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Living on the Florida Gulf Coast - 7/21/2007
The Florida lifestyle is great but it is getting harder and harder to achieve for many. The cost of housing itself is affordable as long as you don't want insurance or can avoid paying your taxes. It is possible that if the state legislature does nothing about this the only people left living in Florida will be the rich and well to Read More

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Clearwater Is Not A Good Place.... - 7/12/2007
To live. The cost of living is ridculously high. The insurance for housing is insane because of the hurricanes. The crime is bad. There are a lot of mexicans and prostitutes running around the city. The city is totally overrated! Scientologist have taken over most of Clearwater. Nice place to vacation...not a good place to Read More

Lived in Charlotte, NC. Jacksonville, FL, and Spar - 3/16/2007
I lived in Jacksonville, FL for 20 years. It is very dirty, crime ridden, and no beaches to enjoy anymore since the condos have arrived. The plus is that the healthcare systems here are adequate especially if you are in between jobs or have a low paying job which is the case in Jacksonville. Spartanburg, SC is a gentle southern town that has a great healthcare system with good schools and relatively low crime, but little chance of making a living unless you're in the manufacturing business. You have to drive to Greenville on the Autobon Express (fast lanes only).

Charlotte, NC has such a wopping tax rate that one only takes home around 60% of their salary with typical big city layoffs, expensive housing, crime, little affordable nightlife for singles unless again you work 2nd or 3rd shift in manufacturing to make the money. Healthcare here is horrendous with a minimum of 4 month waits to be seen by doctors if you're without insurance or in between jobs. In Jacksonville, Read More

Dome Homes - 1/31/2007
I don't understand why people in Florida aren't building hurricane-proof dome homes or concrete homes. I just checked out a web-site and you can have a hurricane proof dome home built for around $70,000. It is a 3 BR/2 Bath home. Granted, it is only 960 square feet, but I would give up the footage for a hurricane proof Read More

Changing quickly - 1/17/2007
Clearwater is growing in leaps and bounds. Good schools, but very expensive here for raising a Read More

Weather - 10/4/2006
The weather is ideal except for the summer months of July August and Read More

Nice Place To Live - 9/29/2006
I've lived all over Florida for the past 5 years and Clearwater has to be the best place I've lived so far. There are plenty of restaurants, bars, beaches are close by and shopping centers all over the place. It can get pretty muggy in the summer months as it is all over Florida but that's what the beach and swimming pools are for!!! Housing is pretty pricey if you're buying but the rentals are reasonable and affordable. I commute to work 30 miles round trip 5 nights a week. This is a long commute for me, but its worth it to come home and live in this Read More

Long Summers - 9/15/2006
We have beautiful winters, although way to short, and summers are extremely humid and way too hot,and way too Read More

I will tell you all about Clearwater... - 8/18/2006
I've lived in Clearwater for all but the first five years of my life, grew up attending public schools in the immediate area, and have seen the area grow throughout that time. I'm currently trying to situate myself so that I can move back to the northeast, and I'll give my reasonings why I want to move from here as well as an unbiased opinion as best possible about the positive factors of the area, considering I don't really feel it is desirable to me. The main problem here is a mixture of cost arising from the real estate aspect as well as the lack of jobs providing a sustainable wage (generally unless you have an advanced degree or have been a very successful business owner). As far as pricing a house in the area, I will give a personal example: my parents bought their house about 12 years ago for ~$45,000. The house was built in 1977, has 950 sq. ft., 3 bedrooms, one bath, and no garage or car port. Flashforward to present time and a recent appraisal value of $210,000. This Read More

Countryside, Palm Harbor, Oldsmar, Duneiden sectio - 7/6/2006
Although Palm Harbor, Oldsmar and Duneiden is not in Clearwater they all merged together at Countryside. This is a very fast growing area, as much of Florida is. Property taxes continue to go up and Home Owners Insurance is obscene. Last year,our home insurance jumped from $700 a year to $3200 and we have never been hit by a hurricane in the 20 years I have been here. This year, my insurance will jump another 45 to 75%. Auto insurance continues to go up as well because there are so many people on the road. You rightly ask "Why don't you leave?" .. Well, I have just sold my house and getting out my winter Read More

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