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Reviews for Clearwater  based on 21 Reviews

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Oh C-water, Oh C-water how lovely are thy branches - 7/1/2019
I've resided in Clearwater for 30 odd years (no pun intended). It does have it's good and bad. We are an attractive city wrapped around an amazing piece of waterfront. Yes, we have tourist. But HELLO that is were a lot of us earn our livings and where our tax basis comes from. Would you prefer ugly factories?

Our biggest downfalls are no 2-75 access. You are royally screwed if you have to commute to Tampa for work. Another other is the Scientology community that has bought most of the downtown area. I'm a live and let live open minded person who accepts anyone's beliefs as their own choice and believes they have the RIGHT to do so. But they put off such a negative vibe in the downtown area. Go there at night--It's absolutely creepy. It appears that they don't want anyone down there except for themselves. I don't know if they still do the winter wonderland at Christmas time but even that was WEIRD!

We have this super cool, awesome, amazing Read More

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Horrible Depressed Town in a Tourist Mecca - 7/12/2017
Aside from the great Beach here, to live here is a living nightmare. Basically, Clearwater is a heavy tourist town with high price rentals and food for a peace of paradise.
Do not live here no matter no matter what age oncluding retirement. The expense to live hete which oncludes.stress, travel to job, livability, food, depressed city, crime, and job opportunities for family survival is dead last for me compared to other nearby towns. People here are rude, nasty, phony, no manners and businesses have a poor customer service. The town has incompetent management example tv, phone, mortgage. I would say 30% are good. 70% awful people. Beach access is expensive and overcrowded 10 months out of the year. If you come hear go to Honeymoon Island and the number 1 ranked Caladesi Island which you take a ten minute ferry to this beautiful beach from Honeymoon Island. Parking meters everywhere.
Do yourself a favor and go to Bradington, fl next town down from Pinellas County. Schools Read More

Depends what you're looking for. - 2/13/2017
My husband and I moved from Chicago a year ago.
We lived in Tampa for about a year than moved to a town house in Clearwater.
It really depends what you're looking for and your professional field.


Extremely hot summer, it rains a lot during the summer and when it rains it pours. Hurricane season is not that bad but it may vary from year to year. Before moving in or purchasing anything check if your house in the flood area. When it storms pretty bad many areas got flooded pretty bad. And it very hummed.

It's a GREAT place to be in a winter. It's not too hot and not too chilly, just perfect. Winter is the only time of the year when you can go for a long walk during the day and enjoy outdoor activity. It doesn't rain that often during the winter.


Don't move here if your profession is other than IT or medical professional. Well, don't move here if you're doctor lol.
Medical Read More

We Want a Slower Lifestyle Now that We are Retirin - 6/21/2014
Clearwater FL is great for people who love lots of people, lots of traffic, lots of sun, and lots of things to do! However, we are retiring and want to go to a more relaxed location with a cooler climate. We are more into hiking, camping, and lake Read More

thumbs down - 3/22/2013
would not recommend at all living in Pinellas - our home insurance went from 480.00 to 1600.00 in 2 years - not one claim ever - car insurance is outrageous - it caters only to 55 plus - if you have a family forget it, don't come here, you will pay 1,000 plus for an apartment - there is no famiy mobile home parks for families - all for elderly - school in north pinellas are okay - northerasterns move in like flies and very rude - this is not a southern town - jobs are very hard to find unless you are a telemarketers you will find lots of job but you will have to rip off people - as for driving - pray before you get on the roads - I have been slammed from behind twice - and you here sirens all the time or Bayflight from major accidents - people litterly drive so fast and tailgate - seen alot of major accidents - the country is so crowded - similar to living in NY City - avoid certain beaches parking tolls outrageous in clearwater beach, honeymoon island cost 8.00 just to go swimming, Read More

places to live - 2/3/2012
I need to look how nice the apartments are and renting a Read More

Tired of Florida - 4/1/2010
I am a native of Tampa, FL, but have been living in Clearwater, on the Bay fotr the past two years. The longer I live here, the less I seem to be able to tolerate the heat. We really only have two seasons here: summer and intermittent summer. That is when it is supposed to be winter, spring or fall by the calandar, but you can find yourself in shorts any time of the year. Most people love that who move here, but having lived here all my life, I am looking for a place with four seasons, a cool winter, full beautiful spring, and a summer that has little humidity. Anyone know of a place like that? I am willing to compromise a Read More

Lovely place, paradise! However... - 3/11/2010
This is an almost magical place, small but full of so many things.

But it isn't a place for a working person to find sustinence.

The worst part is not the lack of jobs, but the nasty Northeasterners who have moved here. You might be enjoying a quiet day at the beach and hear them yelling at each other like barking seals, shattering your meditation.
A few of the businesses are full of their rudeness as well.

If you move here, or visit, be pleasant and Read More

Nothing really that special... - 7/1/2009
Paired to Coral Springs FL this place is kinda of old and dumpy. I dont really like the bay area as much as south FL but it does have nicer people. Clearwater is full of shops and places to go but what citi in FL Read More

Please dont move here !! - 11/21/2008
This by far has to be the worst city to live in . It is dirty and the beaches are all going private . Insurance is horrible for homes and homes are not affordable anymore with sky high property taxes . Schools are crappy . I am so glad to be leaving here and moving back north snow and all . There are no jobs here and folks are losing their jobs here left and right . There are 500 ppl here for every one job opening and they will give it to the person who will work for 5.00 an hr and speaks a foreign language if you get my drift . It has to be by far the worst place I have ever lived . I cannot wait to get out of this city and state !!! It is okay if you want to work for 5.00 an hour and do 30 ppls positions Read More

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