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Star Rating - 2/8/2006
I took a job there myself last year, but now moved again for work back in CA. The proximity to the Mountains is hard to beat, along with all the city stuff to do. The cost of living, mostly housing, is by far better than CA. I have to admit I like the CA weather better, but do miss the Mts. I tend to like smaller cites as well, so that was one negative I saw. Your basically living in Denver, which is getting bigger everyday. I've lived in a few states and CO is hard to beat if you can stand the long winters. Even living here in sunny CA I contemplate moving back. My parents now live in Colorado Springs and love it.
Derek | El Paso de Robles (Paso Robles), CA
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I've lived in Englewood more than 20 yrs and conduct business here. All true what Mark said. So it is really funny to see the fake 'disagree' votes. Please stop faking your voting metrics. Employment continues to be very light in the Denver metro area unless you work in health care or work in a non-professional job. Even then, the wages continue to be 1/2 of what is needed to comfortably pay the high rents or mortgages. Stagnant and falling wages as of 2020 continue, as they have been since 2012.
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