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The Lovely Stamford! Not Perfect, But Not That Bad - 9/27/2018
I've lived here for about 6 months and actually love it! I lived on Long Island, Queens, and Brooklyn here and there for 11 years, and you definitely appreciate how much more space you get up here. I live in Glenbrook currently and, yes, it's no Long Island City or Brooklyn Heights, but people should give it more credit. You have the downtown life not too far away and it's right near the I-95 and the Merritt Parkway. There is a Fairway Market on Canal Street with a Spirits & Wine store connected right next to it. I never even knew that Fairway had such a thing! There is also a lovely beach not too far from there that I will be enjoying until it gets too cold.

I took one star off because of the cost of living. Wow, is it pricey here! I thought Brooklyn was bad. There are also not very many essential stores in the area like Home Depot, Walmart, but you do have Michaels! lol! Honestly, it's not all bad, but I want to start a family soon and I don't want it to be in Read More

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Nice place but not for middle class - 7/31/2017
I lived here 4 yrs coming from NY fir a better life for my son. I live with suster cant afford something on my own because for a 2 bdrm its over 2300 . Too many luxury blgds with 1 yr lease that jumps a few hundred a year. I hope I dont end up back in NY or south. When will middle income families get a break. Read More

crazy expensive - 7/30/2015
Fairfield county connecticut is the most expensive fully adjusted place to live in the contninental us. and its in Read More

Stamford exemplifies the death of middle-class fam - 3/20/2015
Stamford has changed much since the reveiws below.

I’m writing this review after 18 years in Stamford, and toward the end of the toughest, longest winter we’ve ever had, so you may choose to overlook the depressing undertone if you wish, but take the facts at their face value, because they’re 100% true.

Stamford is still a safe, beautiful, vibrant city with something for everyone: parks, beaches, restaurants, nightlife, shopping, nature, special events, museums, libraries, gyms, a Chelsea Pier, skating rinks, etc.

It is a mere 45-minute ride from NYC and surrounded by cities that have everything Stamford doesn’t. In short: Home Depot, Whole Food, Costco, Aquarium, Children Museum.

Schools are pretty good (compared to places with low high-school graduation rates and under 15% getting a college education) and always in close proximity to where you live – although you’re never safe from an arbitrary redistricting that will send your Read More

Stamford - 3/11/2013
I don't feel comfortable offering an opinion about the city. I'm a member of the press and am just trying to sign up for access. Read More

Update later - 2/7/2011
Update Read More

Relocating - 3/22/2010
I am trying to move to Stamford, Ct but I heard different comments about it. I would like to know from those who actually live there, what is their experience Read More

Stamford - 11/18/2009
It Read More

QUALITY OF LIFE - 10/28/2009
Stamford is a medium size city with most of the amenities of a large city and
is within an hour's travel to New York City. Major corporations have their headquarters here and train service is quite good. Roads can be a problem
particularly the reluctance to build new highway "Super 7" or expanding I95.
There are over 100 restaurants in the area of all ethnic specialties and, besides a good diverse housing stock new condos and rentals are springing up.
"Downtown" has been evolving into a lively scene. There are two excellent
public golf courses as well as private clubs in the area. Marine facilities are well developed and there are marinas as well as yacht clubs. The former manufacturing "south end" is being completely Read More

Economy - 4/30/2008
Good place to live, work, and raise a family. However, now largely a financial services orientation and an expensive place for young families in mid-level Read More

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128 Dogwood Ln
Bed 4 | Bath 4

163 Ridge Park Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 2

7 Bridle Path Rd
Bed 4 | Bath 3

111 Ridge Brook Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 3

66 Wilson St
Bed 4 | Bath 2

358 Rocky Rapids Rd
Bed 5 | Bath 3

18 James St
Bed 3 | Bath 3


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