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Small town, quiet town, 14 years ago - 12/13/2017
We have lived here 14 years, building our home in what was once just hills and trees. It has grown to be very busy, traffic... condos.... don't get me wrong, it is a great place to live. Close to all the major attractions Orlando has to offer. But it has become too busy. A traffic light will be installed shortly around the corner from our development. We have noticed it isn't the friendly lace we once knew. Read More

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Looking for information - Apopka - 9/1/2015
Hi - We recently moved from PA and are looking for a nice place to live that is affordable. We see many beautiful homes in Apopa with lake views and or on golf courses. The Errol communities look nice and seem out of the congestion zones but close enough to all the central Florida night life and fine restaurants. The asking prices are very reasonable and it almost seems to good to be true.Can anyone give us some insight about the area? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank Read More

South Apopka CRIME RIDDEN - 4/28/2013
I just about fell off my chair when I saw that South Apopka only had a 4-4 on their crime rating. Obviously someone has gotten their wires crossed.

We are talking about an area in Apopka that has $20,000.00 bounty's out on police officers heads, and this is not untrue. Look it up...Google South Apopka, and I am sure you will find, article after article about the black on black crime in this small community.

Come on Sperling's...I have trusted that your site has provided true, and up to date statistic's. Now I am questioning every place I have looked into as far as relocating.

Seriously people, just google map and walk down the streets of South Apopka, or better yet, call the Apopka Police Department and see if they will provide you with recent stats on the crime in South Apopka...I'm sure you will agree with me. South Apopka is far from a Read More

why me - 8/22/2010
quiet and Read More

Small town feel in a rapidly growing urban area - 5/18/2008
One of the things that impresses me the most about Apopka is its small town charm. Keep in mind that as a city we are about a dozen miles from metro Orlando. Central Florida as a whole despite the econmic downtown, is growing in population and with that crime. In contrast, Apopka's growth has mirrored that of it's big neighbor Orlando without nearly the crime problem. This is a community of good public schools and 2 very pristine state parks, "Rock Springs", and "Wekiva State Parks". Apopka, is an authentic Central Florida town, far removed from the major theme park phoniness and congestion, but close enough, (30 minutes away) to experience it for the day. I have been living in Apopka for the last 16 years with my wife and young children ages 6 and 9. I myself moved here from South Florida where i grew up. I would not wish to live in that part of the state nor do i wish to move anywhere else in the country that experiences cold weather. Many transplants to Central Florida complain Read More

Not that great of a place to live - 1/31/2008
Moved here two years ago from San Diego to escape the high housing costs and the prices here were better. However, the wages in Orlando are very low and traffic can be horrible. There are no major freeways other than I4 and it shrinks down to two lanes at some points. The climate is nice if you enjoy sweating from March to December. Summers are brutal and bug filled. Being that there are so many people from so many places, drivers are rude and auto insurance is more expensive that San Diego. Home owners insurance here is over $2K annually beacuse of the hurricanes.

If you like heat,a preponderence of low paying jobs, bad commutes and bugs then come to Central Read More

The ups and downs of Apopka - 10/4/2007
Ok, so I grew up in Apopka...moved away to experience other places. When it came time for my husband and I to start a family, Apopka was my first choice for a place to raise my children. Yes, it has seen its increase in crime (so has everywhere else in Florida). I would hardly say I have to leave my house armed. We are just 25 minutes away from Orlando and we can travel there by expressway and not the notorious I-4. We have another expressway called the 429 which is our own private expressway to DISNEY (about 30 min. away)!!! The community is also very helpful. I am a stay at home mom and we have two community organizations for the children we participate in all FREE!!! The traffic during rush hour is a nightmare down main street, but locals know the way around all that. So, I cant walk alone at night down the street here..but I ask, how many places in America can a young woman do that Read More

Don't move here!! - 6/24/2007
I have lived in Apopka for the past 24 years and have seen it deteriorate over the past 5 years excruciatingly fast.
I cannot go out a night without having a firearm attached at my hip. Just go onto the web and look into Apopka, and you will see news articles on how people (a LOT of people) are taking up firearms around here. Most of the crime here is commited by juveniles who parents have no control over. Everything from armed burglary, home invasions (occupied and un-occupied dwellings),car theft....you name it we have it here.
I'm only stating all of this on here, because we are looking to find a place to move to that has very little of this going on. I think you should hear the truth about Apopka and surrounding areas as well. I would want others to tell me about any of the places that I'm looking into, in an honest manner. I am the head of our neighborhood watch program in a community of over 500 homes, and I have reliable resources to back my claims up. Make an Read More

Errol Estates Golf Community - 9/27/2006
Located in between 3 golf courses, with a country club Read More

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