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Englewood -- hard to define
Star Rating - 1/28/2006
Englewood is a sprawling suburb of Denver that only seems to exist because the U.S. Postal Service says it does. While there is (I think) an Englewood city hall somewhere, the boundries of Englewood are so spread out and meandering that it is a city with no recognizable identity of its own. As with most of the Denver 'burbs, Englewood just blends in to all of the other little cities around it. Think of the Denver metro area as an egg. Denver is the yolk. Everywhere else is the white! :)
Rick | Centennial, CO
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Rick is absolutely correct. I've live Englewood for more than 20 years. Again let me say, BestPlaces, stop messing with the fake 'disagree' vote metrics. The main core of Englewood is found only in zip code 80110. Nice very modest old solid houses and small neighborhoods. Crime is high in the core as this is the result of most democratic govt's. They cater to street people and homeless, from who they require their votes.
cj | Littleton, CO | Report Abuse
- 2/8/2006
I took a job there myself last year, but now moved again for work back in CA. The proximi...
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- 1/27/2006
Englewood's pluses
Englewood's location is great. Close enough to Denver to experience the city and not too...
kim | Englewood, CO | 1 Reply

- 1/26/2006
Someone tell me...
I am considering a job transfer to Englewood. Could someone please tell me how it is livin...
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