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Lacking - 7/25/2021
Moved here from Ohio 3 months ago, trying not to be disappointed, there isn't much to do, its really small and shopping is bad. I wanted out of Cleveland but didn't really want out of Ohio, nothing in Columbus or Cincinnati opened up. Maybe I should have been more patient, I love going to MLB and NFL games, nothing convenient here.
My car has been broken into already and I am suppose to be in a good part of town, Melbourne pretty much feels like putting Kentucky next to the Atlantic Ocean. I am University of Kentucky Alumni so I dont mean that as negative ad it sounds, but I thought Melbourne was far enough south that it wouldn't be quite like this. Read More

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The Melbourne FL techie haven - 5/26/2018
I have lived in many areas of this town. It is growing and has a nice selection of older and very new areas. The access to beaches and parks is quick and well kept. Not enough bike paths on the mainland. For shopping and amusement you can usually find anything in an hour's drive. To theme parks a little more driving time is needed due to traffic. Schools are good, both public and private. Crime? Not as bad as Miami, Orlando and Tampa! Since Melbourne is close you hear about these activities but it's much safer in our town and Palm Bay to the Read More

Answer to the comments who keep asking about crime - 7/18/2017
The rating on here is accurate. Crime is rather high. There's shootings and killings constantly. If you're coming from another state, just check at least once a week to see whats going on. Gun ownership is also very high. Home invasions often end with a robber shot dead. But nearby cities like Palm Bay and Cocoa are even worse.

However, if you have money then Viera, Suntree, West Melbourne, and Beachside are better choices and it'd be a great place to live.

Cost of living is low compared to many parts of the country without giving up too much quality of life.

Healthcare is great compared to other parts of the country. Just make sure you're on the HealthFirst network. Avoid Wuestaff Hospital, locals call it "worst off" for good reason.

Plenty of shopping for the size of the area. The avenues in Viera, and Hammock Landing in West Melbourne. There's the Melbourne Square Mall of course, but more dated than Read More

Crime in Melbourne,FL - 3/9/2017
Could someone tell me how the crime rate is in Melbourne? Are there murders? Is it a safe place to live? We are thinking of retiring there. Thank you Read More

Safety In and Around Melbourne - 1/9/2016
Anyone have a unbiased opinion or some facts about crime in Read More

weather - 9/15/2013
HOT Read More

Melbourne Florida - 4/21/2012
Melbourne and the surrounding areas are a good place to live and have great schools compared to many other areas around the country. I lived there 25 yrs and loved it. However the job market there is pretty tough if you don't already have a Read More

Mixed feelings about Melbourne - 10/21/2010
Melbourne has some nice folks. The culture here is pretty simple, and the people have low expectations in life. That is somewhat relaxing to us because we are from a competitive environment in North Carolina. Don't be deceived by the cost of living index. It is very cheap to live here, but you are living around a very uneducated population. Naturally, there is not much demand for nicer housing because of this demographic. There is plenty of cheap housing in Melbourne and surrounding county, but most of it should be bulldozed over because it is not inhabitable. Just a few things to keep in mind. They have wonderful local TV broadcasts - includes a classical music station that we watch, foreign TV station, lots of PBS, Christian TV, Read More

Local Economy - 7/15/2010
Economy has been depressed for some time and it looks like turnaround will be slow. Small and medium businesses are hardest hit while local defense contractors seem to be doing OK. Layoffs at the Space Center are also indirectly affecting the local economy adversely. The housing market remains stagnent so it's definitely a buyers Read More

Explanation of Melbourne. - 7/4/2010
Try not to read into most of these comments... For one, Donald over here posted twice... One post being negative then the other positive. It's a great town! Like any area there is crime. High areas of crime are mostly in Cocoa and Palm Bay though. If you enjoy a very active environment, such as NY NY or L.A. Cali etc. Then yes this will be a small town for you. If you enjoy the beach, sun, fishing, golf, surfing, or really any type of water activity it's great. I for one love those activities; therefore this is a good fit for me... Common sense... It's about 1h 20m from Daytona beach and about 45m too Orlando. There are plenty of surrounding areas to live at along the coast that are not too expensive and within 15m drive.. I for one enjoy life here!! Remember:(It's Florida) and it does get very hot during the summer months... Just use a little common scene and you should be able to find an enjoyable environment.....  Read More

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