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Born and raised there and then I ESCAPED!! - 1/25/2020
If I could give a ZERO to Albany I would. I grew up there and lived there on and off from 1972-1990 when I graduated from high school and GOT THE HELL OUT!! I guess when my grandparents moved there in the 70s it was a decent place, but it steadily declined and when I return home to visit my few remaining family members there, I just find it more and more and more depressing of a place.

Back when I was growing up it got the title of "murder capital of america" at least for one year. I was scared all the time. I was living in a "bad" area where we had burglar bars on the windows and seemed to know of a murder a few blocks in every direction from my house.

When I visit now there are so many abandoned and boarded up houses. The real estate is worth nothing...the only positive about it if you want somewhere SUPER cheap to buy property and don't need to make money when you sell it.

It is flat, boring, hot, close-minded, etc... It feels like the rest of Read More

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Albany is so far proven itself depressing shithole - 6/19/2019
I've only lived here a week and I'm almost crying myself to sleep every night. The blacks are boldly rude and aggressive, no matter what part of town I have been. One black guy asked me if I had something to help him out, I said I didn't and he said "FUCK YOU". The whites are the clique type who act all southern big man and treat outsiders like burdens. The convenient stores are all run down and either non or half functional, food is cheap at certain places (in the ghetto of the big ghetto), while walmart charges way more than worth. Car insurance is outrageous, it's flat with pines and swamp air filled with gnats and some people love it here? Probably low life thugs who want to maintain their oppression on others, and realtors. I can't imagine anyone with a soul loving it here. How can you see the good in anything when it turns on you and doubles on a daily basis. People disregard respect here so don't waste your time. Don't be a moron and join these southern rebel pricks just to be Read More

Stay away! - 4/2/2019
I lived here from 1995 to 1999 and it was the most backwards, racist and soul drowning place one could ever hope to live. The churches are rude to you if your not from the south. They wonder why you moved there. People are suspicious of you. The meanest were the church ladies who excluded you and your children. I was also conservative ( now I’m a moderate) and white. The area has beauty and charm, yes. But a lot of crime. We lived in the NE around the golf course so we had little crime but if you left your home you were surrounded by crime. Lots of it too. The mall was carpeted. Why is beyond me. It was the only shopping center in the entire area. We often drove to Atlanta or fla to shop. If your from the north, please consider this, they are still angry over the Read More

Worst Place to Live - 2/4/2015
DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT move to Albany Georgia. It's the worst place to live. Full of racism, terrible education system, students can't read or write at the university level. People are back stabbing no good place to live and work. If you move to that place you will regret it. Don't focus on nice weather, its better to freeze in the cold than to live in a place like this. DO NOT apply for any jobs here and DO NOT think of settling here. Let the people who grew up here live here. If you are not from there don't go there. No job offer can be that good to b here. I made the WORST DECISION OF MY LIFE to work in this wretched place. Evil, backstabbing people ruin my life and my career. Read More

Not much going on In Albany GA - 1/27/2015
I have had the opportunity to live several parts of the country and Albany is at the bottom of the list. If you never tasted chocolate you can't appreciate it and that is how it is for the city planners and many of its native residents. The city has undeveloped potential in water front areas that could generate a revenue stream for the city, significant unemployment, high health insurance costs due to the medical monopoly of Phoebe hospital, very little cultural activity, and more racism than I've ever experienced. If you move here for a job, pray that it remains stable and provides you with economic security for you and your family. Real estate is much much cheaper here but there isn't any place to hang out after you have worked your 60+ hours. You can be anywhere in the city in about 15-20 minutes. On the morning local news you can listen to The Ag report if you want to know about the price of cotton. If you want to take another job opportunity in another city, it may be difficult Read More

Do not move to Albany GA - 10/8/2014
We moved to Albany GA and it was 8 months of pure hell. There is NOTHING good about Albany. The weather is horrible--hot and humid and below the "gnat line" which means bugs up the wazoo. There is nothing to do here if you have any cultural interests. Shopping is bad and restaurants are bad. The crime is very high. The people are super friendly when they are trying to recruit you and then they drop you like a hot rock when you get here. People get excited because real estate is cheap here. But if you buy real estate here you will be unlikely to get your money out and it takes forever to sell homes here. IMO, do yourself a favor and do not move Read More

Albany GA Review - 4/25/2012
OMG I live here and you are spot on. Albany is like quick sand you get here and can not get out. The cost of living and housing is great. The local Goverments are terrible. The jobs are none, we have major companies here but unless your one of the chosen you can not get a good paying job. Its just horrible here. The racial divide is so rampid here it isnt even funny. I am a White woman, transplanted from the great white north. I have never seen people that absolutly hate each other like they do here. I worked on the Marine Corp. Logistics base and omg. it was torture. God forbid you spoke to some one like you cared. This place is the worst. Agoney GA. If your thinking of moving here RUN Run fast before its too late.Read More

A "yankee" View of Albany - 12/3/2011
I lived in Albany and went to school at Darton, and then GSW. I moved down from eugene oregon, one of the most liberal diverse sities in america. This is the thing. Northerners who move down to Albany - get ready for some culture shock. This is the deep south and you are not ready for it. Albany actually two cities - white and black. These two communities hate one another. Anyone who says otherwise is lying to you. On the white side, be ready for the use on the 'n-word' often. The first time someone whipped it out on me was my first night at my boarding house. Like a good liberal I gave my speech about respecting's some advice - don't waste your time. I'll go into this later. As a white person, you must learn the southern lingo and manners. If you don't, you will come off as very rude to the Albany white community. This took me a little bit to learn. This is an area where college students say yes sir / yes ma'am to their professors. As a matter of fact, it's just best Read More

Worst place I've ever lived in, and that includes - 10/12/2011
Albany might actually be the "Good Life City", IF you're hoping to find a place where deadbeats leech off taxpayers for generations. And if you love weather that makes you feel like you're walking through rancid soup for 9 months out of every year. And if flat and buggy and overtaxed sound like your idea of a good life. This place has nothing, and I mean NOTHING, to offer. No selling points whatsoever. None. We have been stuck in this pathetic hellhole for nearly five years now and I wish I had never heard of Albany, Georgia. Blacks here are apparently taught from birth to hate and resent whites. Whites here are apparently taught from birth to issue handouts to every black person they see. The schools are abysmal, the cops are incompetent, the roads...well, "meh" is too strong a word. This is a town that thinks a sad little creek counts as a river, and that their pathetic little Riverquarium (where you pay to see animals that live in your own freaking YARD) is worthy of the Read More

Cost of Living - 6/4/2011
Although Albany suffers from some of the same employment issues as other states, the cost of living has remained low. It took Albany a year to feel the affects of a rescission, construction has continued in spite of rescission issues. Building in the commercial market has been slower than residential...apartment complexes have been the most popular. Albany is just now feeling the affects of higher gas, increased food prices and cost of durable goods. However, on average, cost have remained controllable. It is expected to recover quicker than surrounding areas when the housing market and employment regain Read More

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