored as a woman and mother.

While no woman will likely describe their birth as easy, I did feel like every detail was explored and organized so that I felt settled Read More

Weather - 9/11/2014
Great weather. Love Read More

Comparison - 1/25/2014
I want to compare Santa Monica to Westport, Read More

Climate - 7/11/2010
Santa Monica has the best weather of any place I have ever lived. I have never had a bad weather day in over three Read More

santa monica - 2/26/2010
Beautiful but ridiculously Read More

Quality of Life - 2/14/2010
I've read all of the reviews and they are all true. The bottom line is that this is paradise if you are wealthy. If not, the price of housing and the diffucult transportation situation will make your life Read More

A cultural melting pot on the California coast - 10/22/2009
Living in Santa Monica is a daily adventure. The mix of old fashioned and modern, wealthy and poor, young and old, make Santa Monica a melting pot of cultures in an ideal Southern California setting. Santa Monica has a side for everyone, artsy creative types, health nuts, bohemians, tech gurus, young business professionals, college students and retirees all coexist peacefully. I am able to enjoy an active healthy lifestyle outdoors, while enjoying high end shopping, beautiful weather and a great night Read More

Almost perfect weather - 8/15/2009
I was looking at some of the climate comfort indexes on several cities and noticed that Santa Monica's is lower than cities like Chicago, Seattle, and Cleveland?? It says that the index is based on the humidity levels during the "hot months", but when it's 70 degrees with 70% humidity, how can that be uncomfortable? Give me Santa Monica weather any day, I love this site but you might need to adjust the way you calculate that stat. By the way, Santa Monica has some of the best weather I've ever Read More

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90405 90403 90404 90402 90401

631 15th St
Bed 3 | Bath 2

2906 11th St
Bed 3 | Bath 3

840 23rd St
Bed 6 | Bath 8

26 Arcadia Ter
Bed 6 | Bath 6

1025 26th St
Bed 3 | Bath 2

844 Berkeley St
Bed 5 | Bath 7

430 7th St
Bed 3 | Bath 3


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