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Englewood, Colorado is a vibrant and diverse community located just south of the mile-high city of Denver. It has a unique history, with roots that date back to the early 20th century when it was served by the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad. Englewood is known for its outdoor recreation and cultural attractions including The Arapahoe County Fairgrounds, Heritage Square Shopping Center, and Englewood City Hall. Residents enjoy living in a city with an array of activities and entertainment options.
The reviews of Englewood are generally positive, with residents commenting on its friendly atmosphere, safe neighborhoods, convenient access to shopping and dining options, affordable homes, and excellent schools. Many people also appreciate the various outdoor activities available in the community such as fishing at Cherry Creek Reservoir or biking along Clear Creek Trail. In addition to these amenities, Englewood is also home to many historic sites such as Belonger Park which tells the story of how the town was formed during the late 1800s. Overall, Englewood is a great place to live if you’re looking for a vibrant city with plenty of things to do!

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Englewood...Mark - 2/8/2006
I took a job there myself last year, but now moved again for work back in CA. The proximity to the Mountains is hard to beat, along with all the city stuff to do. The cost of living, mostly housing, is by far better than CA. I have to admit I like the CA weather better, but do miss the Mts. I tend to like smaller cites as well, so that was one negative I saw. Your basically living in Denver, which is getting bigger everyday. I've lived in a few states and CO is hard to beat if you can stand the long winters. Even living here in sunny CA I contemplate moving back. My parents now live in Colorado Springs and love it. Read More

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Englewood -- hard to define - 1/28/2006
Englewood is a sprawling suburb of Denver that only seems to exist because the U.S. Postal Service says it does. While there is (I think) an Englewood city hall somewhere, the boundries of Englewood are so spread out and meandering that it is a city with no recognizable identity of its own. As with most of the Denver 'burbs, Englewood just blends in to all of the other little cities around it. Think of the Denver metro area as an egg. Denver is the yolk. Everywhere else is the white! Read More

Englewood's pluses - 1/27/2006
Englewood's location is great. Close enough to Denver to experience the city and not too far out in suburbia. There is a large variety of communities in and around Englewood so something for everyone. Cost of living is not the best and not the worst. The best benefit in my opinion is the proximity of hiking, biking, rafting, climbing, and seemingly limitless spots to pitch a tent. I don't have children but my neighbors do and I hear great things about the schools. There are many parks and open spaces too. I have lived in quite a few places, travel a lot and have to say that Colorado in general is a great place to live. It is absolutely perfect for me. I don't know where you are coming from but I would have to say that it is definitely worth checking out. Some things I don't like are mass transit and traffic. Mass transit is not terrible but it needs some work and they are working on improving it. Traffic can be bad because of "TREX" road work but the roads are getting a Read More

Someone tell me... - 1/26/2006
I am considering a job transfer to Englewood. Could someone please tell me how it is living there. Not someone who's never seen another place in the world, but an unbiased view would be appreciated. thanks  Read More

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