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THE hidden gem of North County San Diego - 12/23/2019
Truly a hidden gem - I was nervous after first moving since it seemed far from San Diego, but my concerns have been fully alleviated in just a couple months of time in Vista. One major surprise: the food here is INCREDIBLE.

I spent several years in North Park, South Park, and other major central San Diego neighborhoods. I enjoyed my time there - especially all the tasty restaurants - and usually love the city life, but found the cost of purchasing even a tiny home to be absurd. Rather than spending $700K for a 900sqft condominium in one of those neighborhoods, we opted to look at North County options and were disappointed by the hype around San Marcos, Oceanside, Escondido, and most others. We also looked south at Lemon Grove and surrounding, but those areas felt so run-down and barren that North County began to seem like a good option to explore. Boy, are we happy we headed North.

Vista has a truly quiet, idyllic setting, but we're literally 3 minutes from Read More

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Vista a great place to live! - 12/1/2019
My family and I enjoyed leaving in Vista after moving here from Scottsdale about a year ago due to work relocation. Close to the beach, shopping, restaurants, golf courses, breweries, etc. We are glad we took the advise of our Read More

Truth about San Diego's hidden North County jewel - 10/27/2019
Despite some negative troll posts here, Vista is without doubt one of Americanas great cities. Listed in the '50 Best Places to Raise a Family' in 1994 2004 and 2014... it is the only city in America listed twice.. and a third time. Coastal Mediterranean climes give Vista bragging rights to 'more 72 degree days per year than any city in the USA... and has for 65 straight years" as detailed in the PBS Special. The amazingly diversity of neighborhoods... Trending ShadowRidge for surburbanites..... Warmlands for those seeking estate or more rural living... Vista exceeds home sale prices for Carlsbad and several other coastal communities for its low crime, ocean breezes each evening, small business friendly environment (the largest industrial park buffers the small town neighborhoods from the sprawl of San Marcos. As part of the 78 Fwy North County corridor... transportation is easy to the Beach (5 to 7 miles) or east to the rural heartlands on San Diego County.... yet city streets remain Read More
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Vista Sucks - 5/31/2018
Very rednecky, white trash, hillbilly, blue collar, no class, neck of the woods kind of place. Basically all the poor white ppl who can't afford to live at the beach end up here. Read More

Vista, CA Climate - 7/11/2014
Great climate year-round. Even though Vista is about 5 miles inland from Carlsbad in north San Diego county, you will enjoy the climate. You can live without an air conditioner although it is nice a few weeks out of the Read More

mess up a good thing - 12/31/2013
moved to north san diego county in 1980 was a great place to live, but the population exploded and it became a smaller LA. moved out of the county in 1997 would love to move back because of the weather but the population keeps me Read More

Air Pollution - 10/12/2010
Vista is not a healthy environment. With the building of two energy plants in Escondido in addition to the Carlsbad plant which blows its pollution east to Vista, plus the growth of the Carlsbad airport, and the horrendous traffic on the 5 and 78 freeways, pollution has grown immensely. Many people feel fatigued, suffer brain fog, etc. If you're sensitive to chemicals, this is NOT the place for you. All the advantages are negated by the chemical-filled skies which show up as a red or a violent-blue color well into the night. I plan to move!
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Don't Move Here! - 10/6/2010
Vista, Ca is located just north of San Diego between Oceanside and Escondido. Vista is part of a massive metropolitan area. People, people, people everywhere! ...and let's now even talk about traffic. No Seasons! COST OF LIVING OUT OF THIS WORLD! All my husband and I do is work, work, work to survive. Before the recession hit our house was worth $675,000, now $390,000. We lost all our equity as did most people here.....and the best of all...........Gang's big here. Read More

paradise lost! - 8/7/2010
that last review sounds a bit dramatic to say the least. I live in vista and its the best place to live in california due to the perfect climate, 10 minute trip to the beach, and the quiet atmosphere. I bought a house just over 2 years ago and i couldn't be happier with it! It only cost me 200,000 for a beautiful 1929 spanish revival thanks to the housing crash! The climate is absolutely priceless! I love watching the news in the morning and seeing how the country is baking or freezing and here in vista it is almost always 75 degrees! I love it! My wife said it best: "This is a vacation location". Read More

Vista Cllimate - 7/11/2010
Not as overcast in summer as nearer the Read More

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1650 Manor Dr
Bed 2 | Bath 1

512 Ricebird Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 2

1559 Merlot Ct
Bed 3 | Bath 3

638 Amarra Ln
Bed 3 | Bath 3

1036 Bartlett Dr
Bed 2 | Bath 1

507 Machado Way
Bed 5 | Bath 4

1258 Via Del Cerro
Bed 2 | Bath 3


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