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S. A. is a drinking village with a drug problem - 8/11/2019
I moved here back in 2005, and at the time it was a nice quiet town on the surface. Now fast forward to 2019, traffic has increased precipitously, forests are being destroyed, and houses and housing developments are being brought up everywhere. There was a saying that it was a "drinking village with a fishing problem". It's still true, only, it's drug problem now more than a fishing problem. The only gig in town is the local hospital, or if you like to work hospitality, come on down. The cost of living is astronomical. If you perform a rental search, the only thing you will see are expensive duplexes and houses that go from anywhere from $1,200 to $ 1,400 and higher. THERE IS NOTHING TO RENT down here! The climate is another story altogether. It's Hot. It's humid, it's Florida. Horses suffer immeasurably down here. it's wet and hoof care is a challenge if you own a horse. If you're lucky to get a house with a well, be prepared to deal with hydrogen sulfide and (rotten eggs) and iron Read More

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St. Augustine is the best place to live. - 9/1/2016
Americas oldest city was first settled by the Spanish in the 1565 making it the oldest city in America as evidenced by the Castillo de San Marco and other old if not ancient architectural features. The town's proximity to the Gulf Stream makes it breezy and comfortable. Entertainment and dining options in the historic district are are endless. Their is literally always something going on from the famous winter nights of lights to quality music event all year around. Cross the Bridge of Lions and get ready for world class surfing at Anastasia Island. If you want to check out homes available visit Read More

Cost of Living - 9/11/2013
I would recommend if anyone moves to Jacksonville Florida to work, check out
St Augustine, lower crime, fairly reasonable home prices as well as rentals, very friendly community.
We were transferred here, and currently do Not live in St Augustine, but probably will in a few months. Unless my husband is transferred. I would Not recommend for anyone to come here without doing a little background and homework about the area. High Rental prices, high utilities,and deposits also can be outrageous. Also to transfer a car registration it was over 400.00. Where we were living before moving here it was well affordable. Here, it's really not, Anyone moving here should be making around 60,000 to live decently. Their food is outrageous because most of it is shipped here. Your car insurance will go up at least 80.00 more per month because of the bad drivers, who I was told elderly, but from what I'm seeing, it's probably alcohol or drugs, making them drive like this. Then Read More

Just one PROBLEM!! - 4/7/2013
Been here 5 years!!! Its a beautiful area to live in like most of Florida but what people have to keep in mind is that Florida is not a state to move into if your a blue collar worker with no higher educational degree like a bachelors or higher!!! So be forewarn, do not move to Florida and expect to make a good living as a factory, construction or any other type of non degree job. The pay in all of Florida is minimal at best!! Housing is not as cheap has realtors make it seem. Keep in mind taxes and utilities cost, especially electric. Also hurricane season means possible damages you will have to spend money on and those are up in the thousands not a few hundred. Crime is mostly in the black neighborhoods, shootings and heavy drug problems are very well present but are also well segregated. You will see pockets of white bikers gangs and the obvious trailer trash bringing in meth and other hard drugs along with prostitution. But like any and every city you cant escape crime. Over all Read More

Job search - 4/5/2012
I am very interesting in moving here because of all the Read More
Denise | ,  | Reply | 1 Reply

One of the nicest cities we found in the US - 2/22/2012
My wife and I traveled over 50,000 in a motor home around America. Besides sightseeing, we were also looking for places to live for the colder months. We discovered St. Augustine and it just spoke to us, sio we bought a condo here near the ocean. The quality of life is excellent and the weather is much milder during the winter months than up north. It can get cold, but doesn't usually stay cold for long, and no snow. There are lots of interesting things to see and do here if you look for them. The downtown can be VERY touristy, with obnoxious trams circulating tourists by the droves during vacation periods, but that also brings commerce and revenue to the city. Shopping is pretty good, but the larger stores are in Jacksonville, requiring an occasional trip for some things. Crime doesn't seem to be an issue, except in certain low-income neighborhoods. Taxes are moderate, we hear from friends that the schools aren't too bad (for Florida, a state not especially committed to having good Read More

What's up with a crime???? - 8/21/2010
I hope it's just a typing error....10 out of 10???? Read More

Living in Northeast Florida - 7/5/2010
We have lived here for about two years now since I was hired by a firm in Jacksonville, which has unfortunately now closed its doors due to the economy. The recession hit pretty hard down here and the area has been slow to recover. Thankfully we were able to sell the house we left behind, and have not yet bought a home here, so we hope to ride it out renting until things improve. We like the climate (about what you'd expect: pretty much three seasons with some occasional winter frost and not as hot and muggy in the summer as further south). It's great having the beach nearby, and old St. Augustine is full of charm and attractions, albeit somewhat touristy. Jacksonville on the other hand, where my job was, is a pretty unappealing place with many abandoned buildings and empty storefronts downtown. They're barely holding on to the Jaguars, and the various festivals etc. try to inject some live into the urban core, but compared to other cities we've lived in, it basically doesn't compare. Read More

art walk - 10/19/2009
We recently moved to St. Augustine and are residing close to Flagler College. Each month on the first Friday there is an Art Walk from 5-9pm where the local galleries stay open for the public to view the gallery. Some places serve wine and some feature an artist from the local are. Very Read More

Things to do - 5/14/2009
There's a diversity of activities and events year round. If you golf, fish, swim, kayak, sail, powerboat, beachcomb or sport shoot it's all here. The charming old city (the oldest in the nation) is an attractive lure. There are many theatre and musical events. Plus all kinds of fairs, shows and carnivals.
Don't miss the many good restaurant, many with entertainment, near and around town. Nearness to Jacksonville provides big city shopping and a number of professional sporting Read More

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653 W Johns Creek Pkwy
Bed 4 | Bath 2

740 County Road 13 S
Bed 3 | Bath 3

3417 S Saxxon Rd
Bed 3 | Bath 2

329 Stonehurst Pkwy
Bed 5 | Bath 4

27 Kingstown Ct
Bed 4 | Bath 3

260 Pinehurst Pointe Dr
Bed 5 | Bath 3

96 Keith St
Bed 2 | Bath 2


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