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Precious - 6/20/2018
Before moving here a few years ago we vacationed here at some of the top rated beaches in the world. In addition to NO SNOW, we now enjoy no state income taxes, wonderful public services, beautiful huge library. From Nov to April thousands for northerners (like us) vacation here, paying plenty in accommodation taxes that support our streets and public utilities. Tampa’s airport rates as one of the best in the US. Gulf breezes gently move air around. If you don’t want the option of a daily walk on the beach....don’t move here. The January low of 51 deg. means a light jacket..but I’ll take that any day over freezing rain, slush and blustery snow Read More

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?Beautiful? - 8/7/2017
This is been my home for 29 years I love the swaying palm trees, the saltwater air seabreeze, the boats, the beaches,
The FISHING is Great, Huge 300yr old oak trees with Spanish moss hanging down. Cracker style houses with tin roofs,
I've raised two children here and I tell them all the time that they should be fortunate that they grown up and one of the most beautiful areas of the country.

Check the stats on Largo, we beat the national average for many important Read More

Too Hot for 5-6 months - 8/21/2014
Very oppressive from May to Oct. Lovely area but hard to enjoy a large part of year. Read More

hellhole - 4/10/2013
this place makes me want to vomit. I had the misfortune of working in largo while living close by. the majority of the people are mean and lazy. its in florida but it is an industrial town. the city hall is filled with questionable characters youd think were kicked out of hollywood for being idiotic rejects, but its actually mostly ex-military carrying out defective psy-ops on their neighbors. all the nice people are depressed and all the mean people are angry. you will see depressed people first, then you will see the psy-ops carried out by generally incompetant people. zombies. Largo Florida is psychoville and its population is shrinking. If you are a bitter senior citizen looking to harass people all day without repercussions - this is place for you. If you are young and looking for a place to live safely in peace - stay away from this place. do not, I repeat, DO NOT look to this place as a location to raise children. in fact I would stay away from Largo Florida under all Read More
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What He Said, And More! - 9/7/2012
That's what I always say when I'm out and about: "Pass down a cold one!" If you say that to a Largoan, then you're gonna get a cold beer, or whatever cold thing they have in their pocket. Sometimes when it's hot out, they hand you something warm, but then you just take it home and put it in the fridge, and then when it's cold, you look in a mirror and say "Pass down a cold one!" and you hand it to yourself. Anyway, if you do that, and also practice the tactics that Robert talks about, you'll be made in shade. Lotsa people come down here and think that Largo is where all the lost cargo gets sent, but that's Lcargo, and I don't even know where that is. It's probably near Chicago, and that's up by Georgia so you know we don't care about that. If I worked on a ship I would tell people to stay away from Chicago, they're too happy up there. But in Largo it's almost like real life when you're driving around and meeting all the people with your eyes. I would never talk to any of the people Read More

moving to Largo, Florida - 7/6/2011
I've been coming to Largo since the 80's when my Mom moved here from New England. I've since moved here in 2008. It's centrally located to every thing. The beaches, sport events, arts. There is never a shortage of things to do. Don't worry about finding doctors, medical support either. You can live in apts. mobile homes, or buy a average size house for around 100's. The summers are intense hot, I won't lie about that. But the winters in New England were intense too. If you have the ability to try it move here just for the winter months. No problem in finding rentals. I hope I helped Read More

Really nice place to live - 11/18/2009
Have lived here for 30 years, originally from Ohio. Weather conditions and cost of escalating living costs were two of the reasons we moved here.

Florida has been very good to us as a family and Largo is a well maintained city, with many good reasons to stay here. Transportation is good, shopping is wonderful, schools continue to improve, good driving conditions in most areas and continuous road improvement. Taxes are low compared to many other states and weather is good most of the time.
However, I need to sell my home and downsize since I am growing older, plus I want to travel a bit more before I settle down again in one place.

Anyone interested in moving here would not be disappointed, Largo is a great place to Read More

Housing has gone too far - 9/6/2007
The housing cost have finally gone to far and it is not possible to even give away your home or condo in this area. The outrageous cost of houses and condos added with crazy insurance prices and real estate taxes that are out of control make for an inhospitable housing Read More

general opinion - 7/5/2007
I've lived in Largo for 3 yrs. moving here from New England. As with all of Florida, things are very've got to be a Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief or a dope dealer to afford your own home anymore! Finding a virgin in a strip club is easier than getting homeowners insurance and taxes will get you to seriously think about bank robbery as a means to pay them. We are told jobs are abundant.... if you want to mow lawns or talk on the phone all day selling. I travel all over Pinellas County daily, (I'm a school bus driver) and let me tell you that jungle combat is not as scary as driving in our traffic especialy when the deadly snow bird migrates in every winter! But, I must say this to all.....the sun shines every day, E V E R Y D A Y and that makes living here worth it. The best beaches in the world are just down the street and there are fine restaurants and shopping and watery, outdorsy thing to do!!!! If you have money, this is the place to be because life can be grand for Read More

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33771 33770 33774 33760 33778

9023 Saint Andrews Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 3

310 15th Ave SW
Bed 2 | Bath 2

9898 87th St
Bed 2 | Bath 2

8735 Merrimoor Blvd
Bed 4 | Bath 3

2351 Kings Point Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 4

12012 137th St N
Bed 2 | Bath 2

12432 Henrietta Ave
Bed 4 | Bath 4


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