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Kuumba Learning Center - 7/5/2012
This school is terrible. 1. They claim to be year round. Not at all. They are closed so much I had to go on leave without pay. The closings follow Federal Holidays, DC Public School closings, and random unannounced closing. 2. They do not feed the children adequate food. My sons constantly came home hungry. Feeding growing kids beans and rice is not sufficient, especially when I am paying tuition. 3. They do not teach the children. They kept telling me that my sons could read and were doing so well. I pulled them out, in the middle of the school year and put them in public school. They were behind. My oldest wasn't even reading on grade level. Stay Read More

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Comment - 6/17/2012
OK Read More

Work work work - 5/31/2012
I grew up in the suburbs and have been living and working in DC for the past 7 years. The pace of life is very fast, and everyone seems to work a Read More

Mandatory survey - 4/12/2012
Traffic is horrible in the metro DC area and only getting worse. The solution currently in work: HOT (high occupancy toll) lanes on the beltway. One can pay to get around the area on federal highways to avoid traffic congestion, playing more during rush hours. HOT lane construction is due to be complete this year or next, I Read More

City living - 2/24/2012
Some people refer to living 'inside the Beltway' as if it's a bad thing- but they don't know what they are missing. The worst of the traffic, for a start: if you live all the way inside the Beltway- in the city- you miss most of the DC area traffic (worst in the nation). But you also gain a lot. In 2 minutes I can be on a bus that will take me to nearly the front door of most of DCs best attractions. In 10 minutes I can be on the metro, which is clean and safe. I live on a street with plenty of trees and sidewalks, where neighbors sit out on their front porches and stop to chat in the streets- if the houses were bigger you would think you were in the suburbs. But at the end of the block there is a grocery store, CVS, library, post office, dry cleaner, video store, several restaurants that range from tiny cafe to tablecloths, and a range of small, independent shops. People actually sit and visit on the benches that line the streets. It's a real neighborhood- with all the opportunities Read More

Rich People, Poor People...30 Years in DC Area - 10/22/2011
Someone rightly called the DC area a madhouse! It's tragic because DC is so beautiful. The physical comfort of the city is amazing, when I travel, I can't wait to get back, the lush greenery almost everywhere, the top quality roads and road system (even if traffic can be a nightmare at certain bottlenecks, and there's usually an alternate often scenic route when you know where you're going). There are cultural activities, but I haven't seen one ounce of local creativity.

Simply couldn't stand it when I arrived about 30 years ago. I saw the situation immediately. Because of the people, and now it's nearly unbearable. Other people frequently tell me the same thing, "newbies" long-time residents, and "natives": it's never been so divided, segregated and out-of-control competitive. People will dismiss you within seconds of meeting you.

They size you up in five minutes based on the suburb (or part of the suburb) where you live. In one upscale area, at a restaurant Read More

JFK summed DC up best when he said... - 9/25/2011
"Washington DC has the warmth of the north (east) and the efficiencies of the south."

Good points: Well informed, generally intelligent populace. Lots of cultural things to do. A clean, charming city. Fairly good mass transit inside the city.

Not so good points: Not a friendly place. Lots of rude foreigners. Expensive. Horrible traffic. Very uncomfortable year round (below sea level.) Lots of anti-white discrimination. Toxic work environments. Forget about mass transit outside of DC.

Overall: A better place to visit than Read More

DC - 8/22/2011
Best city on the Read More

climate - 7/17/2011
The summers here are extremely Read More

Activities - 5/3/2011
lots to Read More

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